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Internet Outreach

Internet Outreach (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Internet Outreach Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


Official Staff Off-Site Accounts (DrClefDrClef, 12 Jan 2014)*

Following a good suggestion, any staff members or writers who have off-site accounts relating to SCP Foundation, whether in character or out of character, should link to them here so Community Outreach can be aware of them.

General Social Media

User Network URL
Blaroth Tumblr
Clef Tumblr
Clef Facebook
Decibelles Tumblr
Dr_Kens Tumblr
Sophia Light Tumblr
TheDuckman Tumblr

Reddit Accounts

Add the usernames as they come up. Notify one of the following SCP staff for flair on the /r/SCP subreddit: bluesoul, DrKens, Riemann, weizhong

User Reddit Username
bluesoul bluesoul
Clef themocaw
Crayne AgentCrayne
Decibelles ErnulaxCuilan
Drewbear DrewbearSCP
Dr_Kens ElXGaspeth
Eskobar DEskobar
Gaffney HippieHippieHourah
Photosynthetic Photosynthetic
ProcyonLotor trythisonyourpiano
Riemann IntegratingMethod
Roget Rogay
TheDuckman TheArgentOne
weizhong weizhong5
Wogglebug Wogglebot
Zyn ZynKiryu

facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/What-have-you (RogetRoget, 12 Jan 2014)*

Bluesoul has been going out and creating official pages for the SCP wiki on facebook and twitter, and I think ghostchibi owns one which we could make into an officially recognized outlet. I'll be assigning one or more people to work on these, and they'll be updating them regularly with admin powers and such. I will be asking to have some sort of access to the accounts as well, but beyond that they'll be able to run them as they see fit. So, yeah, good job to BlueSoul and others. I'll be making a post on SCP-INT about these pages, and recommending that folks like the SCP-RU twitter and others crosslink to them, and we can crosslink back.

(Scantron) If we're setting up official pages on social media sites, I'll offer to run (individually or with others) whatever we come up with for Tumblr. I have non-trivial experience with the site's ins and outs, and I enjoy the community and format.

(Roget)Ghostchibi is currently the person I have designated to do the tumblr stuff, but if you want to talk to her about helping with it and she wants the help, I have no objections. You do know the tumblr-y stuff.

(Scantron) Will do.

Facebook Post Limiting (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 15 Jan 2014)*

Per discussion with Roget and Eskobar, we've all agreed we should not post to Facebook more than once every 8 hours. You can schedule a post for later by clicking the little clock in the lower-left of the post window. Try and keep things varied, some images, some recent SCPs, some site news, some classics, some tales, and so on.

Roget and I are both page managers and can add you to the FB Admins, you need to like the page and then we will need the email address tied to your facebook account to send the invite.

(from Scantron) Sounds good to me. Is a similar policy requested for the tumblr? I don't think overposting will be a problem (or that high quantity content is a bad thing), but I'm open to hearing reasons why it would.

I don't think so. — Roget

No, Twitter and Tumblr are different animals than Facebook, they need quantity as well as quality. Facebook, you run a real risk of spamming someone's feed and having them unsubscribe. Twitter could have a post every 10-20 minutes and you probably wouldn't bother anyone. -bluesoul

I've also specifically asked people posting to the Facebook feed to sign their posts at the end with their username, both for general reference and in case we need to contact someone about phrasing, clarification, etc. -Eskobar

Wikipedia and Notability (Communism will winCommunism will win, 18 Jan 2014)

(Scantron) CryogenChaos talked to me about this, so now I'm making this post. We've had The Daily Dot and The Toast write articles about us, and as long as our online profile keeps going up (which, given the other stuff this team is doing, I don't doubt), we're only going to get more formal and informal attention.

A Wikipedia article would give us an air of officially being a Real Thing, as well as being another way for people to get reasonably impartial information and resources about us. It's a place that just about everyone's familiar and comfortable with, so it's a good way of reaching out to the internet.

And if Containment Breach gets one, then so should we, god dammit.

