Meet The Staff

Senior Staff and You

These are the people who are assigned responsibilities on the site. It's their job to help keep the site running as smoothly and as well as possible. Most of them are veterans, with experience built up from the time spent here. Here's a small dossier to help show who the senior staff are. If you have an issue for staff to address, please refer to the Contact Staff page.


aismallardaismallard: Programmer, sapient duck, Wikijump-er and Tech Co-Captain. Sometimes writes too. Can be contacted on Discord, IRC, and Wikidot PM with questions about technical details for drafts or technical details about the wiki. Runs @wikidotbugs on Twitter.

DexanoteDexanote: Canadian Pokemon Master. Good at brainstorming and expanding on ideas, not so great when it comes to rewrites and refining failed drafts. Excellent at grammar and phrasing. Possibly part hobbit. Has not, in fact, caught them all.

DrBleepDrBleep: Most easily reached via IRC, or PM. Current captain of MAST. Is a career Microbiologist, PhD candidate, knowledgeable in most topics involving bacteria and viruses. Avid gamer. Staff member in other communities not involved with SCP. Sometimes on a full moon when they aren't running mad science, they are available to give crit. She/Her.

DrEverettMannDrEverettMann: A pretty cool guy, and a great writer. He's got a very impressive creative mind, though sometimes it's used for evil. Good choice for asking military-related questions. Also runs the Wanderers Library.

HarryBlankHarryBlank: Persistently Canadian. Types too fast, writes too much. Knows About History. University professor. Alternates between terse and flagrantly verbose. Tired. So very tired.

OriTieflingOriTiefling: Active reviewer and critter, always available to help you develop your ideas into something great. Has probably commented on your idea thread. Member of MAST and Section Head of the Forum Crit team. Yes, the horns are real. Feel free to reach out via Wikidot PM or on Discord (OriTiefling🌟#1337) with any questions or if you want feedback on something!

PedagonPedagon: “Hey I’m pedagon and I’m the most loved member of staff! I do critique and outreach and recaps of things and have never done anything wrong in my life. Chemist, teacher, chemistry teacher, PhD student, and way too invested in talking about policy. But that’s why I’m the most loved member of staff”

PrismalPrismal: After falling into a vat of radioactive fiction a mild-mannered Wikidot user became Prime Girl! With the power to help hapless Discord users, work on policy and know her way around this place. Not-so-secret identity is four bitches in a trenchcoat. (Not approved by the Comics Code Authority)

stormbreathstormbreath: Wikiwalk staffer, spends way too much time on this site. Site lore guru, has written for most GoIs. CSS hack, has made multiple themes. Can be contacted for crit and feedback if needed.

UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing: You probably know this incorporeal user from a variety of places, under a variety of names, under a variety of appearances. Here on the wiki though, UC can be found welcoming newcomers or illustrating books borrowed from a certain Library. Don't tell the Wanderers it's ended up becoming a Jailor.

WhiteGuardWhiteGuard: Resident knight and history enthusiast, he is a very friendly fellow. Being acutely aware of staff statuses, feel free to ask him if you are curious about staff as a whole. WhiteGuard is probably best known for being the "non-official interviewer for the SCP Wiki."

ZynZyn: Poetry enthusiast, betta fish parent, and Nymphalis antiopa caretaker. Zyn maintains the Butterfly Squad Roster, and is available to answer questions via wikidot PM. She can help if you want your articles to evoke non-scary emotions. Can also provide some guidance regarding psychology (admittedly, it's been years since the undergrad thesis and psyc lab research…). Favors "Marp" as an onomatopoeia. Is kaiju butterfly ninja master on the weekends.

Operational Staff

AftokratorAftokrator: Emergent Eschatological Entity. Blood Type: BLUE. Brother and Son of Lost Daramwul. Simultaneously buried beneath the Himalayas and orbiting at L1. Will fully manifest in consensus reality within ? working days.

Alexander the JarAlexander the Jar: Half-Human, half-Jar, all Autism. Has a weird sleep schedule, so might take a while to respond to DMs. You're not being ignored, Alexander is probably just asleep.

AriadnesThreadAriadnesThread: Historian, writer, slightly anxious but means well. Works with MAST and Discord and probably anyone else who would like her help. Absolutely the silliest soldier.

Assistant NullAssistant Null: The white void of nothingness on old reddit.

AstersQuillAstersQuill: This Discord Critter is a peaceful specimen. With a particular enjoyment of flowers and fantasy, those that encounter this mystical creature while wandering 19Cord are sure to be in for quite a wonder.

basirskipreaderbasirskipreader: basic SCP reader being super ready to be so rolling in the big staff reports.

BattleblockB0ssBattleblockB0ss: Silly goose supreme. Manages the hellscape of r/SCP and gives crit on both Discord and IRC. When not slacking off on wiki tasks, they can be found losing their mind (there are demons in the walls).

cdithinkcdithink: CD (allegedly). Writer, artist, critter, sci-fi scholar, and TTRPG nerd! Obligatory lesbian representation. Probably sleep-deprived.

