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The Reports Archive is a page listing all the "reports" created by different teams. This page was created in the effort to reduce the amount of clutter in 05command as part of the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team's 05command Update.

Starting from 2014, reports were a communication method to send important information between team members. This was occasionally used, but within a few years fell out of style in favor of more efficient and private communication systems (such as IRC and Discord). It utilized a listpage module, which meant that all individual reports were created as their own pages. As reports fell out of use, they became junk pages, though a few contained important information. All reports, regardless of content, have been archived here for navigation and decluttering purposes.

All reports have been categorized based on which team they belonged to.

Individual reports are separated by a line-break, and the report's name is titled as an "h2 header." Alongside the name is the creator of the post and the date it was posted.

Posts that have had multiple authors or edits will only feature the first author and first editing date in their information. Pages that fit this description have a * located after their information.

Table of Contents

Community Outreach

Community Outreach (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Community Outreach Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


Newbie Guide rewrite (CrayneCrayne, 30 Jan 2014)

Just noting that I've written a draft for a new Newbie Guide (as opposed to a Guide to Newbies, which sounds like we need to know how to deal with them). Currently being evaluated by moose, Zyn and TroyL.

Notable edits:

  • Introduction tab rewritten to be an actual introduction rather than a rehash of the Site Rules.
  • Site Behavior retitled 'Site Survival Tips'.
  • Site Survival Tips edited to remove rehashed Site Rules entries, supplemented with things that were missing, and format adjusted for readability.
  • Tips for members retitled 'Good Membership' and edited for clarity and readability.
  • Staff Tab reduced to a list of staff by position. If a separate Guide to Staff comes into being, tab can disappear and new document can be linked from Site Survival Tips.

Sandbox Issue (bswhunter) - Resolved (ZynZyn, 15 Jul 2014)

Throwing this up for posterity.

Abacade came into chat saying that he remembered someone's sandbox apparently getting vandalized and user in question freaking out about it. After some digging, it looks like a false alarm, or potentially someone IRL playing a prank.

Matter has been resolved, but in case the name pops up again, keeping record here.


Sandbox Hub (and Chat Reminder!) (DecibellesDecibelles, 6 Apr 2016)

So three months ago, I created this sandbox for us to coordinate in case someone can't be on chat to talk about it. Contest ideas can go there, and if you have general ideas for discussion or want to bring up, put them in there too. If you want to even make a wall of text to comment on, do so! (I did one for Call for Reviews.)

As a reminder, if you're part of the team, when you go on chat, please join #site81 and set it for your ajoin! It helps us coordinate better. Also, rumetzen, kaktus and I are lonely there.

And finally, if you want to make a report for something that's noteworthy or of merit, feel free to use this hub to make a report. Don't be shy :)

Chat Topic (rumetzenrumetzen, 19 Apr 2016)

The topic for group tells with Jarvis is "c-outreach". Don't forget to sign up!


Disciplinary Committee (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Disciplinary Committee. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


Mission Statement (EskobarEskobar, 8 Jan 2014)


The purpose and mission of the Disciplinary Committee is, first and foremost, to prevent the breaking of rules. This is not to be confused with punishing people for breaking rules; while this is a part of our job, it is a means to a larger end.

Our job is to protect the creative environment of the SCP Foundation Wiki by policing behaviors that we have found to be non-conducive to that environment. We are expected to use our best judgment in deciding what actions, behavior, and phrasing on our part best resolve disciplinary infractions with the least amount of disruption to the community. Our actions should seek to support the best possible outcome even for those committing the infraction; if they can be made into productive members of the site, we should help them do so.

Our job is to make judgment calls in those instances where the rules are more subjective, such as applications of Wheaton's Law. We who are members of this committee are currently believed to have sufficient maturity and intelligence to use subjective rules to the common good of the site.

Our job is to enforce the rules of the wiki. When someone breaks our rules, we will issue warnings. If it needs to go farther, we will push it up to administration to determine if a ban is warranted.

Our job is to help users obey the rules in those instances where they have difficulties doing so. If the best way to do that is sitting down and talking with a problem user, we will do so. If the best way to do that is removing them from the site, we will do so.

Welcome to the Disciplinary Committee.

Psychopathic Madman - Resolved (SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, 14 Jan 2014)*

As can be viewed in this thread he is repeatedly breaking criticism policy and despite multiple warnings has not improved in his flagrant, snarky attitude. One-week ban by staff consensus.

Timer removed. — Eskobar

His account was deleted. Huzzah.

bravo104 (SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, 18 Jan 2014)

As seen in this thread he's been given a warning for repeated nonconstructive, snarky posts.

Schifter (EskobarEskobar, 19 Jan 2014)*

Banned for repeated harshness and snark in critique as documented in this thread.

Timer removed. — Eskobar

Zenoseiya (Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 22 Jan 2014)*

Permabanned for constant plagiarism. Threads here (forum) and here (chat)

evanocho (EskobarEskobar, 24 Jan 2014)

User evanocho made a series of ridiculous edits immediately after being accepted to the wiki, including trying to make himself a personnel file. User also was a member of the SCP Archive page and had made unnecessary edits over there. Membership revoked.

BigBadGreen666 (EskobarEskobar, 29 Jan 2014)

Posted and then reposted what was deemed to be a troll article. Membership revoked. Reapplied and was readmitted, immediately posted a different troll article. Banned for one week.

Timer removed. —Eskobar

TheMinecraftian (EskobarEskobar, 29 Jan 2014)*

Repeated, repeated shitposting with little to no actual, useful content. Warned via PM. Repeated shitposting after warning. Thread can be found here. Presently banned for 24 hours.

Timer removed. — Eskobar

Reapplied and accepted…. apparently he's 42?

DrBlack (EskobarEskobar, 1 Feb 2014)

Profound, supreme creepiness on the forums and sandbox from a user with no positive contributions to the wiki in any way. Warned, then continued. As per harsh penalties for creepitude, banned for one week.

Timer removed. — Eskobar

Dave Mike (EskobarEskobar, 2 Mar 2014)*

Repeated, repeated poor critique after both in-thread and PM warnings from staff. Given a 24-hour ban. After the ban expired and was lifted, improved temporarily and then declined into poor critique again. Given a week-long ban, evaded ban using sockpuppet Jack Nickle. Permabanned.

Vezaz (EskobarEskobar, 7 Mar 2014)*

After flagrant rudeness towards two separate users, deliberate disregard of valid critique by Site Critique members, violation of a stop order, disregard for Staff authority, and a request for a permaban, user was banned with no definite date for unbanning. Discussion thread can be found here.

[edit:] Ban was rescinded 12 December 2015.

DrSkyer/Terarex (EskobarEskobar, 14 Mar 2014)

User Terarex created a sockpuppet account for himself under the name DrSkyer. Under sockpuppeting guidelines (and accompanied by negative, although not necessarily actionable, behavior in chat) both accounts were permabanned.

Three Whole Admins? (Communism will winCommunism will win, 27 Mar 2014)*


Thinking it over, I'm not sure that requiring three admins to enact a ban is necessary. Our moderators are wise and trustworthy enough, I think, to have the assent of three of them be enough to make a ban happen, with an admin executing it. I think wanting the whole three admins to make a ban permanent, though, would be fine.

There could also be a provision for controversial situations, but that's more or less a given.


In the past, I've used members of the disciplinary team as stand ins for admins when determining initial bans. I think this is an excellent policy we should make official. Thoughts?


Twenty-three days without comment? I'm going to assume everyone likes my idea and enact it into law.


3 for perma and a minimum of 1 for tempban works for me.

DrGatsby/James Vale/Torin Blackguard (EskobarEskobar, 30 Jun 2014)


Link to disciplinary thread here and here and chatban thread here. User arrived months ago as DrGatsby and was warned quickly after joining, then dropped off the face of the earth. Earlier in the month, he reapplied as James Vale, admitted he used to be DrGatsby, and was readmitted. No incident until this past weekend, when he changed his Wikidot name to Torin Blackguard, made a series of low-content, almost spammy posts and received a warning from staff. After some more low-content posts, he made a "leaving" thread in which he loudly proclaimed that he was leaving the wiki. Shortly after that, he posted again in that thread to add an ASCII middle finger (that apparently included a dick?), then jumped into #site19 and did the same thing, then sent a PM to Zyn and did the same thing. Permabanned, with the possibility of review in six months.

you ban me? do you think i give a shit? i do not want to be a part of that site and i hope the scp-wiki burns in hell. fuck you scp-wiki.
………./’/…/…./……./¨¯……..('(…´…´…. ¯~/'…')
……….''…\………. _.·´

I can't discuss an ASCII dick and middle finger and not include at least one.

The #MENINIST shitbag (EskobarEskobar, 16 Feb 2015)

Multiple offenses under multiple different identities on both chat and wiki. Consolidated thread of offenses can be found here.

Sinclair? (DrClefDrClef, 12 May 2015)

Saw this on Tumblr:
No idea who this is, but maybe someone else can give some insight?

Disciplinary Addition (djkaktusdjkaktus, 23 Nov 2015)

Posting this to verify that I've added CrayneCrayne to the Disciplinary Committee. Honestly, I thought he was already a member, but I was mistaken. Making it official here.

Another Disciplinary Addition (djkaktusdjkaktus, 11 Dec 2015)

Noting here that Bouncl has been added to the Disciplinary Committee.

Team Reorganization (A Random DayA Random Day, 2 Sep 2017)

The team has gotten a shakeup.

DecibellesDecibelles has retired from her position as Captain.
Her successors are A Random DayA Random Day and ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor. Together they will co-captain the team.
We have recruited two new members, LilyFlowerLilyFlower and EldritchCadenceEldritchCadence, and are currently trying to figure out what people listed here are actually still part of the team.

See all the team's responsibilities, goals, and members here!

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to join!

Guide for Newbies Staff List Update (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 5 Jan 2018)*

As one of the opening moves of what is to be a laborious overhaul of the site's guides, CO junior staff VaraxousVaraxous updated the long-outdated staff listing on the Guide to Newbies to the most current information we had.