So, this report is here in order to:

  • Figure out what we need in order to meet Wikipedia's notability standards.
  • If we don't already have that, figuring out how we get good sources to write about us, and to which sources we talk. Basically, if we're not notable, we make ourselves notable.
  • Deciding whether we want to exercise oversight over the article once we get it, and if so, what we want in it.

As mentioned in the 'Team Structure' part of our hub page, Voct and Aelanna are good people to get input from. This is just me saying "hey we should do the stuff in the structure".

Twitter (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 19 Jan 2014)

Gaffney and Rumetzen have agreed to run the Twitter for a while, best of luck to them.

Soulless added to official tumblr (Communism will winCommunism will win, 22 Jan 2014)

He volunteered, and he's good at it. And that's about it.

Wikipedia Page (RogetRoget, 27 Jan 2014)*

Somebody set up a Wikipedia page here:

I found it through the Wanderers Library. Judging from the edit history of the page, it was made by one guy, abc12345 or something, who also made the Broken God and some other wikis. It was originally, when I saw it, a very lackluster page. However, somebody seems to have gone through and made it better. It still doesn't cite any sources. Do we want to try and salvage the page by adding links to it? I know that rumetzen or someone made me a nice pastebin with all of the references to us people had made. If we could try and use those to salvage it, we could get the page up. Alternatively, we could talk to the Wikipedia admins here and apologize for our fans making these pages over and over, and maybe save the work this guy has done so that we could make the page again once we have enough citations.

A side note: if and when we do get a page to stay up, I'd like to use either far2's logo or the original Josie logo for our image.

— Roget

Well, before we put undue work into it, we should find out for sure whether Wikipedia finds the site notable enough for an article to begin with, assuming it has good sources. If so, we should get a copy of the page and put some people on the task of writing up a better article.

As for a logo, we should use whatever is up-to-date and recognizable. So, the circle-and-arrows one would be ideal. Nobody's used the Josie image for anything but O5's favicon for ages.

— Scantron

This is still kind of a crap article. We need to get more general in some areas (Fishmongering) and include a lot more information. I mean, containment breach deserves its own section and paragraph or two, but it gets a sentence.

I would like to see this expanded a lot. We are notable now. We just have to prove it. If someone gets together a list of all the websites that have referenced us so far, we can work from there. Include the spin-offs sites, including the ones that we didn't make, might also be a show of good faith.

— TroyL

I did a quick Google search and here're some articles & stuff regarding us.

01/2014 article:
02/2010 article:
04/2012 article:
01/2014 article:
SCP:CB Wikipedia page:
SCP-087-B game:
article about same:

— Drewbear

MC_Kejml (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 8 Feb 2014)

The user above sent me a PM back on Thursday as follows:

Hello bluesoul,
I am messaging you because I saw you as one of the admins of the Official SCP Facebook page. My name is [name redacted] and I have been working with a game design team on a SCP Board Game "Escape from Site 19" for nine months. The game is unique in its execution, being a synthesis between Arkham Horror and Activity and we plan to have it finished this year. I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to make a post about the game on facebook with a link to our page.
Your support in this case would be very appreciated; as passionate game designers and long-time SCP readers and fans, we would like to show the community what are we working on.
You can see the original forum post here, where you can read much more about the game, see the graphics, see the "making of" and much more!
Also, we have only recently made a facebook page dedicated to the board game, on which we would love to update the SCP fans about the status of the project. Help in this case would be very appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance,
Best regards,
[name redacted]

Unaware he was going to go ask anyone else, I replied as follows about two hours later:

Hey there, I'm at work but I've had a chance to look at everything. I know there's a lot of work put into it thus far, but I would really like to hold off on sharing it with Facebook until one of two things have happened: Either a playthrough video is available, or the project is ready to be purchased/downloaded/backed. I'll definitely help promote it, but I don't want to do it too early.

He apparently PMed Esko asking the exact same thing today. The game might be fine, but I have no idea based on what's currently available and I don't want to get in the habit of promoting every offshoot idea without being able to judge the quality of it. Just an FYI to anyone else on Facebook that he seems to be in a "Mom said no, let's ask Dad" mentality.

Request (DrClefDrClef, 10 Feb 2014)*

Can we put the official Tumblr, Facebook, TWitter, etc. on the front page, along with SCP International?

