Js Onboarding


This is a sandbox page.

It is not approved or active policy. It is a draft, and as such, may be incomplete.

Stuff you should know as JS:

Something something synchronous communication, working together etc.

Currently the main way to get in touch with other staff and to coordinate staff matters is through Discord. (Link to staff discord) is the main staff discord, though most teams have their own discord servers where most day to day happens. Be sure to get a link to your team's server from your captain and request the appropriate roles from admins of those servers.

05command (link it) is the administrative site for scp wiki staff. Recordkeeping, such as scp wiki disciplinary records and staff membership, active policies, as well as policy discussions, policy votes and promotion votes.

For the most part what you need to know about O5 is that as JS you should be a member of the site, you can participate in discussions but can't vote unless specified. You can also propose policies and open discussions, though as JS you should likely check in staff chat before you do, to make sure it's formatted correctly.

Ask away! We were all new staff once. Ask in the official staff Discord, ask in DMs, ask whoever and however you're comfortable asking but it's always good to ask! We're a team.

There are no stupid questions.

if you have a concern about another staff member talk to your captain, their captain, a member of the Disciplinary Team, a member of the Anti-Harassment Team or an admin. They should be able to help address your concern or point you in the right direction.

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