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Riscvul's Game (DrewbearDrewbear, 1 May 2015)*

I got the following PM from RiscvulRiscvul, who is currently developing a sim/management game based on the Foundation!verse:

Hello Licensing Team,

I have been developing a game based on the writings of the SCP wiki called The Foundation.
I have recently encountered a big problem. I had thought I could properly attribute the articles using the history section on their individual pages. Unfortunately, its turned out due to the dynamic loading of the page that I won't be able to retrieve that information. Its also not feasible to maintain a continuous list of attributions for such a dynamic host of articles. The only piece I cannot retrieve is the author's name.

I thought of a couple possible solutions that I wanted to run past the licensing crew to see if they would give proper credit to the authors.

1) I could list the title and a link back to the individual wiki page. I can even build the link that goes straight to the history section of the page. As I cannot retrieve the author's name unfortunately that's the best I could do in this case.

2) I could open a browser window or display the history information in game.

Unfortunately that's really the best ideas I have remaining. That's not your problem of course. Just let me know if you think either of those would be enough attribution.

First, so super glad that he's trying to keep on top of proper licensing. Second, I think that static links would be just fine, rather than dynamic updating. Thoughts?

Just noting here that I'm talking with Riscvul about technical, rather than licensing, solution to his problem. Not sure yet if it'll work out, so please do continue discussing the licensing questions here. -anq

Given that the standard spiel we give people re: licensing is to include the link to the original article/Tale but does NOT require adding the author as an absolute must (keeping in mind that some of the oldest are unknown authors), I went ahead and PMed him that using static links was fine and to not worry about including the author w/ the link if he can't make the dynamic pull work. —Drew


Haven't checked out all of his output on the progress of the game (there's 39 update videos alone at time of writing, I checked the most recent four or five) but the material I did investigate was up to our licensing standards. He's good for now, but I'm not going to mark this as resolved, yet, as there's still presumably a finished product.

Blackbird (DrClefDrClef, 5 May 2015)

Really cool artist, needs to be educated on the CC license, though.

Crushable Articles (RejekyllRejekyll, 6 May 2015)

There were three unattributed articles on by someone named Lucia Peters. They're all here and four years old. There is no direct messaging system that I could find so I commented the following on the SCP-087 one.

Hi, I'm a staff member on the SCP Wiki. I'm commenting to let you know that since the wiki uses a license called Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike, you are required to inherit it as well. This means that you need to leave attribution back to the site and a statement of the license on each SCP Foundation-related article you've written. You appear to have two more besides this one.

Here's a model statement that you can just stick at the end: "This work is released under a Creative Commons 3.0 By Attribution, Share-Alike license, and is based on the SCP Foundation Wiki at"

We have a guide right here ( that you can feel free to read up on. Thank you. Cheers!

RESOLVED - Steam- "Three Days" (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 13 May 2015)*

Steam user Itexum created this game and shared it with the Facebook page. I directed them to the licensing guide and gave them proper instructions on attribution, and asked them to toss us any questions they may have. Will update when user makes the necessary changes.

Licensing has been added. Marking as resolved. -Procyon


Group here, gaffsey here, letter below.

Attribution all good as of 4 August 15. — Drewbear

Dr X Factor (EskobarEskobar, 17 May 2015)

As brought to our attention by Zyn.

Gamejolt issue (Account Deleted, 3 Jun 2015)*

Someone has been making SCP games without attribution. A user has contacted them with our licensing stuff. We'll keep an eye on them to see if they update the attribution in the next few days.

Update: Game is still unlicensed and unattributed, and is now on Steam Greenlight. Procyon will handle it shortly. - GreenWolf

Fun Best Apps SCP-173 game (SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, 1 Jul 2015)*

There's a non-attributed google play store app here about SCP-173. Reported by a user in site17, but no licensing staff on at the time.

Sent an email.

Game appears to have been deleted as of 4 August 2015 — Drewbear

RESOLVED - Steam game (DrewbearDrewbear, 25 Jul 2015)*

This is… a game, I guess, ostensibly about SCP-599. No licensing whatsoever.