I'm not part of the IO Team, but I see no reason why we wouldn't do this. Directly above the SCP International block, perhaps? —Drewbear

I've been meaning to ask one of our image-maker golks to draw up some logos for such a thing. I'll get this tossed up once we have those. — Roget

Get in touch with Aelanna, but this seems like a reasonable request (and not a bad idea, honestly). — TroyL

Tumblr (RogetRoget, 22 Apr 2014)

As you've all probably noticed, I've left this team more or less to its own devices, because we've more or less been able to do what we do without much in the way of extra projects. However, I've noticed that the tumblr page has not been being updated regularly. I think this page was done by ghostchibi and scantron, both of whom are not currently available to give excess time to the site. So, does anybody want to take over or help out on it?
I'd also like to note that I thought I might have to say this about the facebook and twitter pages too, but those seem to have resumed pretty decent activity levels, so lets keep the pace up on those outlets.

- Rog

Survey (RogetRoget, 22 Apr 2014)*

So, staff have been thinking about doing a survey through our social media outlets. What do we want to do? Collecting the data for this would be a pretty big project, so I'm probably going to lay out a plan for collecting data and such, but for now I just want to hear any ideas any team member has on this topic.

I went ahead and made a quick one with ESurveyPro, which is the site that we used for the Heritage Collection poll. I can trigger it as open to the public at any time. Overview of the questions:

  • Gender (menu)
  • Age (menu)
  • Primary Language (menu, including an "other" option)
  • Country of Residence (menu, including an "other" option)
  • How'd you find us (radio buttons, including an "other" field)
  • Which of the officially recognized sites/outreach do you follow (checkboxes)
  • How do you engage in the community. I.e. read articles only, write, draw fanart, other, etc. (checkboxes)
  • "If you could change ONE thing about the wiki, what would it be?" (text field)
  • "Do you have any thoughts or concerns about the direction the wiki is taking?" (text field)
  • "What do you think about Staff and the job they're doing, individually or as a whole?" (text field)

Totally anonymous response, analytics that can be exported as a .pdf, can trigger or close it at any time. I have NOT opened it yet, pending input from other Staff

Got feedback from a ton of people in SSSC, including 3 other Admins and a significant slice of Mods. Survey was slightly tweaked based on input, and is now live: and shortened to

Close date is May 10 at midnight GMT, although this can be changed if necessary. Once the poll is closed, I'll port over the data.

Outreach has posted to all social media sites. Kudos to them for doing a quick and efficient job~! - Roget

Drewbear: Vlank reached out to me and asked whether the non-English sites could/should post the survey to their userbases, and whether that would distort the data. Since we're already getting a significant number of people responding that English is not their primary language, and a good number who state that they read/use the non-English wikis, I told Vlank to go ahead and let their people know. I also said that since the last 3 questions (the free form feedback ones) were originally geared towards the English wiki, to let their people know to put "Spanish:" or "Korean:" or whatever first, if they wanted to discuss the wiki or staff for that language only. I'll send any such responses to the appropriate wiki.

So yeah, let the non-English wikis know that the survey is open to their people too.

Deployed a mass pm to all of the international folks. - Roget

Drewbear: Survey is closed and data is in. Roget is leading the team analyzing it, we hope to get done in a week or two.

Twitter Inactivity (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 28 Aug 2014)

The Twitter account hadn't been updated in a little over two months and we couldn't track down who was managing it. I know it was Gaffney and Rumetzen but nobody even remembered the password out of the people I could track down. So I reset the password to the account and I'll be managing it for the foreseeable future. Roget has left me on as an analyst to the Facebook page's metrics but I will not be posting there anymore.

Thanks for taking over this one, bluesoul. The twitter was kicked around from person to person, and never really got the attention that the facebook/tumblr/etc. pages got. - Roget

Adding one person (RogetRoget, 1 Dec 2014)

Rhett's being added up to the tumblr page, to help out and give some additional oversight of what goes on there. That brings the active tumblr staffs to 3, with Roth and Soulless being the other two.

