Staff Policy Hub

SCP Foundation FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the SCP Foundation.

Relevant for/if:

  • Persons new to the SCP Foundation and would like to know more
  • You are a staff member attempting to answer questions posed by a person new to the community.

How To Write An SCP: A guide detailing how to create an SCP article, which includes some tips on how to successfully create an SCP.

Relevant if:

  • Someone is attempting to write an SCP
  • Someone is attempting to help somebody write an SCP.

Image Use Policy: A guide detailing the Image Team's policy on image use and CC-compliant images.

Relevant if:

  • Someone has questions about how to use an image
  • Someone wishes to know if the image you want to use is appropriate
  • Someone has questions about an image you have found on the site and want to approach the people responsible for images about it.

Licensing Guide: A guide detailing the Creative Commons license which governs the creative works associated with the SCP Foundation concept and website(s).

Relevant if:

  • Someone has questions about their creative works about the SCP Foundation
  • Someone want to know more about the license

Site Rules: A set of rules governing behavior expected of site users.

Relevant if:

  • There is a disciplinary issue
  • There is confusion as to whether or not something is against the site rules
  • Someone wishes to know the site rules.

Tag Guide: A guide detailing the different tags on the site, and how to apply them.

Relevant if:

  • Someone is trying to tag an article.

Rewrite Guide: A guide detailing policy on how rewrites are done on the site.

Relevant if:

  • Someone wish to perform a rewrite
  • You wish to know how the rewrite process is performed
  • An article of yours has been rewritten

Chat Guide: A guide detailing chat rules, side chats, chat moderators, and any other information relevant to the SCP Foundation real-time chat.

Relevant if:

  • Someone wishes to use the chat
  • There is a need to find a list of rules/moderators/etc.

Criticism Policy: A guide detailing acceptable criticism for articles posted to the mainsite, and to the draft critique forums.

Relevant if:

  • Someone wishes to know how to appropriately critique articles
  • There is an issue of a forum post being inappropriate

User Deletions Guide and Full Staff Version: Guides detailing the deletions process from the perspective of users and staff.

Relevant if:

  • Someone needs to know how articles are deleted
  • You have had an article deleted and wish to know why
  • Improper deletions have occured

Extra-Community SCP Sites Guide: A guide detailing how to deal with extra-community sites and activities, including but not limited to translation sites and Foundation-related projects.

Relevant if:

  • Someone is attempting to create a foreign language translation site.
  • You wish to know how to deal with a request for official endorsement of an off-site project.

Official Harassment Policy: Detailing the official policy of what constitutes an incident of harassment and what the consequences are.

Relevant if:

  • You wish to determine if an incident between two users constitutes harassment.
  • The punishment for an incident of harassment needs to be determined.

CSS Policy: Detailing the official policy regarding on-site CSS and dedicated CSS theme pages.

Relevant if:

  • You are creating a CSS theme.
  • You're using CSS on an article.
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