I've sent a Steam friend request to the developers so that I can hopefully get in contact with them and, y'know, have them correct CC. If not, I'll escalate to a DMCA w/ Steam.

Sent them a PM via Steam:

Hello, I'm an admin for the SCP Foundation wiki, and my username there is Drewbear. Your game, The Note, was brought to our attention as being based on SCP-599. The SCP Foundation and everything posted on the wiki are posted under a CC 3.0 BY-SA 3.0 licence, which allows for people to make derivative work, like your game, but require that any derivative work, like your game, also be released under the same license and credits the original work. As such, in order to become in compliance with the license, we recommend adding something like the following to the description of the game:
"Based on SCP-599, ( under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license."
If you have any further questions, feel free to message me or see our licensing page at

Got a reply back:

artemizgame: Thank for you notice
artemizgame: Now you can see this in the legal information

And the game info has, in fact, been updated. (under the system requirements section)

Resolved - Wattpad again (ZynZyn, 2 Aug 2015)

Thanks to a post in the mainsite forums, I happened to find this:

"Scp Foundation Files" - "The Horror that lays in the book are Terrorfying (Note: All These Come From The Scp Foundation Website! I Own Nothing!)"

No mention of the original authors, no mention of the individual pages the articles came from, and it looks like they ported all articles from 002 through 035.

The opening page states,

Authors Note: These are All From the Scp Foundation website
I Own NONE of these! Also, Do not Read if you are Not Ready for your are not ready for these Terrors that lay beneath these pages!

Given the last activity was 9 months ago… I'm not sure if we should go for takedown or try to contact the author to properly attribute. I'm not entirely convinced that they'd understand attribution, given their writing…

Edit: Talked to Vince in chat, agreed to send a message and wait a week. If no response, then someone (or me) will issue that support ticket for copyright violation.

Message sent is as follows:

Hello! I am a moderator from the SCP Foundation wiki website. It's come to staff attention that your story, Scp Foundation Files, uses material from the site without proper attribution. If you are going to use the works of site authors without their permission, you must link back to the original page the material is from and provide the name of the original author of the piece. Staff can help you with that, but if we do not receive a response from you within a week, we will submit a support ticket because your story will be violating the site's CC licensing. Let me know if you have any questions. —Zyn

Edit: Received no reply from the author, sent in a support ticket, Wattpad staff removed access to all of the entries except -032, which is the old Titania's Prisons SCP.

More iPhone apps (DrewbearDrewbear, 4 Aug 2015)*

OsobistOsobist alerted me that the Russian wiki discovered several iPhone apps w/ missing/incomplete licensing & credit. I can't check these while I'm at work, but will take a look in a couple of hours. - no license mark and no link to original article; - no license mark and no link to original article; - only link to original, no license mark though.

First two are by the same guy/company. Found a feedback link on their homepage and sent the following:

Last one is by a different company, and I sent the following email to their public email:

I'll check again in a week or so.

The people responsible for the 3rd one responded overnight, with the following:

Thank you for the information!
We submitted the text below to Our product’s description, this modification will be available in few hours from now.
Gyorgy Varro

I haven't checked the app again, but damn, it's nice to see such a quick response.

The first two appear to be memory holed, the last one will get handled when we address iTunes in general.

RESOLVED - rebubble - vandalmakesstuf (RiemannRiemann, 15 Aug 2015)*

User on redbubble, named vandalmakesstuf, was, uh, making stuff. Had the right idea about licensing, but didn't provide specific links. I sent them a PM.

e: User has attributed pieces in question, resolved.

