Translation policy


This is a sandbox page.

It is not approved or active policy. It is a draft, and as such, may be incomplete.

What is a translation

A translation is taking an article from another site and translating it into English to post on the SCP wiki. In cases of articles with no text (see SCP-2521 for a very well known example), this may involve no changes.

What translations are allowed

If an author has specifically asked for a work not to be translated, you are not allowed to post a translation of that work onto this wiki. Getting permission from the author to post your translation is recommended, but not required.

If the original work is not from a recognized SCP branch (see for a full list), then you must obtain explicit author permission to post it here.

You must either be the author or the translator of the work to post it onto the SCP wiki, or be posting at the request of the author or translator and giving them full credit and control over the article.

Unlike most articles, it is not a required that the original author of the article that has been translated be a member of the SCP Wiki.

Changes to Translations

Any site member is permitted to correct the spelling, grammar and phrasing of a translation in order to fix errors and make it more accurate to the original. In cases of disagreements, the person that posted the translation should have the final say on what the wording should be.

If minor changes are made to the original article, any site member is welcome to translate those changes and update the translation.

In the case of a full rewrite or delete of the original article, the translation will be archived (URL moved to a -arc, not archived:) or deleted, as decided by the translator and author, so that a new translation can be uploaded.

Author/translator rights

The translator always has the right to have their translation deleted from the SCP Wiki.

If explicit permission from the author or authors of the original is granted, the author(s) and translator(s) will be treated as coauthors. The author can later request to have the translation deleted, but this will only be done if the translator agrees.

If no explicit permission is given, then the author of the original work have the right to request the translation be deleted. If there are multiple coauthors, then they must all agree on a request for deletion.

Where to post

In all cases you must post to the same unix URL as the original page. As an example, a tale from the -IT branch with the URL should be posted at, to ensure the interwiki box in the bottom left works.

While permitted in the past for articles like SCP-179, going forward this policy will prohibit the posting of translations to the SCP Wiki mainlist. If posted today, SCP-179 would need to be posted as, to match the URL of the Spanish original, This policy will not be enforced retroactively, but going forward if a translation is posted as if it were an original SCP written in English, the person posting it will be asked to decide whether to delete the translation or to rename it to match the URL and SCP designation of the original article.

Exceptions to this rule will be permitted at the discretion of site staff, to cover situations in which two original articles on two different wikis share the same unix URL, making it impossible for both to share the same unix URL when translated onto the same wiki.

Licencing, tagging and metadata

All international works must have the original author included in the licencebox as the author, unless the author is also the translator.

All international works must have the international tag and, if it is from an official branch, the language tag (like _ru for russian). Translations are tagged like any other article, so if you are not familiar with tagging just tag with international and the branch name, and a tagger from MAST will fill the rest in.

If the translator is not the author then that must be noted on the metadata page. Translators should contact a moderator for this.

Reposting deleted translation

The same policy for reposting deleted articles applies to translations - there must be some difference between the two posts.

Translations and votes

Translations that go below -10 undergo deletion, as per a normal article. Votes on translations can take into account both the quality of the translation and the subjective assessment of its content.

Translations from EN

All translations from English to other languages should go on the proper site, and not onto this wiki. If there is not yet an Official or Developing branch, translators are welcome to post their work on the Underrepresented Language Incubator on the International Translation Archive.

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