Belated Additions (DrEverettMannDrEverettMann, 21 Jul 2018)

Noting here that Jacob Conwell, Taffeta, ChaoSera, TuomeyTombstone and Accellerando were all added to the Disciplinary Committee back in March of 2018.

Scantron/Communism will win (QuikngruvnQuikngruvn, 13 Sep 2018)

Communism will winCommunism will win was permabanned with four Disciplinary votes (plus one non-objection) for excessive venom and vehemence one too many times. Details here.

Yet another addition (QuikngruvnQuikngruvn, 13 Sep 2018)

Tretter has been added to Disciplinary as of a couple days ago.

Forum Criticism

Forum Criticism (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Forum Criticism Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.



Harassment Team (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)*

This is the first written report for the Harassment Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.



Images Team (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Images Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


CC images on the Visual Records Wiki (RogetRoget, 12 Jan 2014)

Hey, Roget here. Once my team is fully assigned, I'm going to be giving some of you(or all of you) the responsibility of going through and finding the license for all the pictures on the Visual Records wiki. Famine and I have discussed several ways of keeping the images organized with their information, and I'm thinking tabs is probably the best way to go. We ought to also be doing the same thing for the artwork section. So, contact me and I'll give you the current situation on that, and once the team is finalized we can create a more thorough plan.

Current Status of visual records, as per my instructions given in my absence? (RogetRoget, 27 Jan 2014)*

What is the status on this? — Roget

Finished looking for sources for spectral. None of them are under copyright, mostly just images that are everywhere (ghost.jpg) or are artwork (that cat one, the author may still be on deviant). This may be just because of the type of image in that category.

Another thing you may notice: unless we can get someone to format the tables to fit, they'll end up looking gross. It shouldn't be that hard for people to find the image name (look in the URL of the image) and find it in the list. Probably should alpha arise it.

I've also been on a little deletion spree, mostly for used images on the site. And yeah, that's mostly it. -Accel

scp image (RogetRoget, 28 Jan 2014)*

I'll try to see if it's copyrighted, but if it ain't, then it's just the article's fault for choosing a recognizable image. —Accel
Doesn't seem like it is. -Accel

SCP-1678 "UnLondon" (RogetRoget, 15 Feb 2014)*

Got this PM from Nighkos.

Greetings Roget,
As Captain of the Image Team, I thought I'd bring to your attention an issue I've noticed recently.
A short while ago, I read SCP-1678: Unlondon, and really enjoyed it. However, while reading the discussion pages, I saw a conversation that concerned me. The third comment on the page starts a discussion between the author and another user about how "Both pictures are watermarked, just a bit of cropping should do it." The author later agrees.
After some reverse image searching, I've found the source of the two images:
This is a pretty blatant violation of the current image policy. I understand the use of some images is a "grey" area (considering how things are shared on the internet), and that this article was created long before the current Image Policy, but I feel cropping out a watermark without permission is a serious issue.
As much as I enjoyed the article, I realize the loss of the images would be a shame. Hopefully, the image creators can be contacted and a suitable agreement can be reached. If this has already been done behind the scenes, maybe Staff Post in the discussion thread so other hapless newbies like myself won't fret over this.

Sent a message to the dA guy:

I am Roget, a moderator of a collaborative fiction website called the SCP Foundation. Recently, we noticed that one of your images was placed on our site without attribution in an article. Specifically, this image:
We would like to have your permission to use this image. In the article itself, we can credit you for creating the image, either with an in-character link to your website, or a post in the article discussion page attributing the image to you. If you would like the version of this image which lacks the watermark removed, we can replace it.
I hope to hear from you soon!
(Link to the SCP Wiki

And the other guy in email:

I am Roget, a moderator of a collaborative fiction website called the SCP Foundation. Recently, we noticed that one of your images was placed on our site without attribution in an article. Specifically, this image:
We would like to have your permission to use this image. In the article itself, we can credit you for creating the image, either with an in-character link to your website, or a post in the article discussion page attributing the image to you. If you would like the version of this image which lacks the watermark removed, we can replace it.
I hope to hear from you soon!
(Link to the SCP Wiki

If you don't mind, I would really like to use your PMs as a template to message people that own certain images. But I was wondering; isn't any image that is up on the site forced to follow Creative Commons? Just attribution is ok?

SCP-550 "The Ghûl" (AccelerandoAccelerando, 21 Feb 2014)

As I was rewriting 550, I decided to look for the original image source for a better quality picture. I found the artist's website for the picture (was found displayed here, here's the artist's website), and emailed him about it:

This is Accelerando, a staff member of a collaborative fiction website called the SCP Foundation. Recently, we noticed that one of your images was placed on our site without attribution in an article. Specifically, this image:
We would like to have your permission to use this image. In the article itself, we can credit you for creating the image, either with an in-character link to your website, or a post in the article discussion page attributing the image to you. You may also request for the complete removal of this image from the article.
I hope to hear from you soon!
(Link to the SCP Wiki

They responded with:

Dear Accelerando,
If this article is not about my work, please remove the image.
Levi van Veluw

A bit of a shame, but oh well. I'll remove it from the original article. One of his works are also in Visual Records, so that's gone too.

SCP-1497 "Visual Perfection" (AccelerandoAccelerando, 5 Mar 2014)

TwistedGears was notified by Toxias of 1497's image source, which is a product on Etsy. I contacted the creator; will update this with a response.

This is Accelerando, a staff member of a collaborative fiction website called the SCP Foundation. Recently, we noticed that one of your images was placed on our site without attribution in an article.
Specifically, this image:
And this image:
We would like to have your permission to use this image. In the article itself, we can credit you for creating the image, either with an in-character link to your website, or a post in the article discussion page attributing the image to you. Either way, we're interested in providing people access to your product. You may also request for the complete removal of this image from the article it is featured in.
I hope to hear from you soon!
(Link to the SCP Wiki

Credit Report (RogetRoget, 11 Mar 2014)

So I have assembled a crack team of people with way too much free time on their hands, and we're going through the pages and finding any images which do not meet copyright. So far the list can be found here:

Anyone wishing to help, not just staff members, can go to site77 and ask if they can help. If anyone has any questions, ask 'em here.

Getty Images (RogetRoget, 17 Apr 2014)

[22:19] * Accelerando (~moc.rr.ser.iiawah.6C04EFB2-CRInys|odnoRtoN#moc.rr.ser.iiawah.6C04EFB2-CRInys|odnoRtoN) has joined
[22:44] <Accelerando> I've been looking up info about GettyImages, and I don't know what to think.
[22:44] <Accelerando>
[22:44] <Accelerando>
[22:44] <Accelerando>
[22:44] * Accelerando has left
[22:44] <Roget> weizhong, find out what we should think
[22:45] <weizhong> o7

research intensifies

[22:50] <weizhong> Okay
[22:50] <weizhong> Getty Images flips shit about people using their images
[22:50] <weizhong> But then sometimes they don't
[22:51] <weizhong> So we should stay away from using Getty Images at all
[22:51] <Roget> I agree
[22:51] <weizhong> Because they will threaten people with lawsuits
[22:51] <weizhong> Even if they don't actually sue
[22:51] <weizhong> This is kind of a shitstorm
[22:51] <Roget> .tell Accelerando since Getty images spazzes and is weird we're not going to bother with them
[22:51] <Glacon> Roget: I'll pass that along.
[22:51] <Roget> Actually I'll just post this on 05 as a report

[22:52] <weizhong> Throw in my caveat that they can only be used if they're embedded like they want
[22:52] <weizhong> I see their images everywhere
[22:52] <weizhong> I had no idea they were so uptight about it

Activity (RogetRoget, 8 Sep 2014)

So, as some of you may have noticed, the image team has had a precipitous drop in activity lately. I've sort of let it happen, because I figured things were going better than they appeared. It was only after discussing it with Devereaux that I realized that we were in sad shape. So I'm going to be doing a few changes to kick people into gear again:

  • anq is going to be working with me to decide who to keep among the current team, and who to let go, replacing those people with persons we hope will be able to do the work.
  • Following this, I'm going to be implementing some sort of solid date for when things need to be done, so that people can't think they'll do it eventually, and then never do anything at all.
  • I'll be taking a more direct role in the team, as I've been out of the main loop for awhile.
  • Visual Records is going to be given some priority, with the eventual goal of having it linked more prominently on the site as an officially recognized source of CC compliant images.

So yeah, I'm doing stuff again.

Understandable. I've been having trouble balancing work and extracurricular activities, which is why I still haven't finished 900-999 (though I'm at 970 now). I have no intention of becoming completely inactive, but if it comes down to it, I may have to drop out of the team once I finish. - Accel


This is going to be used to train some of the people we bring on to do images.

Questions for the new volunteers:

  • Do you have a wikidot account?
  • How many hours a week will you be able to spend on the project?
  • For how many weeks do you plan to work on the project?
  • Do you know what Creative Common license entails?
  • What is the difference between CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-NC-SA licenses?
  • When is something considered to be in a Public Domain?
  • Will you be comfortable sending emails to strangers?
  • Will you be comfortable contacting large corporate entities?
  • Did you use services like Tineye or Google Reverse Image Search before?
  • Will you answer questions from users about the Image Project or licensing status of particular images?

Resuming Imaging Work (RogetRoget, 26 Oct 2014)

We've collected enough volunteers that work should be resuming pretty soon. I'm going to be using this week to get everyone together, so that next week when anq is free, he can show people how to use all of the incredibly nifty tools he's designed. We've got about 5 usable volunteers, and if work goes well, I expect to have more to shoulder some of the burden. I'd also like to single out anq for doing some specifically excellent work to help out the team with his automated process. It's incredibly good work.

The Workers Have Risen (ApoplexicApoplexic, 22 Jan 2017)

The new index page for sources and attribution can be found here.

Progress is being made, but not at any incredible pace. Thanks to a specific feature Anqxyr recently (relative to this post and the previous) added to jarvis, the near-entirety of the work can be done from within IRC, and is fairly simple Roget already did this below. - it would certainly behoove us to try and refill the team ranks.

Internet Outreach

Internet Outreach (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Internet Outreach Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


Official Staff Off-Site Accounts (DrClefDrClef, 12 Jan 2014)*

Following a good suggestion, any staff members or writers who have off-site accounts relating to SCP Foundation, whether in character or out of character, should link to them here so Community Outreach can be aware of them.