RESOLVED - Golly gee whilikers, Roblox again (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 18 Aug 2015)*

First assignment for licensing, and it's Roblox.
Page is here, more or less identical to all the other Roblox SCP groups. Owner's a kid named ConnorCrane.
Sent the following PM:

Thank god for Esko's previous work in providing a template for that. Will keep updated.

e: Guy got back to me, attributed after some minor questions:

Attribution for the main group is now in line with standard, I sent him a PM thanking him and asking him to also bring the sub-groups and a few other pages to the required level as well. Will check in on those in a few days.

ee: Attribution for subgroups is now in line as well. I requested, if possible, that attribution be provided on the store items as well (e: user has said they will do that shortly). I've also been given an ETA of one week for attribution on a level/world/what-have-you owned by a different user. I'll check in on that.
Also, a user, Beryli tried to take matters into his own hands with this group. I sent a PM apologizing for that and disavowing his actions.

e3: Sent a PM to Beryli telling him to stop acting on Licensing's behalf.

e4: In the next installment of this neverending saga, Roblox has apparently removed the attribution for containing an offsite link. We're looking into solutions.

e5: With no real other options, we've given one-time dispensation to the group owner to provide attribution without links, due to Roblox linking policy. Will keep updated on response.

e6: Appears to be attributed to the best of their ability without offsite links. I'll call this one closed.

Villains Wikia (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 20 Aug 2015)

EC found a bunch of copypasted content over on The Villains Wikia, so I sent the following PM to one of their admins.

Will keep you updated.

Fictional Battles Wikia (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 25 Aug 2015)

The Fictional Battles Wikia has pages with unattributed content. Sent the owner the standard PM.

Owner hasn't been around since February '14, and the rest of the wiki seems pretty damn dead, so don't have high hopes for this one, but worth a shot.

SCP/MLP/Wikia (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 25 Aug 2015)

Was recently alerted to the existence of an SCP/MLP crossover wiki. I sent the site owner our standard spiel, and am awaiting a reply.

Creepypasta wiki tales (ZynZyn, 6 Sep 2015)*

Got a PM from Mr_stickmanMr_stickman about some tales lifted wholesale from the site by the creepypasta wiki:

All of these stories appear to have been ported over by user BenNasty:
According to their profile, they're part of the admin team, plus:

I am kind of the self proclaimed HR Rep for this site so please, if you are being attacked by the Trolls or any wiki drama, write on my Talk Page or email me at moc.liamg|01ytsanneb#moc.liamg|01ytsanneb . That way, our other Admins can worry about site content and keeping the wiki free of duplicates and other infectious crap off of here.

From what I see, all of the tales are directly posted, no attribution. Not sure if we've talked with the creepypasta wiki before? Someone want to get in contact with them?

e: User is no longer part of the admin team, and hasn't even been around since 2012. I'll contact someone else in the morning, although the Creepypasta Wikia administration is fairly famous for being… hard to work with, in my experience. We'll see how it goes. -ProcyonLotor

e2: Provided user is no longer part of the administrative staff (and has not been active since late 2012), so I hit up the first available admin I could find with the usual:

Will keep updated upon response.

e3: All listed pages have been fully attributed. Matter is resolved.

e4: Only the ones you found have been attributed. For example, I have one over there that was originally posted to the Foundation: Can we get an actual search done of the site before we give it the all clear? -TroyL

e5: Here's a mostly-complete list of the remaining items.

e6: Admin has added attribution to everything we could find.

RESOLVED - Adagio Teas- Secure Con-tea-n Protect (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 25 Sep 2015)*

I'm not a tea-drinking man, but this set of teas is pretty neat, but not licensed properly. It's one of several things that I need to handle since Vince stepped away, so I don't have time to send the message at the moment. Will update.

I ordered these a few days back for a friend, actually. :| But in all seriousness, go to the bottom of any page that isn't the front and you'll find a link to get in contact with them. Or just click here:

e: There's some confusion (on my end) about what, exactly, message needs to be sent. I tried to send them a form letter and people started shouting about Fair Use and parody. I'm holding off on sending one until I can get a judgement from one of the (ex-) Team Captains.

ee: I was told by the team captain at the time that this was not worthy of pursuit- consider this resolved.

Spreadshirt- MissShadowLovely (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 25 Sep 2015)*

Standard spreadshirt unlicensed merch garble, this time courtesy of MissShadowLovely. Will send message when I get a moment.

Update 10/27/2015: Message sent. Will post reply. - Crayne

Update 10/28/2015: MissShadowLovely replied, and has attributed all SCP-related products to the wiki, and linked to the license. Awesomely quick and friendly reply. Kudos to Agent Angel. :)


RESOLVED - Keycards on Etsy (CrayneCrayne, 30 Sep 2015)*

As posted to the Facebook page, user IndustrialProducts is selling laminated SCP keycards on Etsy, as far as I can see without attribution.

