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Hello friends! I will be taking this next week off to celebrate finishing my tenure at my current job (and to catch up on a few… months of cleaning lmao). I'll still be around on Discord but I will not be actively doing site duties until around the 19th.

Slamming these in before the deadline.

Afto- Consistent activity and solid judgement. Support.

Ari- Please speak up more — you have valuable opinions. Support for all the obvious reasons.

Aster- Active and willing to learn. Critical things for staff. Support.

AvocadoMilk- Judgement and maturity issues, as well as a lack of activity when JMods seriously needed backup. Against.

Basir- Great points and great person, but you have a tendency to set fires more than quell them. We need a lot more of the latter rn. Against.

Em- As others have said: please take more time for yourself. I’m actually going to side with Against because I feel like adding OS on top of everything else is a lot for you rn and might cause serious burnout that would nix your activity entirely.

Fairy- Your activity is great, but as others have stated your sensitivity towards trolls is a point of concern. I also find a concerning amount of bias in some of the calls you’ve made recently. Remember it’s your job to hold everyone accountable for misdeeds — even friends. Against for now.

Fishish- Decent moderation but a concerningly sparse pattern of activity. Yes that is normally not a massive deal, but as a former JMod: we had to handle too many decisions that the mods should’ve been doing, but weren’t there to address. Against.

Fryst- Support. Maybe make that activity more consistent.

Guaire- Support, for what should be obvious reasons tbh. But also: don’t be afraid to push back sometimes.

[Removed jjed’s blurb. I took so long to finally get this done that I didn’t see they’d been withdrawn. Whoops.]

Kufat- Have heard great things from people I trust. Support.

Rosy- Always willing to listen and bring up issues even when it’s uncomfortable. You’re responsible and you really listen to folks. Support; I’d love to see a more consistent activity schedule.

Spider- Not super familiar; seeing mostly positive remarks makes me lean towards a Support.

Naepic- Not super familiar. Have heard great things. Support.

Pedagon- Admitting bias here since you helped me get on staff; however, hearing from others about your progress over time and seeing firsthand your willingness to not only tackle problematic situations and structures but also admit fault, I wholeheartedly Support.

Torcs- Not super familiar with Torcs by no fault but my own but have heard incredible things about their work. Support.

— CD

Declined PogSCPPogSCP for name and application that did not meet criteria:

Hello, I am here to apply to be able to post on this site, the reason is that I have been a part of the SCP fandom for many years now, and want to upload my own pages, I understand if you deny me. Bye

Declined Anomaly-0Anomaly-0 for name and application that did not meet criteria:

Hello Fellow SCP Lovers! I Have Always Been Admiring The Community's Work And Artwork. And I Would Love To Become An SCP-Writer So That I Can Show Off To My Friends.(although I think they won't care)

Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 10 Jun 2023 06:59

AHT was made aware of a harassment case against GharvassGharvass on the Spanish Branch. It involved the following:

  • Inappropriate sexual content involving underage characters

After reviewing the evidence collected, AHT elected to mirror the permanent ban.

Noting that IljaprobroIljaprobro (account age 45 days, site membership 14 days) recently posted the following thread:

I know my posts are getting spammy, but I just wanted to share it with you guys. Thanks for everything!!!

This is after they were informed that their posts were approaching spam and they should try to avoid posting to excess:

Their previous posts in the past few days were similarly low-content:

Revoke if this continues.

Non-Disc Record - Iljaprobro by ZynZyn, 09 Jun 2023 07:26
Re: Disciplinary - Doctor Jiqian by ZynZyn, 09 Jun 2023 07:19

Agreeing with permaban mirror. Ban enacted.

Re: Disciplinary - Dr_Gibson_Clark by ZynZyn, 09 Jun 2023 07:16

Declined SCP FOUNDATION (Fan)SCP FOUNDATION (Fan) a third time for name and application that did not meet criteria:

I don't care who gets this message. But contact me here for why I can't join the site -> [contact removed] (Discord) Im being serious by the way.

Declined Site-21Site-21 for name.

Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 09 Jun 2023 07:02

Yes, this should be lifted effective immediately. This is a rare case where I am okay with the precedent established by this action because the previous appeals and related deliberation are all on file and in plain view.

Re: Disciplinary - Baronjoe by ManyMeatsManyMeats, 09 Jun 2023 04:39

If I skipped a name, it's because I don't know the candidate enough to add anything beyond their Captain's blurb. I'll be further familiarizing myself with y'all in the next week.

Aftokrator - We put you up, and I wrote your blurb. I stand by it.

AriadnesThread - Honestly we had considered putting you up for MAST, but felt that you just hadn't quite gained the experience with our team to go up to OS for us. I'm thrilled to see that Discord felt differently. You're a mature and measured presence in staff discussions, and I'd happily vote in support of you.

basirskipreader - We very nearly put you up for promotion this time around for your work on Adult Content Curation. You're a level-headed and analytical member of that team, and I'm happy to have you. We passed because of your habit of linetoeing and riling up folks in 19cord. I don't think that this is enough to not vote for you, but it is something that I think you could dial back on.
Like Lord pointed out below, often conversations arise where there's no option but to push that boundary. I can understand that. The instances that gave me pause were ones happening outside of those conversations. Just take a second before committing yourself to that kind of inflammation; if you do it all of the time, it loses its weight when it's called for.

Fishish - I'm going to echo some of your areas of improvement. I've seen you be very inflammatory on Discord - notably in the conversation following the AI discussion. I understand - and even agree with - your vitriol in a lot of situations, but you're often helping to push conversation from productive or at least productive-adjacent to an outright flame war. There are places for that, but in a community where you're acting as a staff member is not one of them. If the conversation has no hope of being productive, please allow yourself to disengage from it.

