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This is the list of all articles that were originally on the Edit This website. I will go through this over time to identify all the original authors as best as possible. Many of these are no longer applicable, as they were deleted and replaced with other articles. If anyone is willing to help with that as well it would be appreciated, otherwise I will go through and do that too.

This is NOT so that we can get confirmation of original authorship from anyone. I personally cannot think of anything anyone could do that would genuinely prove to me that they owned any content that was posted to that site.

Many of these articles were written on /x/ by anonymous authors, and moved to the Edit This forum from there by people other than their original authors. Thus original authorship for several of these will be impossible to determine.

HOWEVER, this is stuff that we are going to need to know if we are to ever address the concern of legal matters properly. So this is an effort that at least does have a purpose.

So here we go.

SCP-002 - The "Living" Room
SCP-003 - Biological Motherboard
SCP-004 - The 12 Rusty Keys and the Door
SCP-005 - Skeleton Key
SCP-006 - Fountain of Youth
SCP-007 - Abdominal Planet
SCP-008 - Zombie Plague
SCP-009 - The Blade of Caesar
SCP-010 - Horns and Reversed Temperature
SCP-011 - Civil War Memorial Statue
SCP-012 - A Bad Composition
SCP-013 - The All and Nothing
SCP-015 - Pipe Nightmare
SCP-016 - Sentient Micro-organism
SCP-017 - Shadow Person
SCP-018 - Super Ball
SCP-019 - Glowing Humanoid
SCP-020 - The Piano
SCP-021 - Skin Wyrm
SCP-022 - The Cube
SCP-023 - The Installation
SCP-024 - Umbral Blot
SCP-025 - Alpine Inn
SCP-026 - The Detector
SCP-031 - Ruby of Ruination
SCP-032 - The Marble
SCP-034 - Polybius
SCP-037 - Dwarf Star
SCP-038 - The Everything Tree
SCP-039 - The Parasite
SCP-042 - A Formerly Winged Horse
SCP-045 - Atmospheric Converter
SCP-047 - The Spear of Chaos
SCP-051 - The Mask
SCP-052 - Weather Modifying Snow Globe
SCP-053 - Young Girl
SCP-054 - Water Nymph
SCP-059 - Radioactive Ingot
SCP-066 - White Cube
SCP-071 - New-Age Succubus
SCP-072 - Three Beads and some Sand
SCP-074 - Ice Maggot
SCP-075 - Acid Snail
SCP-077 - Black Sphere
SCP-078 - Glowing, Sentient Figurine
SCP-079 - Old AI
SCP-086 - The Whispering Tetrahedron
SCP-087 - Alien Entity
SCP-088 - Exponential Consumer
SCP-091 - Wood Nymph
SCP-093 - Red Sea Object
SCP-097 - Negro Bank
SCP-100 - The Worst Thing in the World
SCP-101 - Hungry Bag
SCP-109 - Infinite Canteen
SCP-111 - Quantum De-Stabilizer
SCP-112 - Sex Hating Sphere
SCP-113 - The Gender-Switcher
SCP-116 - The Brittle Boy
SCP-121 - Bottled ESP
SCP-126 - Invisible Friend
SCP-127 - The Living Gun
SCP-128 - Kinetic Energy Entity
SCP-133 - Instant Hole
SCP-137 - Man/Machine
SCP-138 - Yin-Yang Medallion