If someone on the Licensing Team could send a form letter?

e: And sent.

Will keep updated with response.

ee: And reply:

Not a problem, it will get looked into this evening.
Thank you

I'll check later today, then.

eee: Licensing's good. This one's resolved.

RESOLVED-ish Wallpart (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 3 Oct 2015)*

Alright, so I received news that a site called Wallpart (link intentionally omitted for reasons that shall become obvious) has been lifting SCP related images (probably automatically rather than specifically, there's a lot of people this site has peeved off), but it's apparently become big news in the SCP fandom today (I'd heard about it in 19 before the issue was formally brought to my attention).

The thing is, we can't just send a "yo, attribute this shit" email because the site appears to be a licensing honeypot- the Report Violation form on the site, the only real method of contacting them as far as I have heard, is a malware/phishing page. I have not independently visited said page after hearing this, but there is wide and varied confirmation of this fact among other people's complaints.

With computer wizardry/basic knowledge of the internet I've managed to find the domain registrar's email, which appears to be part of a legitimate company. All other identifying Whois on Wallpart has been concealed, so that's a non-starter.

I need to talk to some folks before I send an email, however. I'll update this when I do.

[Added by Quik:]

Voct pointed out that Wallpart is entirely a honeypot and you can't buy anything there. And if they're not selling anything, then is there really a licensing issue? (This is separate from the fact that the site is a scam anyway with the Report Violations page being a phishing expedition.)

This got buried under other stuff, but upon examination, along with Quik's post which I more or less agree with, there's next to nothing we can do here. Resolved-ish, because that's a nicer way to say "nothing doing". -Procyon

Guy making SCP card game (ZynZyn, 21 Oct 2015)

So I got a PM from spokwalkerspokwalker (whose account was an hour old at time of PM) today:

Hello, My name is Luke Anderson, I'm a game developer. I have been developing a tabletop SCP themed card game. I just want to get permission to do this. Also I was hoping it would be okay to sell this game when it is finished, giving the scp foundation full credit of course.
Cheers, Luke Anderson

I sent back a reply telling them they could make the game if they attribute correctly, that they can't use images of 173 for commercial purposes, that they should read the licensing guide, and that they can contact me if they have any further questions.

Edit: a quick Google search seems to indicate that the guy has a deviantArt and a reddit account… and nothing else as visibile. Very likely not professional. We'll see where this goes.

Will update as necessary.

Agent Vader's SCP Pong game on Scratch (CrayneCrayne, 2 Nov 2015)

In this thread on the forum, user agent-vader links to his game on Scratch, which has not been attributed correctly, does not link to the license, and uses images of SCP-173. Even if it's a free game, it'd best to avoid that alltogether.

First posted in the thread to reply to the following post:

Its Scratch.
There is no copyright issues.

My reply:

I have no idea how you're arriving at that conclusion, but I can assure you that there are licensing issues. Please read through the licensing guide.

No reply was forthcoming, so I PMed them:

Hi there,
Recently you started a thread for a game you created on Scratch. I staffposted to let you lnow that contrary to what you apparently believed, there were definitely licensing issues. I checked again today, but you don't seem to have taken steps to comply with our licensing requirements. Am I wrong in believing you haven't taken action yet? And if not, please take steps to comply as soon as possible.

This was the reply:

Sorry for the late reply.
I've been having a break from both Scratch & the SCP Foundation following a break-down caused by the death of my dog.
I will replace the image of 173 with In-Game screenshots of 173 from SCP: Containment Breach.

I'm going to have to help them along a bit, methinks. :|

RESOLVED - Google Play- Offline Database (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 21 Nov 2015)*

Got a reverse version of the usual thing last night:

If I'm reading this right, Google (who in my experience are far from the most… proactive, we'll say, in regards to Licensing issues) took down an SCP app that (according to the creator, I have not seen it yet) was properly licensed, and refuses to reinstate it without the content owners' (which yes, I know technically we do not own it, but we're… vaguely sort of responsible) go ahead.
I'm going to email the guy, ask for a copy of the app in question (to ensure that it is in proper order), and, assuming that goes well, I'll draft something up for Google. Will keep updated.

