Official Discord Rules

This is a mirror for the rules of the Official SCP Discord Server on 05command for accessibility purposes.

General Discord Rules

1. Be respectful to others. This rule covers both your tone and behavior; being consistently rude, edgy, or disruptive is disrespectful. Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry also break this rule. Gossiping about or insulting other users and authors, as well as making fun of new members or coldposts is also breaking this rule. You must also actively avoid potential triggers and must stop a discussion when asked to by a moderator or when another user is uncomfortable. Respect people's pronouns. Joke pronouns or bigoted statements in bios are considered a rule 1 violation.

2. Consistently or maliciously derailing conversations, baiting other users, and other obviously disruptive or trolling behavior will quickly result in mutes or kicks, progressing to bans on repeated offenses.

3. The server age requirement is 16. Mods reserve the right to ban if we believe you to be lying about your age or your behavior is indistinguishable from an underage user. Do not post your age in the introductions channel.

4. Don't spam. That means no repetitive low-effort messages in rapid succession in any channel. Use the channels appropriately. Channel topics will state what that channel is for. Spamming users in channels or DMs with server invites, advertisements, or other unwelcome behavior can result in a kick or a ban.

5. No roleplaying and no impersonation of others (either real or fictional). Joining in-character as an animal, fictional character, etc is prohibited as are roleplay-like server nicknames such as "SCP-XXXX". The password is: I will follow the rules. Setting your server nickname to that of another user or moderator is also prohibited.

6. All NSFW or harmful content is strictly prohibited. Discussions of questionable or explicit topics must be spoilered and tagged (surround your text with two sets of ||, or encase links in triangle brackets like <this>) and explain what is behind the spoilers; they are allowed with discretion unless a mod orders the conversation to be stopped or other individuals are uncomfortable. Images that contain flashing lights or potentially triggering content must also be spoilered and tagged.

7. Server Moderators and Server Admins have the final say for warnings, kicks, and bans. All stop orders must be obeyed. If any users sees an issue or situation unfolding, use the /callmod command via Mnemosyne (rather than pinging individual moderators). If you have an issue with a moderator's decision or behavior, DM a server admin directly.

You'll be able to get roles upon entering the server. Thanks for reading the rules!

PluralKit Rules

The server uses PluralKit, an accessibility bot for people with plurality or Disassociative Identity Disorder/OSDD to express their individual personalities (called "alters", or "headmates") without needing to switch accounts or change nicknames. If you see a user with a [BOT] tag next to their name, this is PluralKit, not a bot; please do not bother these individuals over this, as this is a limitation of PluralKit's implementation in Discord.

There are some rules regarding PluralKit's usage in this server:

1. Do not roleplay using PluralKit. This bot is intended for accessibility purposes only. Using the bot to roleplay is prohibited and grounds for disciplinary action.

2. Do not use the bot to intentionally bypass blocks. Due to the limitations of Discord, alters/systems on the bot cannot be blocked individually. Using the bot to intentionally bypass a block or engage with someone who has knowingly blocked you may result in your removal from the server.

3. Have a clear ID in your alter's names. This is to help people keep track of who is speaking and avoid confusion. It is required to have it be clearly identifiable as opposed to an abstract ID (i.e. for a user named "MushroomManMoon" they should use [mushroom] instead of 🍄👨🌙; you can use pk;system servertag to change this for a specific server).

4. Be decent to others & follow moderator orders. If an alter's username and/or profile picture makes others uncomfortable or violates our rules, the moderators (with consensus) may ask you to use a pseudonym/different profile picture for this server. (You can use pk;member servername and pk;member serveravatar to change these for a specific server).

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