Staffchat Rules

For staff:

0. Don't be a dick to your fellow staffers nor to users who aren't in this server, no matter how frustrating or how much you feel that they "deserve it." If you couldn't get away with it onsite, you can't get away with it here.

1. This server is not secret, but we expect stuff that's said here to generally stay here. If you port out a conversation, please ask the relevant staffers prior.

2: Staff Channels exist as a record of discussions made in official staff capacity. Following this, comments made in staff work spaces should be preserved in close to their original state, both for recap to work effectively and for back-referencing integrity. Please do not delete or make major edits after a conversation has passed to ensure this is the case. (edited)

3. This server is mainly for bouncing ideas and dealing with pressing issues. Discussing non-sensitive policy, implementation, or any major ideas should be done on 05command.

4. Your nickname shouldn't deviate too much from your wikidot username. We should be able to tell who you are, even if you change your nickname for a joke.

5. Mass pings should be reserved for when a topic applies to a majority of the pinged group, or in an emergency. Include a brief summary of context or reply to the pertinent message for pinged users.

6. Do not discuss staff-related topics in the casual channels and vice-versa, and if such a conversation starts in there, move it to the appropriate channels.

7. Spoiler-tag and content-tag any message with content which could trigger or otherwise harm users, such as discussions of assault or epilepsy-inducing visuals. (Content tagging means writing something like [ASSAULT] or [EPILEPSY] on the appropriate message)

8. Do not spam the bot outside of the designated bot channels.

9. Only one account allowed per staffer, meaning no alt accounts or any shenanigans of the sort.

For observers:

1. Be respectful. Do not be unnecessarily edgy, rude, or disruptive. Respect people's pronouns. Do not engage in homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or any other form of bigotry. Do not harass or ignore the triggers and/or sensitivities of any other user, staff or otherwise. If you do so, you will receive one warning before you are banned, although in certain cases, the warning may be skipped and you may be banned immediately. Users banned from the wiki for harassment will be immediately banned with no exceptions.

2. Do not DM members of staff without the @DM Me role, and if a member of staff asks you to stop unnecessarily DMing them, please honor that request. If you do not, you may be kicked or banned for repeat offenses.

3. Strive to contribute to the conversation. This server is open to the public for the purpose of discussion, polite debate, and formulation of policy. Do not become a detriment to that purpose. In the same vein and for the same reason, do not spam and remain on-topic. Do not use this as a casual chatroom and do not disrupt ongoing conversations. If you wish to discuss something different while a conversation is ongoing, please use a thread. We recommend threads for conversations in general. Repeated offenses may lead to a ban.

4. The server age requirement is 16. Staff reserve the right to ban if we believe you to be lying about your age, or if your behavior is indistinguishable from an underage user.

5. Roleplaying is not permitted. You may not impersonate other users, or pretend to be fictional characters within the SCP Foundation universe.

6. Your server nickname must be recognizably similar to your Wikidot username. Ideally they should be the same, but minor variations (for instance, holiday-themed names) are permitted if it is very clear who it refers to.

7. Staff have the final say. If a stop order is called, respect it. If you have an issue with a member of staff's decision or behavior, DM an admin who has the @DM Me role with your complaint and details.

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