Sandbox 3


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Date Project Proposed: 12/6/2017
Team Member Assigned: Unassigned
Date of Completion: TBD

Project Description
As pointed out by RandominiRandomini the second sandbox is down to 20 megs of space.

It's time for Sandbox 3: Return of the sandbox.

EDIT: As of 11/12/2017, Sandbox2's size grew critically small. Staff deleted images from their sandboxes, but this project has moved to critical.

Proposed Solution/Technical Specification
The following will need to be accomplished to action this:

  1. Create a sandbox3 with the same administrators/permissions/source code as sandbox2 Completed as of 12/12/2017
  2. Migrate sandbox2 links on the wiki, O5 etc to sandbox3
  3. Update IRC links to the sandbox (in topics) to sandbox3
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