Staff Induction

Welcome to staff!

As of the writing of this paragraph, our staff documents are… a little bit of a mess. There's very few of them and those that do exist are strewn about on random hard-to-find 05 and mainsite pages, which has led to many new staffers getting confused about some relatively basic things or having no idea how to approach the more complex ones. This guide is meant to be sort of a handbook for you, where you can read what you think is necessary and skip whatever you think is uninteresting.

This first tab will tackle some stuff that every new staffer should know, so we'd recommend not skipping this one.

Staff Structure and You

So now you're part of staff, excellent, but what is staff? Staff is a collection of teams, each with its own goals and needs, that exist to serve and assist the experience of the SCP Wiki's userbase. Each team has a handful of captains who are responsible for making sure everything on the team is working properly, and a larger amount of regular staffers who are tasked with… whatever the team is tasked with doing. Sometimes, a team that's grown large enough will have its own subteams, who are just smaller teams inside the teams, typically with a "head" instead of a captain but the same general sentiment. If your team is unorganized enough, the subteams can have their own subteams like some sort of malformed internet hydra.

Example: We have the Internet Outreach team. As of the writing of this guide, the team's captain is UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing, who handles the bigger calls the team makes while not necessarily taking part in all of the team's functions. The team is responsible for the various social medias the wiki has, and has a subteam for every social media (such as a Reddit subteam, Twitter subteam, etc.).

Along with the teams, we have ranks. Ranks don't mean much in practice nowadays so don't feel intimidated or worried about them, but here's what they are:

  • Junior Staff: You are here. This is a temporary rank for when you're starting out on staff and are on a "probation" period.
  • Operational Staff: Most of staff are here. This is just the normal staff rank.
  • Admins: These are the Big GuysTM. I would love to tell you what their specific role is, but it's kind of a mess, so generally assume that if you need something that's related to a fundamental functioning of the site or staff, these are the guys to ask.

"Ok, cool cool, but how do I stop being Junior Staff and move up these ranks?" Promotions. We have promotion cycles every few months, and if your captain thinks you've done a good enough job you can be put up for a promotion vote where the rest of staff say if they trust you enough to give you the higher rank. Frankly, the actual system of voting is less important, so if you're curious about this or want to be asked to put up for promotion just ask your captain.

Most importantly - staff teams aren't mutually exclusive groups, considering the majority of staff are on more than one team. If you see another team that needs help or you'd like to be a part of, you can just go up to the team's captain and ask to join. With only a handful of exceptions, there's a 99% chance that they'll let you right in.

What Should and Shouldn't You Care About

Now, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed; on 05command there's 500 threads at once, we have a ridiculous amount of teams, staff chat is harping on about the apocalypse every other day, etc etc. The important thing to remember is the following: While you can take part in almost everything, you don't have to engage with anything.

If you see a conversation you don't fully understand or don't really care about, that's fine, let someone else handle it. If you see an 05 thread that's too heated for you, you can just drop a short comment and not necessarily have to interact with it afterwards. Only participate as much as you feel comfortable, because there will be someone else who cares more.

On the other hand, we're not saying to do nothing but your assigned job. Do you see something you do care about and no one is doing? Just do it. Seriously, just open up a sandbox and get to work, even if it's not amazing. A half-done job is better than no job done at all. Something looks broken and no one is commenting about it? Ask someone what's up. You want to join another team? Send a message. You think someone is overdoing work? Tell them as such and maybe ask if you can help them. There is very little you will be told to not do no matter what, so just do stuff.

Do what gives you motivation, and don't do what you think is silly. As obvious as this advice may sound, people burn out all the time because they feel like they have to do everything. You are not gonna be the person who singlehandedly saves the site; if the site would die without you it'll die with you, so keep yourself afloat.

What Else Now?

Now, we recommend just doing what you came here to do. As a start just do the job of whatever team it is you joined, then start branching out to other teams or looking at policy, 05 threads, and so on and so forth. If you try to swallow everything at once it might be extremely ovewhelming, so take it at your own pace.

If you have questions about anything, feel free to reach out to your captain or anyone else on staff, we'll be glad to help.


MAST stands for Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team.


Ok, so you've probably seen the big complex tag guide here but here's a more digestible and understandable guide for when you start
also whenever you tag something make sure to add it to the tagging workbench so the tagging head can check it over to make sure it has all the appropriate tags, and eventually when the head tagger feels like you can tag more independently you won't need to add to it anymore. You'll need to join the MAST bee sandbox so you can edit the page.

We also have this page which is distinct from the MAST website tagging-workbench. the mainsite workbench lists all untagged pages which need to be tagged

Adult Splash Pages

Sometimes people post mildly NSFW stuff to the site. It's a thing that happens, and there's a subteam dedicated to its curation and making sure that all pages have the appropriate warnings on them. Sometimes they'll get to it before you even know it's there, but sometimes you gotta take matters into your hands when it's an obviously explicit page. Creating adult splashes is simple, first simply add the 'adult' tag to the page. Then, edit the page and add the component.

Obviously, not all pages will require all content warnings, so remove the ones you don't need and only keep the necessary ones. Make sure you edit the slugs and title of the current page too since those are important navigation elements. If you have any questions or doubts, please consult the adult content warning component page and the adult content warning guide for further instructions on how to apply the component.

Collaborative Pages

This is the team that maintains collaborative pages, which technically includes everything here. That said, most of these pages either have an author active to curate them, or are so old that people are no longer interested in adding to them, so they require no maintenance from us. The exceptions are mostly pages in the Hubs and Resource tabs (Canons, Facilities, GoIs, Characters, ect.), plus a few things like the 914 Experiment Log (which has its own sandbox and discord), the 682 Termination Log and the Logs of Anomalous Items, Events and Locations, which still get a decent number of new contributions. If you feel like you're discerning and unbiased enough to remove low quality entries from these pages, feel free to join the team. Note that you don't have to be a member of staff to add to these pages, they're tagged collaborative for a reason, but do come to the team if you have suggestions that go beyond simply adding to them.


Navigation is basically responsible for everything that isn't collaborative but is still maintained by staff - the sidebar, topbar, mainpage, and a bunch of miscellaneous pages listed on the Navigation Hub. If you do have suggestions or strong opinions, or if you notice common complaints from other site members, feel free to bring them to Navigation. It may be something navigation is working on already, but on the other hand it could be something that's been overlooked.

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