Team Policies Hub


The information here is not up-to-date and may be inaccurate.

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This is a HUB laying out specific links to the individual team policies as discussed in this thread. This is a central location where new team members can quickly and easily access relevant information about how their team works.

Team Basic Responsibilities Team Processes Team Goals
Community Outreach [GUIDE MISSING] Criticism Policy, Chat Guide Tentative Guide
Forum Criticism Forum Crit Guidelines sandbox (needs updating) Criticism Policy Junior Staff Base sandbox (needs updating)
Site Criticism Deletions Guide [GUIDE MISSING] [GUIDE MISSING]
Harassment Team [GUIDE MISSING] Official Anti-Harassment Policy [GUIDE MISSING]
Internet Outreach [GUIDE MISSING] How To Create A Branch Of The SCP Foundation Extra-Community SCP Sites Guide
Licensing Team Basic Responsibilities Team Processes Team Goals
Licensing- Images Subteam Basic Responsibilities Subteam Processes Subteam Goals
Rewrite Team [GUIDE MISSING] Rewrite Policy [GUIDE MISSING]
Technical Staff Tag Guide, Tag List Usertools, Technical Reports and Such Old Project Foundation Discussion
Wikiwalk Team WikiWalk Guide Grand Crosslinking Outline The Grand Crosslinking

Team Captains: Please add links to your guides (including a reference to the tab, if using a tabbed document with multiple topics) for ease of access.

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