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This is the list of all relevant policies. All staff-related policies not in this document or its children have no enforcement unless implemented via admin fiat or voted onto the document formally.

Very Quick Guides

Site Charter

Purpose: The broad end-all-be-all charter for the SCP Foundation Administration.

  • Introduction - Charter Purpose, Charter Review
  • Site Discipline - Making a Thread, Disciplinary Action
  • Site Maintenance - Wiki Deletion, Wiki Projects
  • Policy Adjustments and Discussion - Policy Discussion, Voting, Voting Periods, Voting Requirements, Ties and Failure
  • Staff Rules and Rights - Staff Teams, Disciplinary Action, Active/Reserve/Inactive Status, Absence and Abstinence, Administrative Fiat
  • Demotions - Explaining Circumstances, Determination of Guilt, Ruling

Staff Structure

Purpose: Overview of Staff Teams

  • Staff Levels - Junior Staff, Operational Staff, Page Moderator, Forum Moderator, Administrator, Universal Staff Powers, Special Access - Site Ambassador
  • Team FAQ - General FAQs on management and structure in Team setting.
  • Projects
  • Staff Teams - Community Team, Criticism Team: Forum, Criticism Team: Site, Disciplinary Team, Harassment Team, Internet Outreach Team, License Experts Team, Rewrite Team, Technical Team, Ambassadors, Reserve Staff Team
  • Targeted Teams

Making Effective Policy

Purpose: A general guideline for effective policy.

  • The Germ of an Idea
  • Effective Communication
  • Voting Threads
  • Implementation

Promotion Procedure

Purpose: Guideline for how promotions function.

  • Timing
  • Contacting Captains
  • Making the Post
  • Ending the Vote
  • Choosing Who Will Be In Charge Of The Cycle
  • Mod Promotion

Mod Primer

Purpose: Primer regarding Wikidot Mod Tools.

  • A word on staff hierarchy
  • What actions do Moderator tools permissions allow, and how do I perform them?
  • Who does not need Moderator tools permissions?
  • How does one acquire the Moderator tools role?

Deletions Guide

Purpose: An exhaustive reference for staff. Guide for Users.

  • Grace Period
  • Standard Process
  • Archiving (-ARC suffix)
  • Reasons for Deletion Without Grace Period - Rewrite
  • Summary Deletion - Reasons for Summary Deletion - Trolling, Plagiarism and Intellectual Theft, Articles Outside of Range, Other reasons
  • Other Pertinent Information - Author Request, Self-Deletion, Votes From Deleted Accounts

Unlisting Pages

Purpose: Directions on removing pages from public view.

Staff Purview

Purpose: The scope of articles that staff may influence.

Special Interest Guides

Purpose: All other guides for specific teams or special interests.

Chat Guide - For users

Chat Op Guide - For chat staff

  • Understanding Your Job - User Intent, Understanding Intent
  • Guidelines - General Guidelines Of Behavior
  • Assorted Points Of Order - Newbies, General Discipline, Bans, Banning, and Discipline, Standard Ban Escalation, Appeals Process for Bans and Discipline, Site17, Age Policy

Team Specific

Team Basic Responsibilities Team Processes Team Goals Related Guides
Community Outreach [GUIDE MISSING] Criticism Policy, Chat Guide Tentative Guide [Related Guide here]
Forum Criticism Forum Crit Guidelines sandbox Forum Crit Reference, Butterfly Flights Reference Junior Staff Base sandbox (functions as template for JS coordination) Criticism Policy
Site Criticism [GUIDE MISSING] [GUIDE MISSING] [GUIDE MISSING] Deletions Guide, Criticism Policy
Harassment Team [GUIDE MISSING] [GUIDE MISSING] [GUIDE MISSING] Official Anti-Harassment Policy
Internet Outreach [GUIDE MISSING] [GUIDE MISSING] [GUIDE MISSING] How To Create A Branch Of The SCP Foundation, Extra-Community SCP Sites Guide
Licensing Team Basic Responsibilities Team Processes Team Goals Licensing Guide
Licensing- Images Subteam Basic Responsibilities Subteam Processes Subteam Goals Image Use Policy
Technical Staff [GUIDE MISSING] Usertools, Technical Reports and Such Old Project Foundation Discussion Tag Guide, Tag List, CSS Policy
Wikiwalk Team WikiWalk Guide Grand Crosslinking Outline The Grand Crosslinking Guides here
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