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Noting that Majelia Majelia (account age 3 days, site membership 21 hours) edited the coldposted tale to blank the content. When addressed about the
seemingly unauthorized edit, the user posted:

I am a friend of Kaitey and she asked me to delete it all so that no one coppies it.

The Kaitey account was created on 16 Apr 2024, 06:05 (3 days ago), the Majelia account was created on 16 Apr 2024, 09:50 (3 days ago). The friend's account has no other history besides the edit to blank the comment and removing the name from the series listing.

Re: Disciplinary - Kaitey by ZynZyn, 20 Apr 2024 07:15

Noting that jacob_07111jacob_07111 has four declined applications:


I have read the Rules and have Meet the minimum age requirement I will be respectful to others and follow all the rules.


I have read the site rules and I know what to do I just want to wright my own SCP and that is why I'm signing up


I confirm that I have read the Site Rules and Rights Agent Notice and I'm the minimum age required.


I have read the Site Rules and Rights Agent Notice I really want to apply because I want to make my own SCP so this is why I want to apply.

ETA: received reply to the ban notification PM


Re: Applications Maturity Ban Log by ZynZyn, 19 Apr 2024 07:29

New site member KaiteyKaitey (account age 2 days, site membership 1 day) recently spammed three low-quality pages to the mainsite:

Upon receiving downvotes and deletion timers on the first two pages, and comments on the third page indicating that it should not be an SCP but rather a tale, they responded: (later edited to a single period)


User has been issued a monthlong ban. Ori, Kufat, torcs, and Ari supporting.

PM has been sent; an appeal is available to them.

Disciplinary - Kaitey by ZynZyn, 19 Apr 2024 07:21

Received the following reply:

☹️ why though. some corrections and i get a permaban

I have not responded.

Re: Disciplinary - Pixol by ZynZyn, 19 Apr 2024 06:40

I think this would be covered if we said "genre" and "setting"tags apply but "style" tags do not. Quotes given as on Master Tag List.

Other issues I have spotted is that there are some genre tags that should not be applied to SCP articles, namely: foundation-format and no-dialogue

I am also unsure about the usefulness of worldbuilding as most SCP articles put a lot of stock in worldbuilding.

User PixolPixol (account age 1143 days, site membership 610 days) recently edited this page: to change

**Dr. Shaw:** The... actually, nevermind. This joke isn't relevant anymore[[footnote]]Thank Christ[[/footnote]].


**Dr. Shaw:** The... actually, nevermind. This joke isn't relevant anymore[[footnote]]Referring to the document "Things Dr. Bright isn't allowed to do at the foundation", not readable anymore.[[/footnote]].

This is after multiple comments from them about the Dr. Bright character and writer:

Permanent ban issued to the user. PM sent. They may appeal in one year, if inclined.

Ori, Harry, Kufat, Mann, torcs, Ari supporting.

Disciplinary - Pixol by ZynZyn, 18 Apr 2024 07:08

Given this some thought, and I am in favor. While the issue of the immense backlog of SCPs is a problem, that's only going to be more true the longer we leave this. If you're not opposed to applying genre tags to SCPs on principle, it doesn't make any sense to delay this policy change.

I don't think this will create significantly more work for the tag team when tagging newly posted SCPs, they need reading and tagging anyway. If tag bloat is an issue it would be far better to trim the list of attribute tags than to exclude the far more useful category of genre tags. Inevitably this approach will mean new SCPs are more likely to have genre tags than older ones (perhaps with the exception of some well-known classics), but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to accidentally draw more attention to newer work rather than old. If we can get currently active authors to go back and tag their own stuff it'll give us decent coverage of the SCP, but again - the longer we leave it, the more inactive authors we'll have, and the more work we'll need to do ourselves as staff.

I do think defining the genre of an SCP may be a little tricky in some cases, but as noted if there's not an obvious fit then we can just not apply any (that's what _genreless is for).

