This FAQ covers topics related both to the transition away from synIRC to SkipIRC, as well as general SkipIRC-related questions.

synIRC Transition

Will I have to re-register?

Yes. Sorry about that.

Will I have to re-register my channels?

Yes. If someone in one of your channels tried to do you a favor and registered a channel for you on SkipIRC, ownership can be transferred, just request it in #help.

Will I have to set up my VOP/HOP/AOP/SOP lists again?


What should I do if someone registered my username that's not me?

Send a message in #help. We will have you verify that you can currently identify to that nickname in synIRC. If it appears likely that the new registration was done in bad faith the registration will be forcefully dropped and the offending user punished.

What should I do if someone registered my channel and won't give it back?

See above. We can force-transfer ownership of channels and the offending user will be punished.

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