General Social Media

User Network URL
Blaroth Tumblr
Clef Tumblr
Clef Facebook
Decibelles Tumblr
Dr_Kens Tumblr
Sophia Light Tumblr
TheDuckman Tumblr

Reddit Accounts

Add the usernames as they come up. Notify one of the following SCP staff for flair on the /r/SCP subreddit: bluesoul, DrKens, Riemann, weizhong

User Reddit Username
bluesoul bluesoul
Clef themocaw
Crayne AgentCrayne
Decibelles ErnulaxCuilan
Drewbear DrewbearSCP
Dr_Kens ElXGaspeth
Eskobar DEskobar
Gaffney HippieHippieHourah
Photosynthetic Photosynthetic
ProcyonLotor trythisonyourpiano
Riemann IntegratingMethod
Roget Rogay
TheDuckman TheArgentOne
weizhong weizhong5
Wogglebug Wogglebot
Zyn ZynKiryu

facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/What-have-you (RogetRoget, 12 Jan 2014)*

Bluesoul has been going out and creating official pages for the SCP wiki on facebook and twitter, and I think ghostchibi owns one which we could make into an officially recognized outlet. I'll be assigning one or more people to work on these, and they'll be updating them regularly with admin powers and such. I will be asking to have some sort of access to the accounts as well, but beyond that they'll be able to run them as they see fit. So, yeah, good job to BlueSoul and others. I'll be making a post on SCP-INT about these pages, and recommending that folks like the SCP-RU twitter and others crosslink to them, and we can crosslink back.

(Scantron) If we're setting up official pages on social media sites, I'll offer to run (individually or with others) whatever we come up with for Tumblr. I have non-trivial experience with the site's ins and outs, and I enjoy the community and format.

(Roget)Ghostchibi is currently the person I have designated to do the tumblr stuff, but if you want to talk to her about helping with it and she wants the help, I have no objections. You do know the tumblr-y stuff.

(Scantron) Will do.

Facebook Post Limiting (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 15 Jan 2014)*

Per discussion with Roget and Eskobar, we've all agreed we should not post to Facebook more than once every 8 hours. You can schedule a post for later by clicking the little clock in the lower-left of the post window. Try and keep things varied, some images, some recent SCPs, some site news, some classics, some tales, and so on.

Roget and I are both page managers and can add you to the FB Admins, you need to like the page and then we will need the email address tied to your facebook account to send the invite.

(from Scantron) Sounds good to me. Is a similar policy requested for the tumblr? I don't think overposting will be a problem (or that high quantity content is a bad thing), but I'm open to hearing reasons why it would.

I don't think so. — Roget

No, Twitter and Tumblr are different animals than Facebook, they need quantity as well as quality. Facebook, you run a real risk of spamming someone's feed and having them unsubscribe. Twitter could have a post every 10-20 minutes and you probably wouldn't bother anyone. -bluesoul

I've also specifically asked people posting to the Facebook feed to sign their posts at the end with their username, both for general reference and in case we need to contact someone about phrasing, clarification, etc. -Eskobar

Wikipedia and Notability (Communism will winCommunism will win, 18 Jan 2014)

(Scantron) CryogenChaos talked to me about this, so now I'm making this post. We've had The Daily Dot and The Toast write articles about us, and as long as our online profile keeps going up (which, given the other stuff this team is doing, I don't doubt), we're only going to get more formal and informal attention.

A Wikipedia article would give us an air of officially being a Real Thing, as well as being another way for people to get reasonably impartial information and resources about us. It's a place that just about everyone's familiar and comfortable with, so it's a good way of reaching out to the internet.

And if Containment Breach gets one, then so should we, god dammit.

So, this report is here in order to:

  • Figure out what we need in order to meet Wikipedia's notability standards.
  • If we don't already have that, figuring out how we get good sources to write about us, and to which sources we talk. Basically, if we're not notable, we make ourselves notable.
  • Deciding whether we want to exercise oversight over the article once we get it, and if so, what we want in it.

As mentioned in the 'Team Structure' part of our hub page, Voct and Aelanna are good people to get input from. This is just me saying "hey we should do the stuff in the structure".

Twitter (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 19 Jan 2014)

Gaffney and Rumetzen have agreed to run the Twitter for a while, best of luck to them.

Soulless added to official tumblr (Communism will winCommunism will win, 22 Jan 2014)

He volunteered, and he's good at it. And that's about it.

Wikipedia Page (RogetRoget, 27 Jan 2014)*

Somebody set up a Wikipedia page here:

I found it through the Wanderers Library. Judging from the edit history of the page, it was made by one guy, abc12345 or something, who also made the Broken God and some other wikis. It was originally, when I saw it, a very lackluster page. However, somebody seems to have gone through and made it better. It still doesn't cite any sources. Do we want to try and salvage the page by adding links to it? I know that rumetzen or someone made me a nice pastebin with all of the references to us people had made. If we could try and use those to salvage it, we could get the page up. Alternatively, we could talk to the Wikipedia admins here and apologize for our fans making these pages over and over, and maybe save the work this guy has done so that we could make the page again once we have enough citations.

A side note: if and when we do get a page to stay up, I'd like to use either far2's logo or the original Josie logo for our image.

— Roget

Well, before we put undue work into it, we should find out for sure whether Wikipedia finds the site notable enough for an article to begin with, assuming it has good sources. If so, we should get a copy of the page and put some people on the task of writing up a better article.

As for a logo, we should use whatever is up-to-date and recognizable. So, the circle-and-arrows one would be ideal. Nobody's used the Josie image for anything but O5's favicon for ages.

— Scantron

This is still kind of a crap article. We need to get more general in some areas (Fishmongering) and include a lot more information. I mean, containment breach deserves its own section and paragraph or two, but it gets a sentence.

I would like to see this expanded a lot. We are notable now. We just have to prove it. If someone gets together a list of all the websites that have referenced us so far, we can work from there. Include the spin-offs sites, including the ones that we didn't make, might also be a show of good faith.

— TroyL

I did a quick Google search and here're some articles & stuff regarding us.

01/2014 article:
02/2010 article:
04/2012 article:
01/2014 article:
SCP:CB Wikipedia page:
SCP-087-B game:
article about same:

— Drewbear

MC_Kejml (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 8 Feb 2014)

The user above sent me a PM back on Thursday as follows:

Hello bluesoul,
I am messaging you because I saw you as one of the admins of the Official SCP Facebook page. My name is [name redacted] and I have been working with a game design team on a SCP Board Game "Escape from Site 19" for nine months. The game is unique in its execution, being a synthesis between Arkham Horror and Activity and we plan to have it finished this year. I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to make a post about the game on facebook with a link to our page.
Your support in this case would be very appreciated; as passionate game designers and long-time SCP readers and fans, we would like to show the community what are we working on.
You can see the original forum post here, where you can read much more about the game, see the graphics, see the "making of" and much more!
Also, we have only recently made a facebook page dedicated to the board game, on which we would love to update the SCP fans about the status of the project. Help in this case would be very appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance,
Best regards,
[name redacted]

Unaware he was going to go ask anyone else, I replied as follows about two hours later:

Hey there, I'm at work but I've had a chance to look at everything. I know there's a lot of work put into it thus far, but I would really like to hold off on sharing it with Facebook until one of two things have happened: Either a playthrough video is available, or the project is ready to be purchased/downloaded/backed. I'll definitely help promote it, but I don't want to do it too early.

He apparently PMed Esko asking the exact same thing today. The game might be fine, but I have no idea based on what's currently available and I don't want to get in the habit of promoting every offshoot idea without being able to judge the quality of it. Just an FYI to anyone else on Facebook that he seems to be in a "Mom said no, let's ask Dad" mentality.

Request (DrClefDrClef, 10 Feb 2014)*

Can we put the official Tumblr, Facebook, TWitter, etc. on the front page, along with SCP International?

I'm not part of the IO Team, but I see no reason why we wouldn't do this. Directly above the SCP International block, perhaps? —Drewbear

I've been meaning to ask one of our image-maker golks to draw up some logos for such a thing. I'll get this tossed up once we have those. — Roget

Get in touch with Aelanna, but this seems like a reasonable request (and not a bad idea, honestly). — TroyL

Tumblr (RogetRoget, 22 Apr 2014)

As you've all probably noticed, I've left this team more or less to its own devices, because we've more or less been able to do what we do without much in the way of extra projects. However, I've noticed that the tumblr page has not been being updated regularly. I think this page was done by ghostchibi and scantron, both of whom are not currently available to give excess time to the site. So, does anybody want to take over or help out on it?
I'd also like to note that I thought I might have to say this about the facebook and twitter pages too, but those seem to have resumed pretty decent activity levels, so lets keep the pace up on those outlets.

- Rog

Survey (RogetRoget, 22 Apr 2014)*

So, staff have been thinking about doing a survey through our social media outlets. What do we want to do? Collecting the data for this would be a pretty big project, so I'm probably going to lay out a plan for collecting data and such, but for now I just want to hear any ideas any team member has on this topic.

I went ahead and made a quick one with ESurveyPro, which is the site that we used for the Heritage Collection poll. I can trigger it as open to the public at any time. Overview of the questions:

  • Gender (menu)
  • Age (menu)
  • Primary Language (menu, including an "other" option)
  • Country of Residence (menu, including an "other" option)
  • How'd you find us (radio buttons, including an "other" field)
  • Which of the officially recognized sites/outreach do you follow (checkboxes)
  • How do you engage in the community. I.e. read articles only, write, draw fanart, other, etc. (checkboxes)
  • "If you could change ONE thing about the wiki, what would it be?" (text field)
  • "Do you have any thoughts or concerns about the direction the wiki is taking?" (text field)
  • "What do you think about Staff and the job they're doing, individually or as a whole?" (text field)

Totally anonymous response, analytics that can be exported as a .pdf, can trigger or close it at any time. I have NOT opened it yet, pending input from other Staff

Got feedback from a ton of people in SSSC, including 3 other Admins and a significant slice of Mods. Survey was slightly tweaked based on input, and is now live: and shortened to

Close date is May 10 at midnight GMT, although this can be changed if necessary. Once the poll is closed, I'll port over the data.

