MAST Navigation Subteam

The Navigation subteam of MAST is tasked with fixing navigation issues and improving page discoverability of the site.

The maximum scope of Navigation's reach includes (with some exceptions) all non-user-made-content pages (e.g. not SCPs, Tales, GoI-Format, Canon Hubs, Tale Series Hubs, etc.)

Navigation's primary responsibility is to:

  1. Identify areas of content accessibility which are subpar or can be improved.
  2. Determine whose area of effect a proposed change falls under, notify involved parties, confirm permission.
  3. Implement, or assist in implementing, the proposal.
  4. Assess feedbacks/complaints and how to best alleviate or solve further raised issues.

Due to the high intersectionality of Navigation with other aspects of the site that other teams handle, Navigation's purview is to be considered secondary to other involved, extant Teams when applicable.

Pages under Purview

Pages in Major Focus are critical to Staff and site users as a whole. Purview is shared Staff-wide, unless superseded by a primary purview.

This list is meant to be comprehensive, but does not necessarily encompass all pages Navigation are responsible for, or can propose to make changes to.

Amendments to the list shall be determined by the team on a case-by-case basis, unless overridden by MAST Captains or administrator review.

Navigation Process


In order for a change to be implemented, a proposal has to satisfy:

  • Notify staff body at large

Along with one of the following:

  • Assent from at least one captain of the team(s) with shared purview/responsibility (e.g. CO regarding Front Page), Navigation Section Head and captain of MAST
  • O5 Discussion with consensus agreement and no major concerns
  • Passing a vote
  • Admin Fiat (in case of emergency)


For cases in which Navigation maintains sole purview, or the changes are considered minor* enough, satisfy:

  • Assent of Navigation Section Head
  • Notify relevant members

Along with one of the following, if applicable:

  • Assent from at least one captain of the team(s) with shared purview/responsibility
  • No major concerns or objections3

*Minor, in this context, is defined as changes that:

  • Semantically alter content only up to adding or removing a few links and/or sentences.
  • Do not negatively impact accessibility of content on, to, and from any page, unless permitted by consensus agreement of relevant bodies.
  • Do not alter the context, function or backend of the page.
  • If involving CSS, are non-obstructive, non-visually-overpowering.


In the event Navigation Section Head is incapable of/obstructed from performing duty or otherwise unavailable for a significant duration of time, de facto leadership should default to, in order:

  1. Captain of MAST
  2. Captain of Technical Team
  3. Vice-Captain of MAST
  4. Vice-Captain of Technical Team
  5. Trusted member of Navigation
  6. Any available Administrator

Violation of this document will result in termination by bees.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License