After a long delay due to my laptop getting fried, material was investigated and found to be all above board, and as such, the requested document has been written, and with Mann's approval, sent to the developer to submit. - ProcyonLotor

I told the guy to get back to me if he had any further problems a month ago, it's been radio silence, so I'm marking as resolved. -Procyon

Resolved - Wattpad Ebook (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 26 Nov 2015)*

So, around fifteen minutes ago, user David de Villiers (now Doctor DavidDoctor David) posted this thread (and two identical copies, now locked, in other forums), which linked us to a Wattpad "book" he'd put together… by copying content directly from the wiki and our wikipedia page without an idle thought given to attribution. So after signing up for Wattpad and selecting which three teenage vampire romances appealed to me the most1 in exchange for the privilege of reading it, it turned out that yep, it needed a whole lot of attribution that it was missing.
So I had Licensing-warrior-in-training Greenwolf make a post in the thread and send a PM with the standard stuff.
Will keep updated with response.

Zyn edit: Oh man, wattpad. I have an account on there; fortunately, their response team is fast and polite. Let me know if I need to submit a plagiarism report.

Zyn edit II: Someone on the mainsite jumped onto the forum thread with a "take this down, you didn't write it" post of their own. I staffposted with some context about how staff handles these things, but this is almost two weeks overdue. If you want, I can send the violation report?

Zyn edit III: Reported the work:

The SCP Foundation wiki contains fictional "reports" of various items; the wattpad work being reported uses several of the pages from the site, with no attribution for the word-for-word content copied directly.
The wattpad work contains the following SCP Foundation pages, among others:

Zyn edit IV: Got a response from Wattpad, access to the work has been disabled pending a valid counter-notice from the user. Anyway, marking this as resolved.

SCP Calendar (CrayneCrayne, 7 Dec 2015)*

A while back we got word that an artbook was being produced, and images surfaced of the contents (I've seen the 093 before for example). Seems it's done and for sale now. It's absolutely gorgeous.

It's also, unfortunately, unlicensed right now.

Sent a PM to user TechnoMage does not match any existing user name, who appears to be behind the site. Will update when I receive a response.

Update 2015-12-21:

Received a PM back to say they'll correct what needs to be corrected. Cool. :D

Shapeways SCP-173 (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 8 Jan 2016)

User in 17 alerted us to a 3d-printed SCP-173 figurine for sale here. Sent the standard "yo you can't do that" PM, but user hasn't been around for over three years, so this'll probably require a takedown. Will keep updated. -Procyon

Standardizing Resolved Markings (GreenWolfGreenWolf, 10 Jan 2016)

With permission from ProcyonLotor, I've gone through our resolved reports and edited the titles so that all of them start with RESOLVED, (RESOLVED), Resolved, etc… This is so that it's easier to keep track of resolved and unresolved reports in the page list for licensing stuff. All the resolved issues should now all be clustered together in the same area of the page. Let's try and stick to this schema going forwards.

Wix Mirror Site (GreenWolfGreenWolf, 18 Jan 2016)

This site is apparently mirroring the wiki. It was brought up in this forum thread, as well as in #site17 and, surprisingly, in an email to the licensing email. Apparently it's linked to Roblox2. In order to actually view the content of the site however, you need to make an account with their web host/wiki farm, Wix, and then wait for the site administrator to approve your membership.

I've made an account under the licensing email (password is standard pass), and am currently waiting for a response on that membership application. Stay tuned as we'll have more as this story develops. — GreenWolf

ZHNGMAO SCP Containment Breach Logo T-shirts on Amazon (AthenodoraAthenodora, 9 Feb 2016)*

(Many thanks to Voct for the heads-up :)

So, there's this brand on Amazon selling, among their many, many other products, T-shirts with the logo from the Containment Breach game. Available in Kid's, Men's, Men's Long Sleeve, and Women's. As far as I can tell, there's no mention of CC BY-SA, the game or the wiki on any of those pages. - Athena

"Daughter of Shadows: An SCP Breach Event" game on Steam (AthenodoraAthenodora, 15 Mar 2016)*

Got a message from Petrograd from Licensing chat about this:

They do include a CC-declaration, which is pretty neat, although strictly speaking I guess they'd still need to add in attributions to Bright (as 029's author) and Regalis (since this is explicitly stated to take place 'in the same facility as "SCP: Containment Breach"').

