Critique Team Hub

The Critique Team is the staff team of the SCP Wiki concerned with providing critique on the Ideas and Drafts Critique Forums, Offical Discord writing channels, the IRC #thecritters channel, and on articles posted to the mainsite. Additionally, they are in charge of moderating behavior in the three aforementioned critique spaces and on published articles, and reporting rule-breaking behavior to the Disciplinary Team, the IRC moderators, or the Discord Team. More specifically, their responsibilities are:

  • Responding to requests for critique in the various critique spaces.
    • Taking initiative in providing critique on forum or discord threads where the author is having difficulty finding responses.
  • Assisting authors with seeking feedback in critique spaces.
  • Responding to queries relevant to the team.
  • Addressing misleading, vague, vehement, or otherwise problematic feedback.
    • Reporting continued criticism policy violations to the respective moderation/disciplinary team for the platform it occurs on.
  • Moderating the Official Discord writing and critique channels.
  • Moderating the IRC #thecritters channel.
  • Moderating the Writing Help forums:
    • Responding to queries in the Questions Desk and Research and Resources forums.
    • Moderating the Ideas Critique forum:
    • Moderating the Drafts Critique forum:
      • Ensuring that sandbox links are used, and full draft text is not posted to the forums.
      • Ensuring that first-time authors provide evidence of greenlights upon seeking draft critique.
  • Ensuring the forums and Discord channels are free of repeat threads and spam.
  • Discussion/formation of policy with regards to the critique systems.
    • Proposing changes to existing guides or policy as necessary, such as the Criticism Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please inquire in #thecritters, the official Discord's #help-desk channel, or message a member of the team.

If there are issues with this page, please contact a member of the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team.

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