Outreach has posted to all social media sites. Kudos to them for doing a quick and efficient job~! - Roget

Drewbear: Vlank reached out to me and asked whether the non-English sites could/should post the survey to their userbases, and whether that would distort the data. Since we're already getting a significant number of people responding that English is not their primary language, and a good number who state that they read/use the non-English wikis, I told Vlank to go ahead and let their people know. I also said that since the last 3 questions (the free form feedback ones) were originally geared towards the English wiki, to let their people know to put "Spanish:" or "Korean:" or whatever first, if they wanted to discuss the wiki or staff for that language only. I'll send any such responses to the appropriate wiki.

So yeah, let the non-English wikis know that the survey is open to their people too.

Deployed a mass pm to all of the international folks. - Roget

Drewbear: Survey is closed and data is in. Roget is leading the team analyzing it, we hope to get done in a week or two.

Twitter Inactivity (pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul, 28 Aug 2014)

The Twitter account hadn't been updated in a little over two months and we couldn't track down who was managing it. I know it was Gaffney and Rumetzen but nobody even remembered the password out of the people I could track down. So I reset the password to the account and I'll be managing it for the foreseeable future. Roget has left me on as an analyst to the Facebook page's metrics but I will not be posting there anymore.

Thanks for taking over this one, bluesoul. The twitter was kicked around from person to person, and never really got the attention that the facebook/tumblr/etc. pages got. - Roget

Adding one person (RogetRoget, 1 Dec 2014)

Rhett's being added up to the tumblr page, to help out and give some additional oversight of what goes on there. That brings the active tumblr staffs to 3, with Roth and Soulless being the other two.

Wikipedia Contact Get! *insert fanfare* (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 5 Feb 2015)

Hey guys,

IO has been in contact with an editor on Wikipedia, Spirit of EagleSpirit of Eagle, who's an experienced contributor to that site, and is willing to be a foot in the door there. They want to work with everyone on finding sources and getting the site up to WP's Notability standards. They've also agreed to work with everyone to get the potential article itself up to the site's standard of quality and how we wish to be portrayed on Wikipedia.

I need to ask a huge favor of y'all, though. If they come in again with another draft, please ding a member of IO to communicate with them, or otherwise be patient with them and help them out. Y'all know how to reach me fairly easily. I've been told that the article they shared wasn't quite up to quality standards and a bit of a blowout occurred the last time they were in chat. I'm hoping to put this behind us (and SoE's expressed similar sentiments) and I want to move forward with getting us on the map. This is a big step, y'all, and having a foot (or extra foot, even) in the door can really help us.

Easy fan art access (BlarothBlaroth, 4 Mar 2015)

This report is for the use of fan art/images/media ect for the IO team to take and feature. All the original artists of these images have given us permission to upload their fan art to tumblr and facebook.

Try not to double post them. I will get rid of old links every now and then and provide new ones.

Link to fan arts. We are using my sandbox til I find a better place. Second tab, internet outreach use only.

Off I go to find more amazing people~

Deviantart hub page. (BlarothBlaroth, 6 Mar 2015)

It has occurred to me that we do not have a huge presence in the one place where we have A LOT of fans and amazing fan art.


Getting this more known will allow our fan artists on DA to get in touch easily. We will be able to answer any of their questions/concerns properly from here too as well as show off anything they might put forwards to us.

With this, we will easily be able to track artists submitting anything and ask them for their permission to upload their art to our other sites (FB/Tumblr)

- DA group live:

If any member of the IO team wishes to help admin this group, please contact Blaroth on site PMs for a chat.

TUMBLR FOLLOWERS (RogetRoget, 17 Mar 2015)

We've officially hit 3000 followers on tumblr!!!

Big congrats to roth, Fantem and Soulless for their excellent work on the tumblr. This is a terrific milestone and such.

This is awesome news. I'm really glad to hear that you guys have done such an amazing job maintaining and working with the Tumblr followers. I know Roth especially has been doing a lot of work over there, and I want you to know how much we appreciate everything you've done. Great work. -TroyL

tumblr theme (RogetRoget, 23 Mar 2015)

Roth has purchased a tumblr theme which allows users to share our posts on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. It's pretty good, so I'm hoping it can help the tumblr page grow that much faster.

Wikipedia Page is GO!!!! (RogetRoget, 25 Mar 2015)

After quite some time of working with Spirit Of Eagle, I am happy to announce that the SCP Foundation Wikipedia page has been approved, and is now up for good!

This has been a long effort, and I am extremely happy to report that at long last, this long-term goal of the Outreach team has been achieved. I want to give special thanks to Spirit of Eagle, for sticking with us and working with me even when people didn't understand what he was trying to do for us, and TroyL for giving us the support we needed to get this done. I'm very happy with how this came out, and I encourage everyone to check out the page and be thrilled with me.

And I'm here (DrClefDrClef, 3 Apr 2015)

Dr. Clef here. I've been made the primary contact for Internet Outreach. Getting caught up with how things are going here.

Things are going well. We just got a Wikipedia entry, and the social media sites are regularly hitting milestones. Recently, we've been discussing expanding to other media sites, like YouTube, and trying to expand on our relationships with content creators.

- CLEF: Got it. Do we have a list of who has the login information for our various social media sites? I'd like to make sure that everyone has at least one backup, in case of vacation or emergency. Aside from that, you guys are doing great. Have fun interacting with your communities: I think that's the most important thing.

Roth: Find Roget or myself for that information. I'm pretty sure only twitter needs login information for each individual person due to there being no admin (Add this person to admin) functions. Tumblr, DA, facebook and reddit all have admin functions, thus allowing us to access them from our own personal accounts when we want to. If you want a list of who is on where, hit up Roget.

SCP Reddit (DrClefDrClef, 9 Apr 2015)

So I've noticed that the SCP Reddit's "Tale of the week" has been "Don Ferreiro's Lie-Katana" for, like, months now.

Any plans to update it? If not we should probably cancel that idea and remove the link.

- Clef

SCP Of The Week and its art was done by /u/Nivek12 for pretty much ever, he seems to have stopped redditing. I can't commit the time to artwork but I am updating it weekly now.


SCP Italian (DrClefDrClef, 9 Apr 2015)

They seem to mostly be doing translations, but haven't really gotten that far off the ground yet. Any chance that we could talk to SCP International and have them do a bit of outreach and support? -Clef

Based off of their recent changes, they seem to just barely be active. The links off to the side make me wonder if they're translating us more for a creepy pasta site than for the sake of the Foundation itself.

Roget, do you know of anyone on SCP-I that knows Italian? If not, I can dig up my Cousin Vinnie have a few friends who might be able to help. -TroyL

I threw a few people their way in the past, but they never got effectively used. Dr. Leonard and one or two people I can't remember off the top of my head.

All right. Let's just keep an eye on them: no point fretting about it if there's not much interest in receiving help.

SCP DA group - Moved (BlarothBlaroth, 29 Apr 2015)

Our DA group has moved from site-77 to

This decision came after the owner of the SCP-Foundation group offered their group to us. We could not decide what to do with both groups, so we're shutting down 77 and focusing on the bigger, more established SCP-Foundation. As said, it is more established and has been around for 3 years. There was no way I was going to let them shut it down.

The original owner has passed ownership to me, but we've kept on all the staff from that group (Including original owner) to help us keep the machine well oiled.

Site-77 will be deleted in 5 days. Members of 77 have been informed of it's deletion.

Wikipedia DYK (RogetRoget, 10 May 2015)*

Just got this PM from SpiritOfEagle:

I have some very good news. After nearly a month in review, the DYK for the SCP Foundation has been approved and is currently in workshop (which is where approved DYK hooks are assembled into the blocks that appear on the front page) . It will be on the main page for 12 hours, and it currently looks like its time slot will start on May 12 at 14:53 UTC (10:53 AM Eastern Time)*. I'm very excited about this, and am hoping that it results in numerous page views.
-Spirit of Eagle
*It may shift slightly after it gets moved into the formal queue.

I'm pretty excited for this.

Excitement is shared. Is there anything we should do to prepare for an influx of newcomers, or is that unlikely at this point?

Also, what are the formal steps a guy could follow to create a Spanish page for the SCP Foundation? Just saying, I'd be willing to write it and add a subsection on the SCP-ES for good measure.

:3 - Reach

Wikipedia DYK Results (RogetRoget, 15 May 2015)

Another message(Bolding is me)

They recently updated the article view count on Wikipedia, and I thought you’d be interested in how many page views the SCP Foundation article got from the DYK. The article received 5,191 views on May 12 and 6,892 views on May 13 for a grand total of 12,083 views. When the article was first created, it got around 2,000 views from site members over the course of two days, so I estimate that over 10,000 people who aren’t members of the SCP community read over the article thanks to the DYK. This was the most viewed DYK I’ve ever written, and I’m happy to announce that it was viewed enough to make it into the DYK page view leaders by month for May of 2015. Its entry, as well as the stats I listed, can be found here:
My next goal for this article is to ultimately promote it to Good Article status (, and I’ll continue to work on and expand it as more sources are released. This is probably going to take a while, and unfortunately there’s nothing else exciting I can do with the article until it gets promoted. It’s been great working with you and Vince, and I’m sure we’ll be in contact in the future.

How awesome is that?

10K LIKES WOOOO (RogetRoget, 15 May 2015)

The facebook page has hit 10,000 likes!

*pops champagne*

Good job guys! I thought we wouldn't hit this until August, but we've really done a good job of being on top of posting and interacting with fans. Let's keep up the good growth!

Translated Article Policy on SCP International (DecibellesDecibelles, 23 May 2015)

I started a discussion here. If you have thoughts you wish to contribute to this, please feel free to do so.

4k followers on Tumblr… That's a lot! (BlarothBlaroth, 29 May 2015)

We hit 4k followers on Tumblr last night! And that is a LOT for tumblr! Nice work, tumbles team!

Overview of Various Translation Sites (DecibellesDecibelles, 30 Jun 2015)*

Notes: From 07/01/15 - 07/14/15 and on, this tool should be used to keep track of stats. Forum posts should still be done manually by hand.

