Junior Staff Duties, Limitations, and General Guidelines
This is a generalized guide to clearly explain the role of Junior staff, what they can and cannot do, and cultural expectations of Junior Staff. Please note that each team may have different expectations of their Junior Staff. A member of Junior Staff should consult with their team captain first and, if the captain's word disagrees with this document, to take their captain's word. For purposes of consistency, captains are discouraged from deviating from this document unless an explicit reason is provided and listed in their specific structure pages.

The purpose of the Junior Staff position

Support/Trial Staff
Junior Staff places conscientious and talented individuals in a position of support and authority, assisting staff with site duties. This is a way to gauge whether a user has the temperament, teamwork skills, critical thinking ability, and activity levels necessary for a higher staff role should they wish to advance.

What Junior Staff can do

Junior Staff can eventually be recommended for promotion and promotions are given votes every three months. Junior Staff should defer to the team captains to determine exact requirements, if any, for promotion.
Access to 05command and Staffchat
The team captain decides if their Junior Staff can post or participate on 05command. Certain teams may find 05command access critical to a Junior Staff member's functionality. Other teams see their Junior Staff not needing access at all. All Junior Staff are allowed limited access to staffchat.
Junior staff posts
Junior Staff may make Junior Staff (JS) posts when speaking in staff capacity (e.g., explaining forum rules, clearing up policy misunderstandings). Note that Junior Staff posts should be made as directed/supported by an Operational Staff member or above, preferably one from the same team as the Junior Staff. Junior staff posts cannot be made to call stops to conversations.
Calling out inappropriate user behavior
Egregious rule-breaking may be addressed by JS whose team duties encompass the situation at hand. JS should notify another staff member (ideally their team captain or team supervisor) whenever they address rule-breaking in order for the case to be resolved officially. Any callouts of rule-breaking or repeated inappropriate behavior must be addressed by a junior staff post and an accompanying report to 05command. Addressing rule-breaking material not immediately relevant to one's team should only be done with permission from another (op staff or higher) staff member. Any disciplinary threads created by a junior staff member must first receive the approval of a member of the disciplinary team.

What Junior Staff cannot do

  • Junior staff cannot vote on deletions, nor witness summary deletions.
  • Junior staff cannot participate in any staff votes unless otherwise stated, and are explicitly forbidden from voting on promotions and bans.
  • Junior staff cannot remove images from new articles, as image policy enforcement is considered on the same level as a deletion vote.
  • Junior staff cannot be team captains.

The cultural expectations of the Junior Staff position.

Familiarity with rules and guides
Junior Staff are expected to have working knowledge of rules and policies regarding user behavior, with specializations depending on individual teams. At minimum, a Junior Staff member should be familiar with the site rules, guide to newbies, and the anti-harassment policy.
Sensitivity to community
Junior Staff should be aware of what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior. They should refer to their mentors to develop a sense of how to help contribute to the culture and community development of the site. Their behavior should be held to a higher standard than non-staff members of the site.
Posting on 05command
Junior Staff should be aware that they may not understand or know all policy or greater context of existing policy. Junior Staff are recommended to only post in/create threads that are explicitly relevant to the team they are assigned to, and/or cases in which they were involved, with the approval of another staff member on their teams. Posts should be relevant, well-worded, and professional in tone. Junior Staff are expected to refrain from posting in threads that involve disputes between them and other users. Inappropriate use of 05command can be grounds for removal from their position.

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