As an aside, if we do implement this we should create a page similar to the new Tales hub for listing SCPs by Genre. I know we have a Tag Search thanks to Crom, but if you don't know what the tags are then that can be difficult to use.

Re: [DISCUSSION] SCP Genre Tags by JerdenJerden, 17 Apr 2024 17:58

While I agree that this would be a problem, I also don’t see it as a major one. That is less than 1/4th of the SCPs at this point, and it’s already the most visible portion. If the remaining 3/4ths of SCPs get tagged but 1&2 don’t, that would still be a huge benefit to searchability compared to zero SCPs getting genre tagged. Due to its visibility I don’t think genre tags would help with finding articles the same way it would for later series. In short, I don’t think slow or nonexistent tagging of 1&2 is a con that would outweigh the benefits of SCP genre tags.

Problem, all of series 1 and two are locked and require mod perms to tag.

Tech is in charge of creating tags, it is trivial on our end.

Tagging on the other hand are the people who need to actually write these things down.

G0re3DG0re3D and GoreAQ3DGoreAQ3D applied back-to-back today. The accounts were created at 16 Apr 2024, 20:39 (3 hours ago) and and 16 Apr 2024, 20:32 (3 hours ago), respectively. One account's application met criteria, the other didn't.

Both applications have been declined; both accounts were PMed.

As a note the pages that are currently overloading the tag limits are two tales and one SCP.

We should make a triage system here.

I like this a lot. Also makes the backlog potentially less intimidating, if enough authors add their own tags to their articles.

I don’t know if having too many tags on one article is a concern, but if it is, authors could be limited to just one or two tags. Would still provide a great tool to search with, would be easier for the tagging team to make sure the tags are appropriate (if necessary).

Fundamentally on the SCP wiki people care about SCPs. This is reflected in part with the drift towards long-form narrative (see 4231 for example). The fact that 4231 doesn't get genre tags is kind of silly on its face. We made a tool and then we aren't applying it to people actually would want to use it for.

If we have a "wait for tales to be finished" approach we'll honestly genuinely probably never reopen this conversation because tales get like half the attention of SCPs as measured by upvotes and there are more of them.

I’ve discussed potential solutions to the work overload in my post below and my response to Ethagon’s comment. However, I do believe that the tag overload is going to be such a rare case that it can likely be addressed on a case-by-case basis. As for the SCPs that don’t fit into neat little genre boxes, I think it’s best to let whoever is tagging them use their best judgement. Worst case scenario, there is the _genreless tag.

LGBTQ+ tag already exists! As a tale genre tag. This discussion is to also make it an SCP genre tag.

The overloading of tags is a good point, that's a Wikidot limitation I don't think we can really do anything about.

Though at the same time those are, to my understanding, in the very small minority, and in some cases already do have to decide which tags are more important to the work,you could also potentially make a similar argument for character tags for works that include a lot of characters, but similarly I don't think that should stop us from allowing those tags to be applied.

It's an unfortunate limitation, but I think it'd benefit far more people than it would cause them to reach the tag limit

Sorry, my brain had a dumb!

I still agree with the proposal, but also agree it would be an awful lot of work. I'm also happy to help once I catch up on genre tags again. However, it would still put a lot of pressure on the pre-existing team, and if they'd have to rely from either help from other staff or users tagging their own work (making it effectively 'invisible' to add more relevant tags to it.)

Would this include a LGBTQ+ (or similar) genre tag, if it doesn't already exist? I have a vague memory of a discussion on this but I don't remember where we landed. This is just an off-handed question, totally no problem if there's no answer.

This would be a good approach if the tagging team finds this sort of thing too laborious. There's no need for a concerted effort by staff to tag every SCP with genre tags, but allowing it as an option for users seems only beneficial…

Also, genre tags are inherently more useful and search-worthy than most existing tags, so their existence should naturally compel SCP authors to self-tag their own articles.

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