Wikipedia Contact Get! *insert fanfare* (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 5 Feb 2015)

Hey guys,

IO has been in contact with an editor on Wikipedia, Spirit of EagleSpirit of Eagle, who's an experienced contributor to that site, and is willing to be a foot in the door there. They want to work with everyone on finding sources and getting the site up to WP's Notability standards. They've also agreed to work with everyone to get the potential article itself up to the site's standard of quality and how we wish to be portrayed on Wikipedia.

I need to ask a huge favor of y'all, though. If they come in again with another draft, please ding a member of IO to communicate with them, or otherwise be patient with them and help them out. Y'all know how to reach me fairly easily. I've been told that the article they shared wasn't quite up to quality standards and a bit of a blowout occurred the last time they were in chat. I'm hoping to put this behind us (and SoE's expressed similar sentiments) and I want to move forward with getting us on the map. This is a big step, y'all, and having a foot (or extra foot, even) in the door can really help us.

Easy fan art access (BlarothBlaroth, 4 Mar 2015)

This report is for the use of fan art/images/media ect for the IO team to take and feature. All the original artists of these images have given us permission to upload their fan art to tumblr and facebook.

Try not to double post them. I will get rid of old links every now and then and provide new ones.

Link to fan arts. We are using my sandbox til I find a better place. Second tab, internet outreach use only.

Off I go to find more amazing people~

Deviantart hub page. (BlarothBlaroth, 6 Mar 2015)

It has occurred to me that we do not have a huge presence in the one place where we have A LOT of fans and amazing fan art.


Getting this more known will allow our fan artists on DA to get in touch easily. We will be able to answer any of their questions/concerns properly from here too as well as show off anything they might put forwards to us.

With this, we will easily be able to track artists submitting anything and ask them for their permission to upload their art to our other sites (FB/Tumblr)

- DA group live:

If any member of the IO team wishes to help admin this group, please contact Blaroth on site PMs for a chat.

TUMBLR FOLLOWERS (RogetRoget, 17 Mar 2015)

We've officially hit 3000 followers on tumblr!!!

Big congrats to roth, Fantem and Soulless for their excellent work on the tumblr. This is a terrific milestone and such.

This is awesome news. I'm really glad to hear that you guys have done such an amazing job maintaining and working with the Tumblr followers. I know Roth especially has been doing a lot of work over there, and I want you to know how much we appreciate everything you've done. Great work. -TroyL

tumblr theme (RogetRoget, 23 Mar 2015)

Roth has purchased a tumblr theme which allows users to share our posts on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. It's pretty good, so I'm hoping it can help the tumblr page grow that much faster.

Wikipedia Page is GO!!!! (RogetRoget, 25 Mar 2015)

After quite some time of working with Spirit Of Eagle, I am happy to announce that the SCP Foundation Wikipedia page has been approved, and is now up for good!

This has been a long effort, and I am extremely happy to report that at long last, this long-term goal of the Outreach team has been achieved. I want to give special thanks to Spirit of Eagle, for sticking with us and working with me even when people didn't understand what he was trying to do for us, and TroyL for giving us the support we needed to get this done. I'm very happy with how this came out, and I encourage everyone to check out the page and be thrilled with me.

And I'm here (DrClefDrClef, 3 Apr 2015)

Dr. Clef here. I've been made the primary contact for Internet Outreach. Getting caught up with how things are going here.

Things are going well. We just got a Wikipedia entry, and the social media sites are regularly hitting milestones. Recently, we've been discussing expanding to other media sites, like YouTube, and trying to expand on our relationships with content creators.

- CLEF: Got it. Do we have a list of who has the login information for our various social media sites? I'd like to make sure that everyone has at least one backup, in case of vacation or emergency. Aside from that, you guys are doing great. Have fun interacting with your communities: I think that's the most important thing.

Roth: Find Roget or myself for that information. I'm pretty sure only twitter needs login information for each individual person due to there being no admin (Add this person to admin) functions. Tumblr, DA, facebook and reddit all have admin functions, thus allowing us to access them from our own personal accounts when we want to. If you want a list of who is on where, hit up Roget.

SCP Reddit (DrClefDrClef, 9 Apr 2015)

So I've noticed that the SCP Reddit's "Tale of the week" has been "Don Ferreiro's Lie-Katana" for, like, months now.