Will draft up an email later - Athena

I took a look and saw that it includes a depiction of 173 in-game. They also need to be made aware that that is a HUGE no-no per our agreement with Kato, unless the game is going to be free like CB is. — Drewbear

This has gotten a bit more urgent, as they have started selling the game now. Have they been contacted yet and are just ignoring us, or has no one told them they can't do this? – GreenWolf

I sent an email and they got back to me within 30 minutes. They've sent a mail to steam to convert the game to free, and they've included a PDF both with the game and on the store page with proper attribution for each of the authors whose work is used in the game. Link to that announcement is here and the store page has a link to the PDF. This isn't closed until steam changes the game over to free, but it's heading that way, I'll keep an eye on the page.

Japanese SCP RPG (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 22 Mar 2016)*


SCP-JP's licensing people have confirmed that this is licensed correctly and have provided evidence to such effect. Big thanks to them for being both on the ball and responding promptly, because this could have been "lose sleep" level bad.
Pretty cool product, probably one of our largest exposures, and certainly the most legitimate project based on our material I've experienced. Worth checking out, if you know Japanese.
We're checking the status of individual articles with exceptional conditions (those being 173, Mewts, Dragon Snails) at the moment.

SCP: Project Outbreak (GreenWolfGreenWolf, 30 Mar 2016)*

An indie studio made an announcement on the subreddit earlier today announcing that they were working on an SCP game. Spikebrennan commented asking how they were dealing with the CC license, which sparked this comment chain where it becomes rapidly apparent that they have no idea how CC works. While people on the subreddit have tried to "explain" CC to them, they haven't been doing so very well.

Should probably keep an eye on this thing and send them an official response from licensing to clear stuff up.

Exodusshirts (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 4 Apr 2016)

Standard fanmade clothing/product thing, you all know the drill.
Here and here are the pages, products in collapsible below:

Roth graciously sent a cockroach letter via tumblr- that isn't dealt with one way or another in a week, we'll look at other options.

Jarvis Image Tutorial (anqxyranqxyr, 3 Mar 2017)

