Rewrite Team Hub


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The Rewrite Team is the staff team of the SCP Wiki concerned with overseeing and facilitating rewrites of articles within the deletion range. Additionally, they are tasked with the preservation and maintenance of older articles. More specifically, their responsibilities are:

  • Handling, or appointing volunteers to handle, rewrites of articles in danger of deletion.
  • Approving or supervising rewrite drafts made by volunteers, if necessary.
  • Handling, or appointing volunteers to handle, approved cleanup and updates of old articles, under administrative guidelines or supervision.
  • Functioning as admin liaison when dealing with rewrites of 'classic' articles.

If you wish to rewrite an article, please read and follow the Rewrite Guide. If you have any questions or concerns, please inquire in #site17 or message a member of the team.

If there are issues with this page, please contact a member of the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team.

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