Any plans to update it? If not we should probably cancel that idea and remove the link.

- Clef

SCP Of The Week and its art was done by /u/Nivek12 for pretty much ever, he seems to have stopped redditing. I can't commit the time to artwork but I am updating it weekly now.


SCP Italian (DrClefDrClef, 9 Apr 2015)

They seem to mostly be doing translations, but haven't really gotten that far off the ground yet. Any chance that we could talk to SCP International and have them do a bit of outreach and support? -Clef

Based off of their recent changes, they seem to just barely be active. The links off to the side make me wonder if they're translating us more for a creepy pasta site than for the sake of the Foundation itself.

Roget, do you know of anyone on SCP-I that knows Italian? If not, I can dig up my Cousin Vinnie have a few friends who might be able to help. -TroyL

I threw a few people their way in the past, but they never got effectively used. Dr. Leonard and one or two people I can't remember off the top of my head.

All right. Let's just keep an eye on them: no point fretting about it if there's not much interest in receiving help.

SCP DA group - Moved (BlarothBlaroth, 29 Apr 2015)

Our DA group has moved from site-77 to

This decision came after the owner of the SCP-Foundation group offered their group to us. We could not decide what to do with both groups, so we're shutting down 77 and focusing on the bigger, more established SCP-Foundation. As said, it is more established and has been around for 3 years. There was no way I was going to let them shut it down.

The original owner has passed ownership to me, but we've kept on all the staff from that group (Including original owner) to help us keep the machine well oiled.

Site-77 will be deleted in 5 days. Members of 77 have been informed of it's deletion.

Wikipedia DYK (RogetRoget, 10 May 2015)*

Just got this PM from SpiritOfEagle:

I have some very good news. After nearly a month in review, the DYK for the SCP Foundation has been approved and is currently in workshop (which is where approved DYK hooks are assembled into the blocks that appear on the front page) . It will be on the main page for 12 hours, and it currently looks like its time slot will start on May 12 at 14:53 UTC (10:53 AM Eastern Time)*. I'm very excited about this, and am hoping that it results in numerous page views.
-Spirit of Eagle
*It may shift slightly after it gets moved into the formal queue.

I'm pretty excited for this.

Excitement is shared. Is there anything we should do to prepare for an influx of newcomers, or is that unlikely at this point?

Also, what are the formal steps a guy could follow to create a Spanish page for the SCP Foundation? Just saying, I'd be willing to write it and add a subsection on the SCP-ES for good measure.

:3 - Reach

Wikipedia DYK Results (RogetRoget, 15 May 2015)

Another message(Bolding is me)

They recently updated the article view count on Wikipedia, and I thought you’d be interested in how many page views the SCP Foundation article got from the DYK. The article received 5,191 views on May 12 and 6,892 views on May 13 for a grand total of 12,083 views. When the article was first created, it got around 2,000 views from site members over the course of two days, so I estimate that over 10,000 people who aren’t members of the SCP community read over the article thanks to the DYK. This was the most viewed DYK I’ve ever written, and I’m happy to announce that it was viewed enough to make it into the DYK page view leaders by month for May of 2015. Its entry, as well as the stats I listed, can be found here:
My next goal for this article is to ultimately promote it to Good Article status (, and I’ll continue to work on and expand it as more sources are released. This is probably going to take a while, and unfortunately there’s nothing else exciting I can do with the article until it gets promoted. It’s been great working with you and Vince, and I’m sure we’ll be in contact in the future.

How awesome is that?

10K LIKES WOOOO (RogetRoget, 15 May 2015)

The facebook page has hit 10,000 likes!

*pops champagne*

Good job guys! I thought we wouldn't hit this until August, but we've really done a good job of being on top of posting and interacting with fans. Let's keep up the good growth!

Translated Article Policy on SCP International (DecibellesDecibelles, 23 May 2015)

I started a discussion here. If you have thoughts you wish to contribute to this, please feel free to do so.

4k followers on Tumblr… That's a lot! (BlarothBlaroth, 29 May 2015)

We hit 4k followers on Tumblr last night! And that is a LOT for tumblr! Nice work, tumbles team!

