Collaboration Pages Subteam

The Collaborative Pages subteam of the Curation Team is responsible for maintaining collaboration pages within Staff Purview - pages with the collaboration tag that have either officially been transferred to staff, or with an author that has been inactive for more than a year.

This includes answering questions regarding collaboration pages and the permitted additions and alterations, and removing entries that are deemed to be offensive or low quality. In the case of very long collaboration pages, new volumes may be created to contain additional entries, with the original being locked. Numbering or the creation of subsections may also be necessary for very long logs if there is an interest in referencing specific entries. This does not permit the team to make changes to the original content of these collaboration pages, only to remove later additions.

While by default collaboration pages should be left open to new contributions, they can be locked (temporarily or permanently) at the discretion of staff to prevent vandalism, or upon request from the original creator or an appointed curator.

Editorial Control

The subteam also exercises editorial control over a small number of pages on behalf of staff, enforcing standards for inclusion that should be clearly defined on the page. The pages below were created by Staff or have been fully transferred to Staff Purview, but contain user created contributions that should be preserved, while ensuring that new additions meet the specified standards.

The Collaboration Pages Subteam is permitted to make changes to the format of these pages and the order of entries within them, for example by creating new tabs in the Personnel and Character Dossier or new subsections in the Essay Hub. The team can also approve edits to existing entries, such as approving a request to update the description of a Group of Interest or a Foundation facility, although this should be used to expand on previous work rather than to redefining it entirely.

Major changes to any of these pages (such as the rewrite of the Facilities page) would go to O5 for public discussion and feedback prior to implementation, although any member of the site would be free to propose this kind of change to the Collaboration Pages team. The guiding principle is that these pages should belong to the wiki as a whole, not to staff or to any specific contributor.

List of pages under Editorial Control

Additional pages may be added to the list if requested by the author (if active on the site) or agreed upon with the Rewrite Team (if the page falls within staff purview).

Collab Logs

Although staff can remove offensive or low-quality entries from any collaborative page under staff purview, only a small number of collab logs are actively being monitored. If additional logs are being monitored, they should be added to the list below, along with the responsible member of staff.

List of Actively Pruned Collab Logs

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