Chinese staff can be found here. _Arthas_DK_ doesn't appear, Ground0 doesn't really go to the forums. M_Scarlet and ppp83221 are also staff. Counting articles for the Chinese site should be done by hand. Posts do not need to be done (unless you feel like the site's inactive enough to cause worry), nor do edits (those are impossible to keep track of). I don't know if there's a way to keep track of new members on that site as well.

06/16/15 - 06/30/15

Note: All of these stats taken from 06/16/15 - 06/30/15 were done both by hand and done in EST. Due to that, the stats from this tool will be slightly off because of a difference in timezones/locations (though posts are still counted by hand in the timezone of whoever does them).

07/01/15 - 07/14/15

Note: Starting here, all stats should be taken from this tool. Forum posts are done by hand.

Agent Neremsa does not match any existing user name
Dr FrogDr Frog
Dr KazeDr Kaze

DeviantArt Theft Policy (RogetRoget, 20 Jul 2015)

dA has made some questionable phrasing of their policies on theft in this post here:

Since we do have an SCP community on dA whom we would like to protect, I'm thinking we should monitor this situation to see what dA does next with their theft policies and, if there is theft of art from our users, we might wish to cease using the service and possibly migrate to another platform. This would only be the call if there is a threat of art actually being taken. Roth is currently keeping an eye on things for me. If anyone else has input on this situation, please let me know, as judging from the comment section here this is one of those sensitive situations on the web right now.

New tumblr blog (RogetRoget, 8 Sep 2015)

So user Senor BobSenor Bob has given me access to a tumblr blog he set up yonks ago but lost interest in maintaining. It's got about 8000 followers on it, which is about double what we have now. So, yeah, pretty cool. I'm going to defer to the tumblr crew as to what we want to do with this, as it's a pretty dynamic development that we could take in several directions. Link to the blog here:

Reshuffle (RogetRoget, 10 Jan 2016)*

Internet Outreach Team Update 2.0: The Newening

Now that other teams have adopted our structure, I feel like it's a good time to update how we do things to be more efficient. My proposal is to formalize the informal structure we've been using for awhile, while adding some other things that I feel are logical extensions of things we're already doing.

Vivax, Piefish and Blaroth are now Alternate Captains, officially in charge of twitter, facebook and tumblr respectively. Kens is the alternate captain of reddit but I don't expect him to do anything more than what he's already doing. Alternate captains are able to appoint junior staff and do full functions of the captaincy for their specific area of influence. The Captain and other Alternates still retain vetos on any junior staff appointments made by Alternates, but not the Captain. deviantArt will not be receiving an alternate captain as they don't really need the attention, although if others disagree or the situation changes somebody can be appointed to the post.

The translation wikis are not going to have any kind of alternate captain appointed and any action regarding it still needs the Captain to be in the loop about it. (This is the current status quo)

Two members of every translation site, of their choice, will be appointed as Junior Staff, giving a place on our org chart for people like Gene R who post on 05 but aren't really staff and it makes it hard to know where to place their input. It also allows for easier communication between the translation wikis and the main site. I'd like to have a new forum section created for them called "International Affairs" with links to SCP-INT as an archive and a link to the Extra-Community SCP Sites Guide. This would effectively override SCP-INT's usefulness.

Essentially this makes our social media sites more autonomous and allows us for more ability to take action if one or two people of authority aren't around if something goes down.

In addition, a future development team now exists to explore future sites to put our presence on. I have a few in mind already that we've been working on for awhile. Nobody is currently assigned to this team but it does exist and it will have appointments made in the future.

So the general outline of the plan is:

  • Alternate Captains for most/all sections of Internet Outreach
  • Translation Wiki delegates are Junior Staff appointees
  • New forum section on 05 for international wikis, subject to approval and implementation
  • Future development subteam.

Facebook user disruption 01/02/2016 (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 1 Feb 2016)

Linking from this thread:

There's been a lot of hostility from 2 users on Facebook as of recent: Vitinha Costa and Viktor Medina. The former has been cause disruption in chat as well as on Facebook and the latter has been causing disruption on the page and sending hostile messages to the FB page. Facebook seems to have banned the both of them by itself however we will keep an eye on them to see if they return. If they do, they will both be banned from the Facebook page.

DA was NOT hacked but here is the run down. (BlarothBlaroth, 7 Sep 2016)

Alright, so we recently had a hiccup regarding our DA page.

After investigating and poking around our page a person by the DA username of 'GrimboGrimbo' had accidentally been accepted in to the 'co founder' group by the DA user 'JetStrange'. The Co-founder group is basically an admin group which has a lot of control over the group. Grimbo has since removed himself/deleted his DA account.

I was informed that the little DA icon on our front page was removed.

I've poked around to see what the damage was… It's pretty heavy.

- All of our members of the group were kicked out.
- All of the co-founders/admins were blocked from the group (Including Roget)
- A note was sent to me from JetStrange saying that Grimbo had put the blame on them for the 'rules of joining' the group. The rules of joining the group were to read the rules, get the password in the rules and join the group with the password.
They had come up with this idea themselves.
- All art that was submitted/faved was deleted
- Settings within the admin areas were changed to not allow members/kicked out co-founders
- Icon changed to something weird
- Tagline set to 'KILL ALL JEWS AND N**GERS'. which was the first thing I changed.
- Past journals were deleted
- Faves were deleted

Everything is basically fucked and we're going to have to work up from a clean slate. I will be cleaning up the page for a day or so to get it back on it's feet. After that, any IO member who wishes to help maintain the page is welcome to do so. Just contact me on here, skype or FB.

If I have missed anything in this report I will edit it in later but right now I have things to do and I am rather ill at this second.

- Roth

Captaincy Shift (RogetRoget, 7 Oct 2016)

Until further notice, Blaroth will be the captain of Internet Outreach so that I(Roget) can focus on implementing the Grand Crosslinking project.

Facebook nonsensical messages getting ridiculous (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 17 Oct 2016)

Basically as our Facebook followers grow, the amount of nonsensical/RP messages is growing. We've decided that rather than constantly saying "Yeah we're not real" and then replying to all the nonsensical messages, we're just going to send out a first warning and then after that it's a ban. When we receive nonsensical/RP messages, please reply with the following message:

"Hello. Please refrain from sending nonsensical/RP messages to this page. This page is a strictly out-of-character environment. The staff here will answer questions relating to the SCP wiki and its articles. The SCP foundation and all articles are not real. Please be aware that further nonsensical/RP messages will result in a block on your account."

Any further messages after this should then result in that Facebook user being banned.

Go team!

It's over 9000! (LilyFlowerLilyFlower, 14 Apr 2017)

Cheesy title aside, the follower count for the serious Tumblr is currently standing at 9039, and continuing to rise!

This is great news for visibility, so go team!

Pinned Facebook Post (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 25 Apr 2017)

I've added a pinned post to the Facebook page explaining that SCP is not real and the page is OOC. I don't think this will stop the "Is SCP Real?" problem but it may reduce it somewhat if people see this warning before sending us a message. If they do then still send an RP/nonsensical message, follow the same process as before of sending them the warning message and then if it continues, block.

Response on SCPs getting a next/back button! (BlarothBlaroth, 3 May 2017)

We've had a very high response from our fanbase across all social media regarding SCP pages getting a forward/back button to the previous or next scp page! I highly think we should implement it. The reaction from the fan base has been higher than that of any contest announcements we have made! - Roth

IO Discord is now live! (ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish, 13 Apr 2018)

Internet Outreach Discord is now live as per this thread:

This'll hopefully be a really good opportunity for the wiki to connect with off-site creators which could open up new opportunities.

Roget is busy. (BlarothBlaroth, 15 Apr 2018)

Roget is currently busy for a couple of weeks and has appointed me team captain until his return. - Blaroth (Roth)

IO discord report (BlarothBlaroth, 23 Apr 2018)

We held a meeting within our discord to discuss possible problem users:
Our system of removal of problematic users from IO discord will be: warning/mute/24hr/perma banned. Muted will be placed in a quiet channel with their own mute role. Keeping track of those who break rules will be pins in the staff chat of who they are, what they have done and any evidence also edited into their pin. Message deletion is currently turned off to prevent evidence being deleted before it can be seen.

Our system of inviting people to our IO discord will be:
A member of the IO team makes a suggestion of who we'd like to invite into our discord in invites-to-discord. The suggestions are voted on via the use of emojis and discussed in invites or staff. Invites are made based on our own judgement.

Each motion has been voted on and passed by the IO team.

Where the team currently is regarding social media and social page stats (BlarothBlaroth, 24 Apr 2018)

As of 22/04/2018

Facebook: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish , Tuomey Tombstone does not match any existing user name ghostchibighostchibi

Silly Tumblr: BlarothBlaroth Sly161Sly161 VivaxVivax EldritchCadenceEldritchCadence SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity RogetRoget Theduckman does not match any existing user name

Serious Tumblr: Sly161Sly161 Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave ghostchibighostchibi

Reddit: Tuomey Tombstone does not match any existing user name

Twitter: VivaxVivax EldritchCadenceEldritchCadence < Eventually.

Deviantart: subtleteasubtletea

Social media page stats:

Twitter: In the past 91 days we've accrued 904.9 K impressions. 5.5K link clicks, 1.3% engagement rate (on all tweets), 304 rts (3/day) and 1.3 K likes.

Silly Tumblr: 11,700 follows

Serious tumblr: 12,543 follows

DA: 506 members. 214,992 page views. 2,563 watchers.
Reddit: 106,283

FB: 31,120 people like the page. 31,299 people follow the page.

New IO gmail account (ghostchibighostchibi, 30 Apr 2018)

The Internet Outreach team now has a gmail account for use whenever emailing within the capacity of the team is necessary, at moc.liamg|hcaertuo.tenretni.pcs#moc.liamg|hcaertuo.tenretni.pcs. Currently I have ownership of the email and will be responsible for emails for the team, and Roth has the password if access is necessary.

Accessing the gmail account should be limited to only when necessary, since multiple accesses from wildly different locations will cause Google to lock the email.