Overview of Various Translation Sites (DecibellesDecibelles, 30 Jun 2015)*

Notes: From 07/01/15 - 07/14/15 and on, this tool should be used to keep track of stats. Forum posts should still be done manually by hand.

Chinese staff can be found here. _Arthas_DK_ doesn't appear, Ground0 doesn't really go to the forums. M_Scarlet and ppp83221 are also staff. Counting articles for the Chinese site should be done by hand. Posts do not need to be done (unless you feel like the site's inactive enough to cause worry), nor do edits (those are impossible to keep track of). I don't know if there's a way to keep track of new members on that site as well.

06/16/15 - 06/30/15

Note: All of these stats taken from 06/16/15 - 06/30/15 were done both by hand and done in EST. Due to that, the stats from this tool will be slightly off because of a difference in timezones/locations (though posts are still counted by hand in the timezone of whoever does them).

07/01/15 - 07/14/15

Note: Starting here, all stats should be taken from this tool. Forum posts are done by hand.

Agent Neremsa does not match any existing user name
Dr FrogDr Frog
Dr KazeDr Kaze

DeviantArt Theft Policy (RogetRoget, 20 Jul 2015)

dA has made some questionable phrasing of their policies on theft in this post here:

Since we do have an SCP community on dA whom we would like to protect, I'm thinking we should monitor this situation to see what dA does next with their theft policies and, if there is theft of art from our users, we might wish to cease using the service and possibly migrate to another platform. This would only be the call if there is a threat of art actually being taken. Roth is currently keeping an eye on things for me. If anyone else has input on this situation, please let me know, as judging from the comment section here this is one of those sensitive situations on the web right now.

New tumblr blog (RogetRoget, 8 Sep 2015)

So user Senor BobSenor Bob has given me access to a tumblr blog he set up yonks ago but lost interest in maintaining. It's got about 8000 followers on it, which is about double what we have now. So, yeah, pretty cool. I'm going to defer to the tumblr crew as to what we want to do with this, as it's a pretty dynamic development that we could take in several directions. Link to the blog here:

Reshuffle (RogetRoget, 10 Jan 2016)*

Internet Outreach Team Update 2.0: The Newening

Now that other teams have adopted our structure, I feel like it's a good time to update how we do things to be more efficient. My proposal is to formalize the informal structure we've been using for awhile, while adding some other things that I feel are logical extensions of things we're already doing.

Vivax, Piefish and Blaroth are now Alternate Captains, officially in charge of twitter, facebook and tumblr respectively. Kens is the alternate captain of reddit but I don't expect him to do anything more than what he's already doing. Alternate captains are able to appoint junior staff and do full functions of the captaincy for their specific area of influence. The Captain and other Alternates still retain vetos on any junior staff appointments made by Alternates, but not the Captain. deviantArt will not be receiving an alternate captain as they don't really need the attention, although if others disagree or the situation changes somebody can be appointed to the post.

The translation wikis are not going to have any kind of alternate captain appointed and any action regarding it still needs the Captain to be in the loop about it. (This is the current status quo)

Two members of every translation site, of their choice, will be appointed as Junior Staff, giving a place on our org chart for people like Gene R who post on 05 but aren't really staff and it makes it hard to know where to place their input. It also allows for easier communication between the translation wikis and the main site. I'd like to have a new forum section created for them called "International Affairs" with links to SCP-INT as an archive and a link to the Extra-Community SCP Sites Guide. This would effectively override SCP-INT's usefulness.

Essentially this makes our social media sites more autonomous and allows us for more ability to take action if one or two people of authority aren't around if something goes down.

In addition, a future development team now exists to explore future sites to put our presence on. I have a few in mind already that we've been working on for awhile. Nobody is currently assigned to this team but it does exist and it will have appointments made in the future.

So the general outline of the plan is:

  • Alternate Captains for most/all sections of Internet Outreach
  • Translation Wiki delegates are Junior Staff appointees
  • New forum section on 05 for international wikis, subject to approval and implementation
  • Future development subteam.