SCP-139 - Animal Talker
SCP-142 - Metallic Object
SCP-145 - Man-Absorbing Phone
SCP-147 - Anachronistic Television
SCP-156 - The Mold
SCP-157 - The "Shot Heard Round the World"
SCP-162 - Ball of Sharp
SCP-173 - The Sculpture <b>&mdash; The Original.</b>
SCP-176 - Energy Discharged Daily (log)
SCP-183 - "Weaver"
SCP-191 - Light-Discharging Insect
SCP-200 - The Glass Horn
SCP-216 - Water Absorber
SCP-218 - Lamprey-Mass Organism
SCP-223 - Iron Claw Hammer
SCP-224 - Grandfather Clock
SCP-225 - Complete Sunglasses
SCP-232 - Sumerian Goddess of the Dead
SCP-234 - Blue Goddess
SCP-238 - Building Complex
SCP-243 - Viral Mercury
SCP-254 - Terrestrial Dark Matter
SCP-256 - Trapped in the Typewriter
SCP-258 - Submerged Glass Bulb
SCP-267 - Vorpal Sword
SCP-277 - Anthrophilic
SCP-294 - The Coffee Machine
SCP-300 - Wandering Orb of Erasure
SCP-303 - The Musical Box
SCP-314 - Motion-Seeking Blade
SCP-319 - Life-Seeking Shovel
SCP-325 - Possessed Typewriter
SCP-323 - Wendigo Skull
SCP-333 - Timebinder
SCP-338 - Fading Disks
SCP-343 - "God"
SCP-348 - Analytical Engine
SCP-351 - Cold Fusion Finger
SCP-363 - Tree-Like Horns
SCP-370 - Wind-Controlling Child
SCP-401 - Mutating Painting
SCP-402 - Obsidian Absorber
SCP-404 - Manila Envelope
SCP-406 - Mysterious Life Form
SCP-409 - Contagious Crystal
SCP-412 - Lev
SCP-414 - Tack Hammer
SCP-418 - Korean War Jacket
SCP-426 - Liquid Sphere
SCP-432 - Doom Gaze
SCP-433 - Mind Inverter
SCP-435 - Almost What Was Wanted
SCP-441 - Living Statue
SCP-455 - Cargo Ship
SCP-463 - Lucky Penny
SCP-471 - Diamond Snowflake
SCP-490 - Two Lighthouses
SCP-499 - Universal Untranslator
SCP-500 - Panacea
SCP-517 - A Demon Born of War
SCP-529 - Josie the Half-Cat
SCP-530 - Carl the Variable Dog
SCP-565 - Anti-Gravity Sand Generator
SCP-566 - Eraser
SCP-577 - Notes
SCP-579 - [Data Expunged]
SCP-592 - Milk and Bananas
SCP-601 - The Glom
SCP-608 - Invasive Semen
SCP-616 - The Gate
SCP-636 - Rotating Ring
SCP-640 - Apocalyptic Dreams
SCP-666 - Natas
SCP-682 - Hard-to-Destroy Reptile
SCP-695 - A Remarkable Handbag
SCP-698 - The Camera
SCP-704 - The White Flower
SCP-710 - A File Folder
SCP-718 - Eyeball
SCP-722 - Jörmungandr
SCP-742 - Hourglass
SCP-777 - A Very Lucky Die
SCP-782 - The Remains of the Quadrapole Mass Collider
SCP-819 - Exploding Gas Puff
SCP-824 - The Word Eater
SCP-831 - The Candle
SCP-847 - The Mannequin
SCP-861 - A Fallen Angel
SCP-871 - The Eraser
SCP-882 - A Machine
SCP-888 - Machine in the Glass Box
SCP-901 - Invisible Mirror
SCP-914 - The Clockworks
SCP-927 - The Hadron Bomb
SCP-947 - The Entity and the Fault
SCP-948 - Hope
SCP-974 - Deadly Image
SCP-983 - Midas Finger
SCP-987 - A Window
SCP-988 - Heat Makes it Shriek
SCP-992 - Gaia's Emissary
SCP-1000 - Bipolar Guitar
SCP-1002 - Weavella
SCP-1012 - The Deep One
SCP-1013 - The Formula
SCP-1018 - Parasitic Contamination