- ghostchibi

Japan convention (RogetRoget, 11 May 2018)


The Japanese branch just had a successful convention where between 300-1000 people attended! Awesome work guys!

Soulless - New contact admin (BlarothBlaroth, 28 May 2018)

I have moved SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity from being a team member to a contact admin from here.

IO report - followers (BlarothBlaroth, 14 Jun 2018)

IO follower count report from Thursday, 14 Jun, 2018.

Twitter: 11.2k follows

Srs tumblr: 12,815 followers

silly tumblr: 12,817

reddit: 118k

DA: 527 members/2,634 watchers/220,274 page views

Facebook: 32,102 people like this and 32,325 people follow

Deviantart still appears to be recovering from the time we had a mod accidentally let someone in to co-mods who deleted everything. (See previous reports)

Everything else is striving forwards.

Previous report stats posted on Monday, 23 April, 2018

Twitter: In the past 91 days we've accrued 904.9 K impressions. 5.5K link clicks, 1.3% engagement rate (on all tweets), 304 rts (3/day) and 1.3 K likes.

Silly Tumblr: 11,700 follows

Serious tumblr: 12,543 follows

DA: 506 members. 214,992 page views. 2,563 watchers.

Reddit: 106,283

FB: 31,120 people like the page. 31,299 people follow the page.

Minor team change (BlarothBlaroth, 18 Jun 2018)

Dr. Kens and DJkaktus have stepped down from Reddit.

Bluesoul and Modern_Erasmus have stepped up to help with Reddit.

Modern_Erasmus has been permanently invited to IO team c:

New Captains and Future Updates (Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus, 5 Dec 2018)*

MayDMayD and Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus have been appointed co-captains of IO. We're currently working out our plans and goals for the team, and we'll make announcements here after doing so.

In addition, we'll resume using this portal to make reports about community growth, milestones, and significant events going forward.


License Experts (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the License Experts. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


On-Site vs Off-Site (DrewbearDrewbear, 12 Jan 2014)*

Although our primary focus will be off-site licensing issues, we also need to be aware of on-site issues as well. I'd like to avoid things like what happened with the Dragonsnails. We need to have an easy way for off-wiki people to contact us about on-site violations. I'm going to consult with the Tech Team about ways to incorporate a way, but here are my ideas so far. Feel free to add others:

  • Official licensing email (through Gmail?) that everyone on the License Team has the password for, the address for which is linked somewhere on the wiki.
  • Submission form on the wiki that goes to one of our wiki inboxes (probably the captain).

(from Scantron) We should implement at least two distinct ways for people to get in touch with us, in case one doesn't work for the person in question. Email and submission form both sound like good plans. And for the record, AFAIK, Gmail is as good a provider as any. And at least it's more official-looking than Yahoo.

Resolved - Haunted House SCP and Video (SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, 12 Jan 2014)*

There's a haunted house SCP and video thing and I don't see any licensing on it.

Link Here

Drewbear: I'd given them the licensing info in one of their earlier threads, albeit with regards to the actual haunted house itself rather than the online presence. I'll talk with them.

Scantron: Link to the previous thread, for reference.

Drewbear: I spoke with them and they said that they will update with the license info. I'll check again in a few days.

Drewbear: Just checked on 1/16/14 and attribution is up and good. Matter resolved.

Licensing Links (DrewbearDrewbear, 14 Jan 2014)*

Here's a list of useful links for reference & to direct people towards as needed:

Also, some generic language that can be inserted in derivative material:

Material contained within is based on the SCP Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.
[Insert links to specific SCP pages as appropriate]

RESOLVED - User seeking permission (DrewbearDrewbear, 14 Jan 2014)*

User Jay HawkJay Hawk PM'd me with the following:

I replied with the following:

Matter appears resolved.

RESOLVED - Hentai Foundry (MisterFlamesMisterFlames, 15 Jan 2014)*

Copyright notices for NSFW SCP-682 digital painting and this second NSFW SCP-682 appear to be in violation of CC.

quick Commission for Ulti
art done in photoshop, open canvas and sai with a wacom art(C) me

Drewbear: Turns out the artist has a deviantArt account as well, so I PM'd them there:

Drewbear: No response to the dA message and the original pics still don't have attribution after more than 10 days. Sending the following message to the email listed in her profile:

Drewbear: She responded, telling me that she removed the names and the pics could just be considered generic monster girls. Sounded like she didn't want to remove her current copyrights or add ours. But eh, she removed calling them "SCP-682" and they are generic enough. As far as I'm concerned, the matter is resolved.

CotBG wiki (DrewbearDrewbear, 15 Jan 2014)*

Someone made a Church of the Broken God wiki. It was brought to our attention with initial info here. Echo sent the following:

Drewbear: Aaaaand the wiki has been deleted as of 1/16/14. *shrug* The TVTropes page is still up, though.

Scantron: Eh, might as well let their people clean it up. Unless one of us WANTS to go take care of it, then of course they can.

RESOLVED - Google Play Apps, Pt. 1 (Account Deleted, 16 Jan 2014)*

RESOLVED - Possible foreign violation (DrewbearDrewbear, 29 Jan 2014)

Someone on the Facebook SCP group posted this:

Now, I have exactly zero ability to translate Japanese, but Google Translate says this is a papercraft thingie. They do provide a link to the Japanese wiki and an explicit statement that this is a SCP Foundation thing, but don't include any license info. I don't think they're selling them, so I'm not terribly concerned about license compliance, but I'd like to get someone who DOES know Japanese to check it out. International Team, can you reach out to the Japanese wiki?

Edit, Drewbear: ghostchibi looked it over and says it's a free papercraft pattern download, not anything for sale. So I'm cool with it and don't think any actions need to be taken at this time.

RESOLVED - CafePress (DrewbearDrewbear, 9 Feb 2014)

So I was web-wandering and stumbled across this guy and his merch:

Unless I'm missing something, none of it appears to be properly attributed, so I'm going to try to contact him &/or CafePress.

Edit: Sent the following to CafePress's email box for trademark issues

Just got a response back from CafePress's IP Manager. Apparently the above links are associated with the CafePress store TheFactoryOnline, which does have correct attribution on its mainpage. Situation resolved.

Snowy Games (DrewbearDrewbear, 12 Feb 2014)

bluesoul posted the following into the forums:

ProcyonLotor posted this to SSSC:
Contents are as follows:

Added: 20 January 2014
Created by: Snowy Games
Version: 1
Game description: Explore the hallways of SCP-2096, evade the monster within, and maybe, just maybe, survive. Made with Andrew Farnsworth's Demon Engine.
Tags: scp secure contain protect special containment procedures hallway allways

And his avatar's the SCP logo. The twist is SCP-2096 doesn't exist. So while it's not a direct connection like CB or the SCP-087-B game, it is generally inspired by the site. As such, I sent him this message:

Hi there, I'm a member of the SCP Wiki staff. Another staff member linked me to this as it's unattributed. To satisfy the site's Creative Commons license, we ask that you attribute work derived from the SCP site as such, and any product derived from the wiki must be licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 as well. Take a look at for a human-readable version on what using SCP content entails for a game. Good luck with the game, may you make many more. :)

RESOLVED - 966 Work (Account Deleted, 6 Mar 2014)*

Crayne alerted me to this. It seems cool, and the person doesn't appear to be claiming ownership. That said, I'll e-mail them in the next day or so with a friendly reminder about the nature of the CC License.

Greenwolf took a look, licensing appears to be in order for this page (and all the other, unmentioned, pages) now with linkbacks and the CC license at the bottom of the page. Marking as resolved. -Procyon

(Resolved) Google Play and SkyMidnight (Account Deleted, 13 Mar 2014)

RESOLVED - Creepypasta/Holders/SCP App (Account Deleted, 9 Apr 2014)

Sent this guy the standard "you need to attribute + release under CC" spiel.

Got a response:

I am sorry for don't having done it before, but in the next update I will put the credits to your website and the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license (attach screenshot).
I take this opportunity to tell you that your work is wonderful.

I'll upload the screenshots. Why can't everyone be this accommodating?

Teesprings and the Use of Unlicensed Art (DrKensDrKens, 19 Apr 2014)

Group has created a t-shirt based off of the posters created by DrKensDrKens with neither proper attribution to the original art nor the creator's agreement. (Teesprings has a clause in their Terms of Service that indicate that art used in t-shirts must have the approval of the original creator.)
DrKens has sent an email to Teesprings about the issue, and is now awaiting response.

Proposal On Areas Of Responsibility (Account Deleted, 26 Apr 2014)*

As it currently stands, this team is very disorganized. Near as I can tell, we just kind of check licenses whenever someone brings it to our attention, or if we happen to notice something. This isn't a practical way to go about finding licensing violations.

I think it would be more efficient for the team to create certain areas of responsibility centered around certain sites such as Google Play, CafePress, TeeSpring, etc. Once a week or so, the person tasked with a particular site would search that site for any SCP-related terms1 to check for any unattributed merchandise/materials. If you find anything, bring post it here and try to contact the vendor.

If anyone has any thoughts, contributions, or objections, that they'd like to make known about this, I would like to hear them. In particular, I'd like to hear suggestions about sites that should be checked frequently. Anything that is sufficiently large and allows users to submit designs/apps/whathaveyou would be a good start.

Tentative List

  • Google Play
  • TeeSpring
  • DeviantArt2
  • CafePress.3
  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Redbubble

- Gaffney

Drewbear: iTunes & Redbubble immediately come to mind. Also, this is a good proposal.

Cool. Also, in case it's unclear, we should continue trawl as well. Just as a supplement to the more organized searches.

Dexa I could get behind this. My biggest issue with this is the fact that I don't actually browse many sites outside Reddit and SCP and occasionally Tumblr. Actually being tasked to a particular domain would help me actually do my job better.

Drewbear: I also thought that we might want to set up a whitelist. Places/people/items/apps that we've already checked out as compliant, so we don't have to keep checking them again and again.

This sounds good as well. God knows how much time I've wasted checking out all of the translated SCP database apps that have all checked out.
- Gaffs

Alright, cool. So, now that I am benevolent overlord head of Licensing Experts, I think now's the time to put this into place. Unless anyone has any particular preference/sites that they frequently peruse, I'm just going to assign things semi-randomly. Let me know!