CerastesCerastes: We're not really sure how they got here, and neither are they.

CroquemboucheCroquembouche: Knows things about JS, CSS and ListPages. Changed the password to the coffee machine in the staff room and won't tell anyone what it is. Deals format screws in dark alleyways from trenchcoat pockets. The trenchcoat is also for sale.

Crow-CatCrow-Cat: Types at the pace of a drugged out ape dragging a long, dirty knuckle across the keyboard. Workin hard, or else he’d be hardly workin. Has been described as approachable.

Deadly BreadDeadly Bread: Is missing bones and would like to be notified if they are found. Derives sustenance from MAST work and can be contacted through both IRC and Discord. Will tag articles in exchange for the single live bee found in Cleopatra’s coffin.

DrAkimotoDrAkimoto: No Blurb

DrRevanDrRevan: Biochemist, forum critter, and writer. If he's not collecting books or gaming, Revan's probably unnaturally obsessing over proteins.

EmotionalEntropyEmotionalEntropy: Residential cryptid, possibly either six crows in a trench coat or some unfathomable entity that got lost. Makes art and other stuff sometimes when not sleeping or committing atrocities.

EstrellaYoshteEstrellaYoshte: Secretly the SuperAdmin™️ of the wiki, and can be found haunting your CSS from time to time. Is unreasonably active well into the dead of night.

EthagonEthagon: Reads a lot of stuff. Especially if it's GOI-formats or -EX articles. Sometimes he even reads stuff not on the wiki. No other sustenance required.

fairydoctorfairydoctor: howdy! im here for the free pizza :3c

FishishFishish: You wouldn't believe it if we told you.

frystavirkifrystavirki: A ghost who haunts a house, maybe yours. Probably not. Loves thunderstorms, soda, and extinct animals. Occasionally writes and draws. Part of Discord team; can be found on Discord @laundryghost from around 5pm - 7am EST.

GlassAutomatonGlassAutomaton: The Tale Hub’s strongest soldier. If he publishes an article that isn’t about humanoid’s he’ll die on the spot. IRC and Discord critstaff, can be found on either platform.

gee0765gee0765: trollface with sunglasses smoking a joint. does some things

GuaireGuaire: A rat that has found its way into the SCP wiki, and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. Can be found on discord as Guaire

GuezmaGuezma: Unburdened by things such as logic and common sense, Guezma chose to pick replacement burdens, like being French and a Reddit moderator

HarmacyHarmacy: Pharmacy student, critter, and aspiring writer. Unlikely to cause harm.

HexickHexick: Is scared of people, and happy to be here! They much enjoy recording data, reading, writing, existential dread, computers, the outdoors, robotics, and a slew of other totally normal things. Likes helping out both on-site and in IRC, and tries to be very thorough; nothing gets past them! [Placeholder; staff summary goes here. Remember to remove this during finalization.]

Jack WaltzJack Waltz: Malicious.

JackalRelatedJackalRelated: Film and visual media enthusiast, probably a walking film camera. Worked on the masterpiece MAST (2020), which won an imaginary Oscar. Can be found at film studios: IRC, Discord, and Wikidot PM. Will one day make a film that rips off the plot of one of his SCPs wholesale.

JerdenJerden: SCP lore occupies headspace that probably should have been reserved for actually useful information. Very British, aber ich spreche auch Deutsch. Happy to answer questions about collaborative pages, international branches, very long lists and vector art graphics.

JorethJoreth: People think Joreth is a wolf - but he's actually a dog wearing a wolf hat. Believed to be made staff in a failed attempt to curb shitposting. Does Internet Outreach because no one wants him on the site.

KufatKufat: Primary admin of SkipIRC. Tech team member. E-mail with any IRC-related questions.

LadyKatieLadyKatie: LadyKatie is our primary staff member for translation work on the wiki, as well as our primary contact for the INT Community and the translation sites. She also helps around the forums, giving crit and offering advice. She has an excellent cat named Pepper.

Lazar LyusternikLazar Lyusternik: Draft critter. Idea critter. Possibly swamp critter. Can be found frequenting IRC and forums. Keeps a watchful eye on draft and idea forums to poach unsuspecting posts.

LeveritasLeveritas: Currently the despot moderator managing the experiment log for SCP-914 (don't PM him to ask if your entry will be good, makes him very cranky). This takes up most of his time on the Wiki, so make sure a draft or idea is well thought out before approaching him. Especially enjoys drafts with a strong sub-narrative. He's also fluent in Dutch, if you need that for some reason.

LORDXVNVLORDXVNV: place holder text

Lt FlopsLt Flops: Honorary flopster.[verified] Two-bit fiction writer.[verified] CSSmith.[disputed] Trans woman. Cat owner. Perfectionist. Reads a lot. If she voted on your work but didn't comment, feel free to ask what she thought about it! Reach via Wikidot or Discord.(limpfirebird)

LuxaikoLuxaiko: Absolute socialite that wants nothing more than to know everyone. If you want to keep yourself safe from this thing, keep wisteria on you at all times.