Joke SCPs
SCP-014 - A Fork
SCP-016 - /b/tard
SCP-070 - Skynet
SCP-146 - The Sword in the Stone
SCP-360 - The White Monolith with a Red Eye
SCP-497 - Red Dwarf
SCP-528 - Object 528 of 538
SCP-618 - The Ultimate Life Form
SCP-627 - The Companion Cube
SCP-743 - Paranormally Addictive Beef Jerky
SCP-919 - Trent Reznor
SCP-972 - The Sphere
SCP-1003 - Brown Note Kazoo
SCP-1004 - Delicious Cake
SCP-1020 - Head Humper

After some research and comparison, these are the only (non-joke) articles from this selection that are still on the current site, unless some of them got significantly altered names.

This means that these are the only articles that we need to have any legal concern over providing proper attribution for, given our current understanding of Creative Commons, because all other articles on the site already have proper attribution.

Several articles here we DO know the authors for, and those authors were the ones to post them to the site(Gears especially). But this is the raw list before we delve into the data for that.

Editthis: SCP-002, SCP Wiki: SCP-002 - The "Living" Room - Moved by The Administrator
Editthis: SCP-003, SCP Wiki: SCP-003 - Biological Motherboard - Rewritten by thedeadlymoose, original author ???
Editthis: SCP-004, SCP Wiki: SCP-004 - The 12 Rusty Keys and the Door - Possibly by Dr Schubert?
Editthis: SCP-005, SCP Wiki: SCP-005 - Skeleton Key - Written by "account deleted"
Editthis: SCP-006, SCP Wiki: SCP-006 - Fountain of Youth - Written by Dr Schubert
Editthis: SCP-007, SCP Wiki: SCP-007 - Abdominal Planet - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-008, SCP Wiki: SCP-008 - Zombie Plague - Written by LeeByron
Editthis: SCP-011, SCP Wiki: SCP-011 - Civil War Memorial Statue
Editthis: SCP-012, SCP Wiki: SCP-012 - A Bad Composition - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-013, SCP Wiki: SCP-013 - The All and Nothing - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-015, SCP Wiki: SCP-015 - Pipe Nightmare - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-016, SCP Wiki: SCP-016 - Sentient Micro-organism - Moved by DrClef, written by ???
Editthis: SCP-017, SCP Wiki: SCP-017 - Shadow Person
Editthis: SCP-018, SCP Wiki: SCP-018 - Super Ball - Written by Epic Phail Spy
Editthis: SCP-021, SCP Wiki: SCP-021 - Skin Wyrm - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-037, SCP Wiki: SCP-037 - Dwarf Star - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-038, SCP Wiki: SCP-038 - The Everything Tree
Editthis: SCP-039, SCP Wiki: SCP-039 - The Parasite - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-042, SCP Wiki: SCP-042 - A Formerly Winged Horse - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-045, SCP Wiki: SCP-045 - Atmospheric Converter - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-053, SCP Wiki: SCP-053 - Young Girl - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-054, SCP Wiki: SCP-054 - Water Nymph - Moved by xthevilecorruptor
Editthis: SCP-059, SCP Wiki: SCP-059 - Radioactive Ingot
Editthis: SCP-075, SCP Wiki: SCP-075 - Acid Snail
Editthis: SCP-079, SCP Wiki: SCP-079 - Old AI
Editthis: SCP-093, SCP Wiki: SCP-093 - Red Sea Object
Editthis: SCP-101, SCP Wiki: SCP-101 - Hungry Bag
Editthis: SCP-109, SCP Wiki: SCP-109 - Infinite Canteen
Editthis: SCP-113, SCP Wiki: SCP-113 - The Gender-Switcher
Editthis: SCP-116, SCP Wiki: SCP-116 - The Brittle Boy
Editthis: SCP-126, SCP Wiki: SCP-126 - Invisible Friend
Editthis: SCP-127, SCP Wiki: SCP-127 - The Living Gun
Editthis: SCP-128, SCP Wiki: SCP-128 - Kinetic Energy Entity
Editthis: SCP-133, SCP Wiki: SCP-133 - Instant Hole
Editthis: SCP-145, SCP Wiki: SCP-145 - Man-Absorbing Phone
Editthis: SCP-147, SCP Wiki: SCP-147 - Anachronistic Television
Editthis: SCP-162, SCP Wiki: SCP-162 - Ball of Sharp - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-173, SCP Wiki: SCP-173 - The Sculpture - The Original.
Editthis: SCP-183, SCP Wiki: SCP-183 - "Weaver"
Editthis: SCP-218, SCP Wiki: SCP-218 - Lamprey-Mass Organism - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-224, SCP Wiki: SCP-224 - Grandfather Clock
Editthis: SCP-238, SCP Wiki: SCP-238 - Building Complex - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-256, SCP Wiki: SCP-256 - Trapped in the Typewriter
Editthis: SCP-294, SCP Wiki: SCP-294 - The Coffee Machine
Editthis: SCP-314, SCP Wiki: SCP-314 - Motion-Seeking Blade
Editthis: SCP-323, SCP Wiki: SCP-323 - Wendigo Skull
Editthis: SCP-343, SCP Wiki: SCP-343 - "God"
Editthis: SCP-402, SCP Wiki: SCP-402 - Obsidian Absorber
Editthis: SCP-404, SCP Wiki: SCP-404 - Manila Envelope
Editthis: SCP-406, SCP Wiki: SCP-406 - Mysterious Life Form - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-409, SCP Wiki: SCP-409 - Contagious Crystal - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-455, SCP Wiki: SCP-455 - Cargo Ship - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-500, SCP Wiki: SCP-500 - Panacea
Editthis: SCP-529, SCP Wiki: SCP-529 - Josie the Half-Cat
Editthis: SCP-530, SCP Wiki: SCP-530 - Carl the Variable Dog
Editthis: SCP-579, SCP Wiki: SCP-579 - [Data Expunged]
Editthis: SCP-616, SCP Wiki: SCP-616 - The Gate
Editthis: SCP-682, SCP Wiki: SCP-682 - Hard-to-Destroy Reptile - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-695, SCP Wiki: SCP-695 - A Remarkable Handbag
Editthis: SCP-718, SCP Wiki: SCP-718 - Eyeball - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-722, SCP Wiki: SCP-722 - Jörmungandr
Editthis: SCP-847, SCP Wiki: SCP-847 - The Mannequin
Editthis: SCP-861, SCP Wiki: SCP-861 - A Fallen Angel
Editthis: SCP-882, SCP Wiki: SCP-882 - A Machine - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-914, SCP Wiki: SCP-914 - The Clockworks - Written by Dr Gears
Editthis: SCP-947, SCP Wiki: SCP-947 - The Entity and the Fault
Editthis: SCP-948, SCP Wiki: SCP-948 - Hope
Editthis: SCP-992, SCP Wiki: SCP-992 - Gaia's Emissary

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