Form Letter for CC stuff (Account Deleted, 1 May 2014)*

[Generic Salutations],
My name is [name], and I am a staff member at the SCP Foundation. [One/several] of your [products/works] on [relevant website] [use/uses] content derived from works found on the SCP Foundation website. The direct link for the work is [relevant page link]. While we're happy to see people using work from our community, the Foundation uses a Creative Commons Share-Alike (CC-SA) license, as does all work deriving from works on the site. This means:
1. You need to attribute this content to where it came from - in this case, the SCP Foundation [and specific authors, if applicable]
2. Any material you create associated with or based on these works needs to be released under the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 license [include link to] it originated from. A link to the license should be provided as well.
Here is a sample attribution:
> Material contained within is based on the SCP Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.
> [Insert links to specific SCP pages as appropriate]
More information can be found in the link provided. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Additionally, you can talk to SCP staff on IRC; anyone on will be happy to answer any question you may have.
[Generic Ending],

I've been using something like this whenever I bug people on Google Play, and have found it decent enough. I thought it might be easier to use a form letter. If there are any changes that need to be made, whether for content or tone, please let me know.

Drewbear: Added a sentence with a direct link to the offending work. Necessary if we send this to the host rather than the content maker.

(RESOLVED) Tee Spring Thing (Account Deleted, 16 May 2014)

Crayne pointed this out to me

Sent a form letter.

Thank you for your correspondence.

The following campaigns have expired, and the links will be disabled:

So, uh, success? Not really, though.This underscores the importance of keeping on top of licensing stuff, as teespring seems to be very time-sensitive.

CC Whitelist (Account Deleted, 22 May 2014)*

THE WAY THIS WORKS: If you've checked an app/piece of merchandise that has the proper attribution OR you've contacted the creator of an improperly attributed app/piece of merchandise, and they've since correctly attributed it, put it here. Include the name of the work, and the relevant URL, if applicable.

Sign-up for sites is here

Google Play

Slendy SCP Mod by GuyFarting
Slendy SCP Mod (Ad Free) by GuyFarting
SCP Containment Breach 3D by INeedPlay
SCP Database by Vector

+ DeviantArt4

+ CafePress

+ iTunes

+ Amazon

+ Redbubble

Assignments (Account Deleted, 22 May 2014)*

Try to patrol the sites you're assigned at least twice a week. Put any merchandise that properly conforms to the licensing stuff on the whitelist.

Assigned Sites
Google Play (Gaffney)
Amazon (Eskobar)
TeeSpring (Dexanote)
CafePress (Scantron)

Unassigned Sites

(RESOLVED) Google Play App (Account Deleted, 5 Jun 2014)

Sent a letter.
They added correct attribution. All is well.

RESOLVED (PARTIALLY) - Oh My Dear Merciful God, Roblox (EskobarEskobar, 8 Jun 2014)*

I had never heard of Roblox before last week, but the admins of the CI wiki contacted me concerning some license violations regarding their wiki. Since their wiki is derivative of our wiki and most of their relevant content comes from us, I checked it out as a part of our licensing duties. Found unattributed licensing violations on all of the following group pages:

Since the Roblox Rules of Conduct specifically state:

Do not upload or use content that is owned and/or has a copyright, patent or trademark without permission of the owner. You warrant that you have permission to use any content or materials belonging to another person when it is uploaded to our site. ROBLOX will remove without notice any content that violates another’s Intellectual Property Rights upon request of the rightful owner

I clicked on the "Report Abuse" links on each of these pages and sent a variation of the following message:

Now, those are the small-fry people. There's also the SCP Foundation group, which has almost 4,500 members, which is also unattributed. I don't want to C&D them, since it's a bunch of kids playing a shitty Lego knockoff on the Internet, but it's a huge group, there's nothing even resembling an awareness of attribution requirements, and at least one of them is selling merch under the SCP Foundation group name, which looks hells of official. I haven't contacted Roblox about these groups yet. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Contacted the owner of the SCP Foundation group directly and explained the licensing requirements:

(Zyn addition.) One of the ROBLOX members, Xenien, appeared in #site17 to talk to Eskobar. ProcyonLotor notified me, and I spoke with them.

UPDATE: Several of the group owners that I contacted got back to me. Most were pretty dismissive or confused by what I was asking of them, but two groups, including the big, 4500-member strong one, did comply and added links to the wiki and the CC license. To be honest, it's probably the best we'll get from this particular situation.

(Resolved) Illustrated Creepypasta anthology (Account Deleted, 9 Jun 2014)

A user brought to my attention the existence of /creepythread, an illustrated anthology of well-known creepypasta. It includes illustrations based off of SCP-231 and SCP-1192. These things are being sold for $15 a pop, and there's no indication that CC licensing requirements have been followed. I sent an e-mail to Peter Schmidt, the guy at whose site the things are being sold, telling him about CC stuff, but emphasizing that we're not trying to shut him down. I'll keep everyone posted.

I got a reply:

Thanks a lot [Gaffs],
I appreciate the info and the check in as well as the well wishes.
I can assure you that the printed books attribute the SCP articles to the SCP foundation in specific and in general and with links. We will make sure to edit the attribute page if there are any further printings, just copy/pasting your attributions wording to be on the safe side. Also, just because we want to be as accommodating as possible I will edit the store and the tumblr page to contain the creative commons copyright info and a link to the scp wiki
Thanks again, I really do appreciate your contacting us
I hope you're well. Keep doing what you're doing, cuz SCP is the fucking ballerest

It also appears that they've added an attribution page to the storefront with the CC licensing stuff.

(Resolved) "The SCP Series One: The Collected Works of the SCP Foundation" (EskobarEskobar, 18 Aug 2014)

We took care of this last week, but just thought I would post it so it's clear. Jack Whelan put an ebook version of SCPs 1-999 up on Amazon last week, and some concerns were raised that the book's contents weren't making enough of an effort to clarify the authorship/ownership/licensing terms of the wiki. Whelan got in touch with us in chat, we explained CC-BY-SA 3.0 attribution requirements, he explained that the attribution page on the ebook got lost in conversion (which Kens confirmed was a thing that happens a lot with conversions from .epub to .mobi and others). The page on Amazon now very specifically credits the Foundation and lists the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, and the text of the ebook does as well.

Hentai Foundry, again (DrewbearDrewbear, 23 Jun 2014)*

I'm catching up on PMs from the last week or so and got one from Licensing IssueLicensing Issue5 reporting that there's another violation on Hentai Foundry at:

I absolutely will NOT try that link while I'm at work, so can someone check this out, please?

Gaffs: The license is listed as "Berne Convention." So yeah, they need to fix that shit. Since you already have an account, do you want to message them?

Many thanks to Athena for plumbing the… murky depths of Hentai Foundry and drafting up an email for me to send. Artist has been contacted, will update with response.- Procyon

As of today (17/01/2016), the artist has received (in chronological order) a full email, a Tumblr message along the line of 'oi check your email', and I just reposted the email on the pic's comment section. Will give him a few days, but if he doesn't reply we can assume he's received our message, and move on to the next step - Athena

SCP-238 Game on Greenlight (Account Deleted, 24 Jun 2014)*

I was directed to the following by a user. I left a comment under my steam handle informing them of the obligations of the CC license. Strangely, the tumblr claimed that the game was licensed under a CC 4.0 BY-NC-ND agreement. I informed them that, no, that was not the case. I'll keep everyone posted.

New comment: "ok I go change all page's and remove all SCP contents" For the record, nothing appears to have changed.

Update 13/01/2016: They've moved the game's Tumblr page to a new URL. Of note is the second-latest post, which (as far as I can tell; the author apparently is not very proficient English speaker) states that the developers are planning to de-SCP the game, changing both the name and the story. At the same time, the Tumblr page still uses the SCP logo everywhere and has part of 238's text in the "Story" page, and the Steam page is basically unchanged.

The Steam page for the game was last updated on 3 Jul, 2014, and all the posts on the Tumblr page are listed as being from "1 year ago". The (main?) developer's Steam profile says they're still currently active there, though.

(As a side note, according to that Steam profile the developer is French. Maybe we could get someone who speaks French to talk them through Licensing?) - Athena

RESOLVEDish - Ebay SCP Buttons (EskobarEskobar, 28 Jun 2014)*

Blaroth pointed me at this guy who's selling SCP buttons, four for $7.

  • User identified in his PM to Blaroth as "Gavriel Discordia Episkopos" and said "We are Raising Funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation via Ebay with SCP logos under CC 3.0 of course. We hope this is a viable and acceptable situation for all involved. We are not a part of the SCP writing community but fans of the wiki who have actually read through hundreds of SCP files. THX"
  • Page has attribution to CC but no literal link to the wiki or actual clear-cut statement that the wiki is fictional. Also has no mention of the artists who created the logos in question, primarily because the guy had no idea who they were. However, he did say "We would be glad to add anyone who wants appropriate credit…"
  • Guy is also donating 25% of the proceeds of the buttons to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, if that's relevant at all. I'm a little put off that he describes it as "raising funds for EFF" when so comparatively small a part of the proceeds are going to that cause, but I leave that for others to worry about. He also said in his message that he could "increase the donation amount to 50% if need be."
  • He does not seem to desire nor advertise this as a wiki- or staff-endorsed product, so that's not a concern.
  • He also offered to "send packs to core staff," whoever that means. I'm not sure if I'd feel appropriate doing that since they're items for sale for fundraising for charity, but I'm just putting it forward.
  • I contacted him via Facebook regarding the need for further CC attribution to the wiki:

Hi, this is Eskobar from the licensing team. I'm forwarding this to the other staff to discuss, but I can tell you that 1) staff tend to be wary of people selling SCP merchandise for revenue or profit (I don't know what your expenses were in producing these); this means that while you do have every legal right to sell these under CC-BY-SA 3.0, I can't promise that the senior staff will be supportive of the endeavor; and 2) while you have mentioned the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license in the listing, we would ask that you also list the URL of the website,, so as to attribute the SCP concept to the wiki itself. Roth can work on getting in touch with the SCP logo artists (I have no idea whatsoever who they are) so you can attribute them as well.
Thanks for getting in touch with us,
Moderator, SCP Foundation wiki

While the dude only has two of the three things we need (Far2 attribution for logo, CC mention, but no wiki backlink) the sale's been over for almost a year and a half now, and I think at this point it's the best we'll get. You can no longer buy these things, so any pursuit would just be tilting at windmills. Marking as resolved. -ProcyonLotor

Another SCP film (EskobarEskobar, 8 Jul 2014)

Facebook user Adam Colgan asked via the Facebook page:

A few friends and I want to make a short film. And idea that came up was possibly doing a movie based off of the SCP website. We were wondering your thoughts and policies on this. We would attribute all stories to the respective authors and the scp site.