ModulumModulum: the saul goodman of the scp wiki. bird nerd. did SCPDeclassified. has been around.

Mooagain Mooagain : Writer, reviewer, IRC person. Contrary to popular belief, does not write while high.

NaepicNaepic: Possibly the most tech-illiterate staff member to date. Can't read because he's a Yugioh player. Vice captain of three two teams because nobody could convince him to keep captainship for more than half a day (Update: somebody did). Only recorded staff member to be promoted against his will.

NebulousStarNebulousStar: Artist, moth liker, human?

Nipixel_PaxelNipixel_Paxel: Tagging machine which frequently breaks down

OCuinOCuin: Pretentious Irish person. Can usually be found wandering the Ideas forums, Drafts forums, and the IRC chat for things to crit. Fan of very short works and currently researching methods of writing a sub-0-word article.

PlaguePJPPlaguePJP: beast.

pr0m37h3umpr0m37h3um: Pandora/Prometheus (she/they) is exactly the type of person you would expect to give herself the names of not one, but two Greek mythological figures. She can be found on Twitter at @pr0m37h3um, and on Discord at Prometheus#4593.

psychicprogrammerpsychicprogrammer: Resident quantum wavefunction and professional mad scientist. The person to ask for when you have some weird question about site data.

RiemannRiemann: Resident weizhong wrangler. They're the resident physics nut with strong opinions on your math draft. Will repeatedly talk about deconstruction and post-structuralism in reviewing your drafts, forum or crit. Also the self proclaimed Riewrite team member.

RosySaturniidaeRosySaturniidae: i'm rosy

RounderhouseRounderhouse: Yurt.

SketchyTh0ughtsSketchyTh0ughts: The physical manifestation of all your weird daydreams and shower thoughts. Enjoys tagging the most. If not found doing staff work, they can be found consuming slice of life media. Definitely not stalking you right now.

tawnyowljonestawnyowljones: Tawny is a Liberal Arts student, and it shows. It can be most often be found on the IRC; doing critique, chath0pping, and being a valued member of Vivarium's cult.

TheyCallMeTimTheyCallMeTim: Barely exists. But exists slightly more on Discord (PWNIES#9094) or wikidot PM.

The_Spider_QueenThe_Spider_Queen: Howdy hey! No need to worry, it's just your friendly neighborhood Spider Queen, slayer of all things non-CC BY-SA 3.0, Rider of roller coasters who knows too much about them. Xe is a bunch of spiders wrapped in a human meat suit, and is currently writing a book about being plural. As for staff works, xe is a network half operator on SkipIRC, as well as a half op on the SCP IRC channels themselves. Licensing is xer real game, though. However, Xer greatest passion in life is music and the arts; xe plays bassoon and piano professionally, but also does art and comedy on the side. TSQ is the beloved mother of two beautiful baby boys and a vivacious tuxedo cat. Wonderful to be here!

torcsandantlerstorcsandantlers: More a historian than writer. Has defined their life by following bad advice and ignoring good advice. Perpetually overworked civil servant. Ask them about late 1800s strange fiction, the mythos of the Celtic diaspora, and the inner workings of local government.

Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini: 🤠

VivariumVivarium: We have yet to figure out what Vivarium is, but we think he is kinda neat. If you ask them nicely and offer them a sacrifice, they might crit something for you. Most easily reached via Wikidot PM or Discord. Vivarium is also not a cult leader and any rumors stating otherwise are lies.

VoiiiiiVoiiiii: one of many trans women on the wiki

weizhongweizhong: Resident Riemann bully. Overworked mechanical engineer by day, coffee-fueled writing maniac by night, you can usually reach weizhong by IRC or Wikidot PMs. Ask him about woodworking, cooking, or narrative arcs, and he'll be happy to talk your ear off. The other alleged Rewrite Team member. May or may not be three dogs stacked in Croquembouche's trenchcoat.

winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi: What Is Now Known Within Orthodox Notions as the King of Being an Oblivious Idiot.

WoedenazWoedenaz: Also known as ᚹᛟᛞᚨᚾᚨᛉ, what can one truly say about this elusive creature? Found in the darkest depths of the DOM where no man dares venture, he calls out .skrollr-body in the darkness where no one will listen. There's little that can be done for him; for even with the darkest, most cursed, utterly abandoned Dev Tools unknown to any being, living or dead or Captain of the Tech Team, cannot see what does not wish to be found… But please do approach them if you need any help with HTML, CSS, or JS! He is actually quite friendly.

YossipossiYossipossi: Resident pattern screamer, local author, and nation-mandated dumbass. They are the Co-Captain of Internet Outreach, and a member of MAST, Tech, and Anti-Harassment; they also moderate r/SCPDeclassified and r/DankMemesFromSite19. Can be communicated with via Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Wikidot, and telepathic communication.

Zara CalicoZara Calico: Zara Calico (she/they/them) gently asks 'Shall we Reform the Universe Together?' If you can pull their attention from selling lavender and wildflowers on Brighton Beach, they will check your draft, help fix your SPaG, and can also signpost to a bunch of useful, helpful and interesting stuff.

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