Tech Hub Chat


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Real-Time Chat

This page will connect you directly to the technical staff chat room. In the box below, join #site11. If no one is available, you can always PM a member of staff through either of our IRC chatbots Secretary_Helen (maintained by DrMagnusDrMagnus) or Jarvis (maintained by anqxyranqxyr).

This can be accomplished by visiting any channel with them present and typing ".tell <Username goes here> <Message goes here>".

For general chat, please go to #site19, the official SCP Foundation chat room. For non-specific staff questions, please go to #site17, the staff help channel.

This table lists the current contact usernames for all officers of the Technical Team.

Staff Member IRC Username Role
DrMagnusDrMagnus DrMagnus Interim Tech Captain
RandominiRandomini Randomini Vice-Captain: Wiki Upkeep & Tagging
ChaoSeraChaoSera ChaoSera Vice-Captain: Applications Development

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