anqxyr I want to talk jarvis commands for image team at you
anqxyr the full command is .images, but .im is set to resolve to .images too, and that's what I usually use
anqxyr .im --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images {scan,update,list,notes,purge,search,stats,sync,add,remove,attribute,claim}
anqxyr those words jarvis just threw out are all subcommands of the .im command
anqxyr the can be used like that:
anqxyr .im subcommand some argumments --optional-arguments
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images {scan,update,list,notes,purge,search,stats,sync,add,remove,attribute,claim}
anqxyr as you see, if you enter something incorrectly, jarvis will respond with the usage prompt
anqxyr you can lookup usage for the individual subcommands like this:
anqxyr .im scan --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images scan pages
anqxyr .im search --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images search target [index]
anqxyr .im update --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images update target [index] [--url url] [--page page] [--source source] [--status status] [--notes notes]
anqxyr ok, a side word about the target [index] thing
anqxyr a lot of subcommands use it
anqxyr what it means, is that you can either enter the name of the page you want, e.g.
anqxyr .im list scp-002
jarvis anqxyr: - - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
anqxyr or you can enter the url of the image directly if it's handier in your circumstances
anqxyr .im list
jarvis anqxyr: - - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
anqxyr [index] is for pages which have several images on them
anqxyr .im search scp-020
jarvis anqxyr: Specified page includes 2 images. Please specify which image you wish to see.
anqxyr .im search scp-020 1
jarvis anqxyr:
jarvis anqxyr:
anqxyr so, if there's more than one image, jarvis will complain unless you specify which one
anqxyr some subcommands can work on multiple images, so for those omitting the index means "do it for all images on the page"
anqxyr .im list scp-020
jarvis anqxyr: - - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
jarvis anqxyr: - - - UNABLE TO CONTACT
anqxyr list is one, and I think purge is another, through I don't quite recall
anqxyr ok, now to the previously used workflow
anqxyr it'll be up to Vince whether you'll keep using it unchanged or change it somewhat or whatever, but the way it was meant to be used was
anqxyr a team member selects an image block, and claims it for themselves
anqxyr .im claim 2200-2299
jarvis anqxyr: The specified category does not exist or contains no images.
anqxyr (I'll talk about what just happened a bit later)
anqxyr then, they start scanning pages for those with images. Scanning can be done for multiple pages at once
anqxyr .im scan scp-2200 scp-2201 scp-2202 scp-2203 scp-2204 scp-2205
jarvis anqxyr: 8 new images have been added to the index.
anqxyr .im claim 2200-2299
jarvis anqxyr: Category successfully claimed.
anqxyr now, this is actually a bug, he shouldn't have let me do those things he just did, because I don't have op here
anqxyr will fix, but moving on
anqxyr once the pages are scanned, the team member starts searching for sources
anqxyr .im search scp-2200
jarvis anqxyr:
jarvis anqxyr:
anqxyr they click those links, and do the sourcing thing. Then they return to jarvis, and update the image index
anqxyr let's see the syntax for update again
anqxyr .im update --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images update target [index] [--url url] [--page page] [--source source] [--status status] [--notes notes]
anqxyr so, updating will look something like
anqxyr .im update scp-2200 --source --status public domain --notes photo taken in 1907
anqxyr --status can be only one of a predetermined list of statuses, specifically
anqxyr case insensitive, of course
anqxyr here's the flowchart of how to determine the status:
anqxyr it was in the topic of the old image team room, it's up to you where you want to keep it now
anqxyr or if you want to follow it at all
anqxyr ok, next stop
anqxyr once the image index has been update, some further actions may be required
anqxyr in case of CC or Permission Granted statuses, the image needs to be attributed. .im attribute takes care of that
anqxyr .im attribute --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images attribute page
anqxyr in case of Permanently Removed or Awaiting Reply statuses, the image code needs to be removed from the page
anqxyr .im remove --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images remove page images
anqxyr that subcommand removes image code, makes an announcement post in the page's discussion thread, and pms all authors and co-authors of the article
anqxyr also note that the images argument here is a list of full urls of the images that needs to be removed. This commands doesn't use the usual [page-name] [index-of-the-image] notation in order to avoid accidental mis-deletes
anqxyr ok, one thing I forgot to mention about .im update. The --notes argument allows storing a single line, and only in cases where no notes are already present
anqxyr for any other case, you want .im notes, which provides more parameters for note manipulation
anqxyr .im notes --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images notes target [index] [--append append|--purge|--list]
anqxyr .im notes scp-003 --list
jarvis anqxyr: There are no notes about this image.
anqxyr .im notes scp-004 --list
jarvis anqxyr: All found copies of the image refer to the version used by us.
anqxyr you can story multiple notes for the same image by using .im notes --append
anqxyr that covers all the commands an image team member will normally need to use
anqxyr the only ones not covered are .im stats and .im sync
anqxyr .im stats 002-099
jarvis anqxyr: 75 indexed images in this category ( AWAITING REPLY - 1, BY-NC-SA CC - 3, BY-SA CC - 3, PERMANENTLY REMOVED - 1, PERMISSION GRANTED - 5, SOURCE UNKNOWN - 10, UNABLE TO CONTACT - 2). Not reviewed - 50.
anqxyr that's what this one does, it's nifty but not strictly necessary for conducting reviews
anqxyr .im sync is an emergency command, there shouldn't be a reason to use it pretty much ever
anqxyr it overwrites the jarvis' copy of the image index with the one permanently stored at scp-stats. That should only be needed when the permanent copy had to be manually edited for some reason
anqxyr ok, unless I forgot something, that is all. Any questions?
anqxyr also, I'll probably copy-paste this entire rant onto 05 somewhere

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