Staff Structure

The site staff structure is based on the concept of "teams." Teams consist of appointed users who are in charge of particular aspects of the SCP Foundation's on- and off-site interactions. In addition, a team of Ambassadors comprised primarily of members from the SCP Foundation's sister sites also exists to be an advisory board for the site.

Each team is directed by a team captain. A team captain can be any member of site staff who has been determined to be the most capable leader for the team. The team captain is responsible for ensuring that the team remains on task. Administrators can and will remove the captains of teams that are not performing their duties. Despite this, it is perfectly understandable that someone could have real-life issues, be spread too thin, or simply be found to not be a good fit for the position. A team captain's removal does not imply a blacklisting from future positions or promotions.

The team captains and members have special responsibilities and powers based on their teams. The capabilities and permissions of an individual team are determined by administrators at the inception of that team. Capabilities and permissions will be added or removed if:

  • The team requests a new permission or ability,
  • The team is determined to have abused a permission, or
  • A situation arises that requires attention, and administration determines that this team is best suited for dealing with the situation.

This staff structure is designed to streamline our functions into an efficient content/skill-based system. Doing so allows us to distance ourselves from the arbitrary levels of structure imposed by Wikidot.

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