Facebook user disruption 01/02/2016 (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 1 Feb 2016)

Linking from this thread:

There's been a lot of hostility from 2 users on Facebook as of recent: Vitinha Costa and Viktor Medina. The former has been cause disruption in chat as well as on Facebook and the latter has been causing disruption on the page and sending hostile messages to the FB page. Facebook seems to have banned the both of them by itself however we will keep an eye on them to see if they return. If they do, they will both be banned from the Facebook page.

DA was NOT hacked but here is the run down. (BlarothBlaroth, 7 Sep 2016)

Alright, so we recently had a hiccup regarding our DA page.

After investigating and poking around our page a person by the DA username of 'GrimboGrimbo' had accidentally been accepted in to the 'co founder' group by the DA user 'JetStrange'. The Co-founder group is basically an admin group which has a lot of control over the group. Grimbo has since removed himself/deleted his DA account.

I was informed that the little DA icon on our front page was removed.

I've poked around to see what the damage was… It's pretty heavy.

- All of our members of the group were kicked out.
- All of the co-founders/admins were blocked from the group (Including Roget)
- A note was sent to me from JetStrange saying that Grimbo had put the blame on them for the 'rules of joining' the group. The rules of joining the group were to read the rules, get the password in the rules and join the group with the password.
They had come up with this idea themselves.
- All art that was submitted/faved was deleted
- Settings within the admin areas were changed to not allow members/kicked out co-founders
- Icon changed to something weird
- Tagline set to 'KILL ALL JEWS AND N**GERS'. which was the first thing I changed.
- Past journals were deleted
- Faves were deleted

Everything is basically fucked and we're going to have to work up from a clean slate. I will be cleaning up the page for a day or so to get it back on it's feet. After that, any IO member who wishes to help maintain the page is welcome to do so. Just contact me on here, skype or FB.

If I have missed anything in this report I will edit it in later but right now I have things to do and I am rather ill at this second.

- Roth

Captaincy Shift (RogetRoget, 7 Oct 2016)

Until further notice, Blaroth will be the captain of Internet Outreach so that I(Roget) can focus on implementing the Grand Crosslinking project.

Facebook nonsensical messages getting ridiculous (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 17 Oct 2016)

Basically as our Facebook followers grow, the amount of nonsensical/RP messages is growing. We've decided that rather than constantly saying "Yeah we're not real" and then replying to all the nonsensical messages, we're just going to send out a first warning and then after that it's a ban. When we receive nonsensical/RP messages, please reply with the following message:

"Hello. Please refrain from sending nonsensical/RP messages to this page. This page is a strictly out-of-character environment. The staff here will answer questions relating to the SCP wiki and its articles. The SCP foundation and all articles are not real. Please be aware that further nonsensical/RP messages will result in a block on your account."

Any further messages after this should then result in that Facebook user being banned.

Go team!

It's over 9000! (LilyFlowerLilyFlower, 14 Apr 2017)

Cheesy title aside, the follower count for the serious Tumblr is currently standing at 9039, and continuing to rise!

This is great news for visibility, so go team!

Pinned Facebook Post (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 25 Apr 2017)

I've added a pinned post to the Facebook page explaining that SCP is not real and the page is OOC. I don't think this will stop the "Is SCP Real?" problem but it may reduce it somewhat if people see this warning before sending us a message. If they do then still send an RP/nonsensical message, follow the same process as before of sending them the warning message and then if it continues, block.

Response on SCPs getting a next/back button! (BlarothBlaroth, 3 May 2017)

We've had a very high response from our fanbase across all social media regarding SCP pages getting a forward/back button to the previous or next scp page! I highly think we should implement it. The reaction from the fan base has been higher than that of any contest announcements we have made! - Roth

IO Discord is now live! (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 13 Apr 2018)

Internet Outreach Discord is now live as per this thread:

This'll hopefully be a really good opportunity for the wiki to connect with off-site creators which could open up new opportunities.

