Butterfly Flights Reference

This page is intended to serve as a reference/resource for prospective mentors interested in participating in a Butterfly Flight for the first time, and returning Commanders who have additional questions.

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A quick overview of the basics:

  • A Butterfly Flight is a monthly mentorship program where experienced reviewers ("commanders") work with 1-2 mentees ("officers") to develop skills in both forum critique and (when applicable) moderation.
  • Flights last for two weeks (14 days) and there can be up to six flights per month. Numbers vary depending on site and IRL considerations, as well as commander availability.
  • Flights teams pick the front page features for the next month.
  • The Flight Commander will work with the officers to determine quality and activity goals for each week of the Flight.
    • A "quality" goal is improvement of a certain critique skill or technique.
    • An "activity" goal is a certain number of posts made in a week.
  • Officers may officially recommend forum threads for Commander consideration/greenlighting.
  • Officers who successfully complete the Flight will be noted on the Butterfly Roster and granted honorary greenlight privileges.

Brief guidelines for Commanders:

At the start of the flight:
- Determine the first week's quality goal (improving critique skills) and activity goal (how active someone is in the forums) with officer(s).
- Confirm the preferred page type for front page feature (first come, first serve, there will be a thread for signups).
- Ask whether the officer(s) prefers for their critique to be regularly reviewed, or if they would prefer to designate specific critiques for review.
- Ask whether officer(s) want to practice addressing forum etiquette/moderation skills.

During the flight:
- Answer questions from officer(s) as needed.
- Check up on reviews written by officer(s) and offer suggestions for improvement.
- Evaluate first week's goals, set new goals for second week.
- If desired, track reviews written by officer(s) using a sandbox page.

After the flight:
- Determine if goals have been achieved sufficiently so as to consider the Flight successful.
- Choose page for front page feature.
- Contact Zyn with the above information.


Advice from prior Commanders:


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