Sister Site Charter

NOTE: This document has been approved by WL staff, SCP staff, and INT staff. It is available on all three's administrative sites, but the main copy is hosted on O5command and hosted on the other two using an [[include]]. Edits, after being agreed upon by all three sites, should be made to that copy.

1. Preamble

This is a document clarifying and formalizing the existing relationship between current and future sister sites in the SCP sister site network. As of writing, three sites exist in this network:

Future sites may be added, subject to unanimous consent by current member sites (See §4). The broad goal of the network is to encourage safety, creativity, and cooperation in the SCP-WL-INT community, as well as encourage each others’ growth.

This document is not intended to serve as an absolute code of what sister sites can and cannot do in relation to one another, but instead to present a broad set of goals and ideals to fulfill while operating independently as related communities.

2. Mutual Growth

2.1. Crosslinking

Crosslinking between sister sites should be allowed and encouraged. As all sister sites exist in the SCP universe, encouraging creativity, cross-pollination, and collaboration should be an ideal.

2.2. Navigational Links

Sister sites should link to each other somewhere on their navigational pages, ideally on the topbar, sidebar, and/or front page, for the same reasons as the previous point.

2.3. Social Media Collaboration

The social media accounts of various sister sites should follow each other where applicable, as a sign of legitimacy. Social media managers of a sister site may contact one another privately to arrange more specific interactions.

3. Record Sharing

3.1. Disciplinary Records

Due to the significant membership overlap between our sites, there is a collective interest in making sure rulebreaking individuals do not simply move to another site to continue rulebreaking behaviors; as such, information about disciplinary or disciplinary-equivalent matters should be either publicly available or available on request to admins of sister sites. Bans will not be automatically mirrored across sister sites; should a site see that a user was banned on a sister site through a public disciplinary process and independently choose to mirror the ban, they are fully allowed to do so. The goal is to ensure the safety of all involved sites and users.

3.2. Technical Records

Due to the increasingly-unstable state of Wikidot, new glitches, bugs, and vulnerabilities are discovered regularly by many different users. These issues can range from harmless annoyances to significant security holes. In order to maintain mutual security and usability of all sister sites, a mechanism of cooperation should exist — in this case, the INT Tech Trust. When discovered, issues should be kept confidential depending on their level of sensitivity. Sister sites should collect information and coordinate action on these issues, and sensitive information therein should be limited to administrative teams and technical specialists, only being available to wider staff on a need-to-know basis.

3.3. Anti-Harassment Records

The SCP Wiki Anti-Harassment Team (AHT)’s purpose is to investigate and remove harassers and abusers from the community, and only executes a ban after significant investigation and deliberation, past the point of reasonable doubt. Due to the potential for harm to victims, AHT cases are maintained as sensitive. However, in order for anti-abuse action to be effective, it must be consistently enforced throughout the community.

The Anti-Harassment Team does not generally share any specific information on cases. However, in some limited circumstances, AHT may dispense pieces of evidence concerning banned users to administrators of sister sites so they may consider whether to mirror the ban, on the condition that the information be treated as sensitive and not transmitted to any individuals not explicitly and directly given access. The improper handling or dissemination of AHT material is considered an offense, and sister sites must investigate any substantiated allegations of wrongdoing, as leaking AHT evidence is in and of itself an AHT offense on the SCP Wiki.

4. Admittance of New Sites

New sites may be officialized as Sister Sites in the network through unanimous consent of all current sister sites. It is expected that all sites that wish to be considered are:

  • Are thoroughly compliant with the Creative Commons Share-Alike license, and demonstrates a commitment towards the principles of free and open media.
  • In good standing with current sister sites.
  • Are of a sufficient size and scope to merit inclusion as a sister site.
  • Have demonstrated stable community development and growth during the consideration period.
  • Are not managed or administrated by users currently banned from any sister sites.
  • Maintain a positive and healthy environment for users.
  • Are conceptually related to the SCP universe in some clear and direct way.

In the case of voting on whether a new site should be officialized as a sister site, each current sister site has one yea or nay vote on the matter. All sites must vote, and abstentions are not permitted. Changes to this document follow the same system.

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