Guaire - We put you up and like Afto, I stand by the reasoning for it. It's not as frequent, but I've seen you get riled up in conversation - specifically also in the conversation following the AI discussion. Going to repeat what I wrote for Fishish. I understand - and even agree with - your vitriol in a lot of situations, but you're often helping to push conversation from productive or at least productive-adjacent to an outright flame war. There are places for that, but in a community where you're acting as a staff member is not one of them. If the conversation has no hope of being productive, please allow yourself to disengage from it.

Kufat - I first joined the community for real on IRC in 2019, and you've been a good and level headed staff member or quasi-staff member the whole time I've been around. I trust your technical skills, and I trust your judgement.

Pedagon - We've bumped heads and clashed over a few things in staff chat, but I've always felt that this is because you care deeply about the site and its community. You've got a good mind for how the culture of collaborative fiction works, and you're always pushing for more accountability and more transparency. Your work with the Moth Squad has been stellar, and while I haven't had a reason to interact with the team through crit, it's been a delight to see them work so cohesively and to see you work so efficiently as their leadership.
I really appreciate the fact that you take the initiative to be the change in processes, and it's something that I'm happy to see rewarded with further authority and responsibility. And reading your commentary on yourself, I'm thrilled to see such honest self-reflection.
Since you're up for Admin I am going to be a little more critical than I would be otherwise. While I think your combative nature comes from a good place it often seems that you're not extending that same benefit of the doubt to others. Just try to keep in mind that the reason the other side is upset is probably the same reason that you are. And if you are aware of that, just slow down a bit and let your words reflect it. I know that I can have the same problems. I don't think that this comes anywhere close to preventing a vote in your favor, but it is your weakest point that I've seen.

torcsandantlers - When I had the idea of allowing commentary on candidates before promotions there were two things I didn't really consider. One, that I would be one of the first admin candidates subject to it. And two, that it might be used as a platform for candidates to talk about themselves as candidates. My primary concern was just making sure that the community could have a voice in the process and that early voters weren't blindsided by the reasonings of late voters.

So since I'm up here, I guess I'll do this commentary thing. It's pretty obvious that I'm up here because of policy stuff - Bright's List, Charter Rewrite, Promotion Reforms, etc. (And I'll be holding y'all to that office and paycheck Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini and OriTieflingOriTiefling) Like PedagonPedagon pointed out most staff probably know me from pinging them to go discuss and/or vote on something. You may also know me from doing promotions - this cycle will make one year of me being the primary person handling promotions, as one of the Captains of MAST, or as a member of the Disciplinary Team. I'm pretty proud of my work with MAST, but I think it excels from being mostly under the hood.

The Admins very generously put an N/A for my area of improvement, but it had been brought up during my promo round that I've had a problem with a "short fuse" or "flipping out", and I can kind of see where that impression was coming from. Often my communication style is just very blunt, and I work in an environment where I clash with someone professionally while having a completely separate personal relationship; it's an understood part of my professional life. This isn't the culture on the wiki, and it took me a while to understand that most everyone else I was interacting with were approaching it both as their role and as a social relationship. It's left some unintended impressions. I'm hoping that I've improved upon this enough that no one still feels that way.

Personally I think my biggest weakness is that I often lose track of time entirely and days or weeks will pass without my realizing that I haven't yet completed some task or another. I use calendars and reminders to help, but I'm very often an unintentional flake.

As an Admin, I would aim to continue to codify the site's policies, to make them fair and transparent, and to continue to open up processes to community input.

Agreed on one week. Let them sit back, take stock, and hopefully learn to do better.

User Doctor JiqianDoctor Jiqian (Wikidot member: 108 days, Site member: 6 days, ID: 8491567) - existing non-disc here: recently commented the following on

Syuzhet is infamous for schizoposting, to the others in this thread, don't take the note so seriously. +1

The term "schizoposting" is not appropriate for use in the forums, and its use in this context to mean not to take the author seriously is problematic.

In the same day they also commented the following on a now deleted page:

LMAO! Unfortunately not really wiki quality, needs more story and development than this, but LMAO!

These comments, coupled with a history of disruptive behavior leads me to recommend a ban of one week.

Noting that CoelhoAnonim0 CoelhoAnonim0 has 4 failed applications:


Hello. My account is CoelhoAnonim0. I agree to the rules, confirm I an +18 and really want to participate seriously on this wiki. No useless jokes, no breaking the rules


Hello. I am sending this message for the application because I have an interest on writing an SCP. My last submission got rejected and I would like to know why


Hello. I have an interest on joining this wiki. SCP is a very interesting topic, and I would enjoy being a small part of it.


Please. Let me enter. I send 4 applications and I got declined for an unexpected reason.

Re: Applications Maturity Ban Log by ZynZyn, 08 Jun 2023 07:10

Agreed with extreme the opposite of prejudice.

Re: Disciplinary - Baronjoe by HarryBlankHarryBlank, 07 Jun 2023 23:54

I agree with this action. I support lifting the ban with time served.

Re: Disciplinary - Baronjoe by VivariumVivarium, 07 Jun 2023 22:03

This case was brought before the Disciplinary Team for re-evaluation. Upon review, it was found that the punishment for this offense is outside of the current norm.

Personally I believe that either of the appeals should have been accepted. Not accepting them on the basis that it was "too soon" or interpreting their apology to say something it does not flies in the face of even giving the chance for an appeal. If an apology won't be accepted, then the chance for appeal is simply a lie.

I move to lift this ban with time served.

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