Roget is busy. (BlarothBlaroth, 15 Apr 2018)

Roget is currently busy for a couple of weeks and has appointed me team captain until his return. - Blaroth (Roth)

IO discord report (BlarothBlaroth, 23 Apr 2018)

We held a meeting within our discord to discuss possible problem users:
Our system of removal of problematic users from IO discord will be: warning/mute/24hr/perma banned. Muted will be placed in a quiet channel with their own mute role. Keeping track of those who break rules will be pins in the staff chat of who they are, what they have done and any evidence also edited into their pin. Message deletion is currently turned off to prevent evidence being deleted before it can be seen.

Our system of inviting people to our IO discord will be:
A member of the IO team makes a suggestion of who we'd like to invite into our discord in invites-to-discord. The suggestions are voted on via the use of emojis and discussed in invites or staff. Invites are made based on our own judgement.

Each motion has been voted on and passed by the IO team.

Where the team currently is regarding social media and social page stats (BlarothBlaroth, 24 Apr 2018)

As of 22/04/2018

Facebook: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish , Tuomey Tombstone does not match any existing user name ghostchibighostchibi

Silly Tumblr: BlarothBlaroth Sly161Sly161 VivaxVivax EldritchCadenceEldritchCadence SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity RogetRoget Theduckman does not match any existing user name

Serious Tumblr: Sly161Sly161 Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave ghostchibighostchibi

Reddit: Tuomey Tombstone does not match any existing user name

Twitter: VivaxVivax EldritchCadenceEldritchCadence < Eventually.

Deviantart: subtleteasubtletea

Social media page stats:

Twitter: In the past 91 days we've accrued 904.9 K impressions. 5.5K link clicks, 1.3% engagement rate (on all tweets), 304 rts (3/day) and 1.3 K likes.

Silly Tumblr: 11,700 follows

Serious tumblr: 12,543 follows

DA: 506 members. 214,992 page views. 2,563 watchers.
Reddit: 106,283

FB: 31,120 people like the page. 31,299 people follow the page.

New IO gmail account (ghostchibighostchibi, 30 Apr 2018)

The Internet Outreach team now has a gmail account for use whenever emailing within the capacity of the team is necessary, at moc.liamg|hcaertuo.tenretni.pcs#moc.liamg|hcaertuo.tenretni.pcs. Currently I have ownership of the email and will be responsible for emails for the team, and Roth has the password if access is necessary.

Accessing the gmail account should be limited to only when necessary, since multiple accesses from wildly different locations will cause Google to lock the email.

- ghostchibi

Japan convention (RogetRoget, 11 May 2018)


The Japanese branch just had a successful convention where between 300-1000 people attended! Awesome work guys!

Soulless - New contact admin (BlarothBlaroth, 28 May 2018)

I have moved SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity from being a team member to a contact admin from here.

IO report - followers (BlarothBlaroth, 14 Jun 2018)

IO follower count report from Thursday, 14 Jun, 2018.

Twitter: 11.2k follows

Srs tumblr: 12,815 followers

silly tumblr: 12,817

reddit: 118k

DA: 527 members/2,634 watchers/220,274 page views

Facebook: 32,102 people like this and 32,325 people follow

Deviantart still appears to be recovering from the time we had a mod accidentally let someone in to co-mods who deleted everything. (See previous reports)

Everything else is striving forwards.

Previous report stats posted on Monday, 23 April, 2018

Twitter: In the past 91 days we've accrued 904.9 K impressions. 5.5K link clicks, 1.3% engagement rate (on all tweets), 304 rts (3/day) and 1.3 K likes.

Silly Tumblr: 11,700 follows

Serious tumblr: 12,543 follows

DA: 506 members. 214,992 page views. 2,563 watchers.

Reddit: 106,283

FB: 31,120 people like the page. 31,299 people follow the page.

Minor team change (BlarothBlaroth, 18 Jun 2018)

Dr. Kens and DJkaktus have stepped down from Reddit.

Bluesoul and Modern_Erasmus have stepped up to help with Reddit.

Modern_Erasmus has been permanently invited to IO team c:

New Captains and Future Updates (Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus, 5 Dec 2018)*

MayDMayD and Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus have been appointed co-captains of IO. We're currently working out our plans and goals for the team, and we'll make announcements here after doing so.

In addition, we'll resume using this portal to make reports about community growth, milestones, and significant events going forward.

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