I replied:

Long answer: The SCP Foundation and all accompanying works are posted under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license. The whole text of the license is at If you're really looking to CYA, you can read over that, though we have more convenient versions as listed below.
Medium-length answer: We have a licensing guide at that details the requirements of derivatives to keep up with Creative Commons requirements. I advise anyone who wants to make an SCP derivative to read that guide regardless.
Short answer: In your film, preferably in the credits but at the very least in the description to any version of the film (like the YouTube description area, for instance), you must give credit to the SCP wiki at and the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license that all SCP Foundation works are written under at the link listed above. We would /prefer/ it if you specifically credited any SCP, tale, or work that you use by name and author; if you have any questions about contacting authors of works you want to use, you can ask us and we'll poke around to see if any of the authors involved are still around.
Feel free to ask any more questions as they arise!
Moderator, SCP Foundation wiki

Will update as/if the situation develops.

RESOLVED - Sugar Pill ID badges (EskobarEskobar, 18 Aug 2014)

Chibi pointed me at these guys over at Sugar Pill who are producing SCP Foundation ID badges. Pretty cool thing, but has no CC attribution. I used their on-site messaging app to get in touch with them:

Awaiting response. Received response.

The issue is considered resolved.

Amazon Music Unlicensed (SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, 18 Aug 2014)

Here is an MP3 being sold on amazon, which is pretty cool but lacks CC compliance.

Here is a different MP3 being sold on amazon, which is also pretty cool but also lacks CC compliance.

Sorry I couldn't really find much more info.

I saw those a while back. They were put on there forever ago and I didn't figure there was much hope of getting in contact with the original poster. — Eskobar

In accordance with standing orders from the Team Captain, as well as an inability to contact the content creators otherwise, a takedown has been requested via Amazon. -ProcyonLotor

(RESOLVED) Wattpad (EskobarEskobar, 22 Aug 2014)

Users Snowykzero and "TheSCPSeries" on Wattpad, which appears to be some kind of microfiction/flash fiction self-publishing repository, have been busy bees. Specifically, they've been busy copying works (Tales and SCPs, respectively) from the wiki onto Wattpad under their names. The former have "dedicated" the works to their original authors; the latter has added little postscripts called "Ask the SCP" in which they do a fanfictiony Q&A with the SCP in question:

Q: How did you feel when you got captured? [to SCP-173]


Nary an attribution or discussion of license to be had.

TheSCPSeries plagiarized in whole SCPs 106, 714, 682, 173, 096, 049, 513, 087 (the text of which is plagiarized in whole, TWICE, in a separate story).

Snowykzero plagiarized in whole the tales "Slumbering" by Zyn, "Six Days" by Ludavex Ayanami, "Last Meetings" by Jacob Conwell, "Correspondence" by GrandEnder, "Wasteland" by DrGerald, "The End" by Gaffney, "A Lovely Day in the Garden" by Comwilson, "Loyal to the Cause" by Erku, "Friday" by Djoric, "Pitter-Patter" by Corerosion, "Broken?" by Boa Noah, "Faceless" by Anonymouse99, and "Bending Over Backwards" by Bennings.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed, but in the morning, I will investigate how to begin to…remedy this licensing…oversight.

Zyn edit: I submitted a copyright violation report. Here's the contents of the message:

Update: got a reply from the Wattpad Help Center. Very helpful, my goodness.

I sent the following replies, with lots of help from Esko in chat:

Also, submitted a ticket regarding the other plagiarizer:

Edit 08/25/14: Wattpad got back to me, and all of the works by TheSCPSeries containing plagiarized content have been removed. Snowykzero still has several plagiarized works up, but I've continued the support ticket and hopefully the staff will get to it soon.

The message I received was as follows:

Thank you, they have all been removed. Please let us know if you experience this in the future and we will assist you right away.

Your Wattpad Support Team

These staff are pretty great.

Edit II: Heard back from support team. All plagiarized works reported have been removed. Also, looks like Snowykzero isn't on the site anymore.

Issue is resolved, looks like. —Zyn

Edit 08/26/14 Coony found this. Apparently TheSCPSeries re-added plagiarized content, for 173, 049, and 106. I sent the following support ticket:

Here we go again…

Anyway, I also noticed that TheSCPSeries account person posted a comment, saying "Okay, so I just found out that all the SCP question books have been deleted, so I'm starting them again with a fresh start, so ask some random questions if you have any! :) I'm really going to need them."

Since I have a wattpad account now (force of necessity…) I posted the following response: "TheSCPSeries, the reason the SCP question books were deleted is because you took content directly from the SCP Foundation wikidot site without giving proper attribution/credit. Essentially, you were plagiarizing the material and that was reported. I'm a moderator on the SCP site, and if you'd like, I'd be happy to walk you through the proper attribution/copyright-compliant process. If you'd like proof that I'm actually Zyn from the mainsite, I can provide that as well."

We'll see how this goes…

Edit 2: And I broke radio silence to post on their profile page. They cited the work using MLA format, even after I told them how to properly attribute and linked them the licensing guide. Also, they included the additional text "CITATION BITCH" (sic).

Guess we're dealing with middle school kids. I'll keep an eye on them, but I'm not overly hopeful.

08/27/14 After that rather immature initial response, the plagiarized work has been taken down, and a new SCP-049 asks thing has been put up with the preface:

"Okay, the previous question books have been deleted due to me plagiarising from the SCP wiki site and I'm going to say I'm truly sorry for taking work without crediting, so here we are again, with a fresh start on the questionnare books for the SCPs and I hope you guys will enjoy it! <3 ~Mill xx"

I posted a comment, since they're still using site content and they seem to have deleted my other licensing comments:

"For proper licensing, all you need to do is have a statement like "this work is based on "SCP-049 - The Plague Doctor" by Gabriel Jade:, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 ( "

That said, I hope you enjoy writing more SCP asks material, and I'm glad you enjoy reading the site. Licensing can be a complicated issue to deal with. Feel free to ask SCP site staff if you have any further questions."

I'm not going to push on the whole "Oh yeah, and please do ask some questions to our SCPs below, we don't care how random they are… JUST ASK THEM SOMETHING. :D" bit on the profile, since these individuals do seem rather young and probably didn't know what they were doing. CB is just that cool, I guess.

Will keep an eye on from now on, but issue seems resolved.

Russian SCP movie Indiegogo (EskobarEskobar, 23 Aug 2014)

Link here. Basically what it says in the title; an unnamed Russian group is trying to raise between $10,000 and $100,000 for a film, which will be of some length depending on exactly how much they actually raise. They have, in twelve days of having the fundraiser up, acquired approximately none monies. As such, I'll refrain from contacting them about CC-BY-SA 3.0 until they seem to show some signs of more development (as per prior instruction).

UPDATE: As of the end of their campaign on 20 September 2014, they had raised a grand total of precisely none monies. I think problem resolved?

Trailer here.

This sounds very familiar. Did these same people try this same thing last year, with the same results? —Drewbear

RESOLVED - GlennLeroi (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 1 Sep 2014)

Dude has a hell of a lot of SCP-based songs. Sent him a letter with the song and dance about attribution. Will update.

Got the following response on Sunday:

Hi, I'm not really into the CC-SA license, so do I have to edit all the songs then like this?
Material contained within is based on the SCP Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

Show less

I responded:

+GlennLeroi"[Name of work] is based on "[Name of SCP]" by "[Name of Author]" (link to SCP)and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license ("Just stick that in the description and everything will be a-okay!

e: Much belated checkup by Procyon- I investigated a good number of his videos, and all were in line. I'm comfortable calling this a wrap.

SCP-173 Licensing Hoedown Part I (Redbubble) (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 10 Sep 2014)

Got a response:

Given that they don't have a leg to stand on with regards to the counternotice, this will hopefully be the end of this particular issue. Americium241 has a bunch of other unattributed merchandise derived from SCP Foundation stuff, but that's for another time.

Further comment here: I got a message from the person who owns the store. I have redirected them to Gaffsey, but their concern is as follows: Some of the things taken down were their own drawings of SCP-173. The question is, then, does calling it SCP-173 on the shirt amount to a breach or would just having the image be fine? Or what is fine? Or is ANYTHING fine?

If they don't get in touch with your Gaffs, I'll repost their message here.


I will hash it out on SSSC when I get a chance. However Kato said "I won’t complain about you and SCP foundation using my sculpture's image unless it is used for commercial purposes." While this may be referring to the specific photo taken by Keisuke Yamamoto, it seems very unlikely. I am of the opinion that Kato would not want any representations of Untitled 2004 being used for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the note on the page says

This sculpture and its likeness may not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances

Not "SCP-173 and its likeness." This sculpture.

I suppose that they could remove all references to SCP-173 and claim that the design for the not-173 emerged fully-formed from their head, but that would be blatantly dishonest and easily disprovable.

Most everything else on the wiki is fair game (although if you're going with visual representations, please go with something that we've been able to source, like the dragon snails), so long as it's properly sourced. If Americium241 follows the licensing guidelines and properly license and attributes everything, then I have no beef with him.

tl;dr: My opinion is representations of SCP-173/Untitled 2004, even if you fail to label it as such. Otherwise, the policy on derivative stuff remains the same.

- Gaffs

I'd say that anything obviously based on Untitled 2004, whether the original pic or a drawing or whatever, counts and should be excluded from commerciality.

— Drewbear

Alright. All that's well and good, but here's the million dollar question: is it our job to track those down? We're supposed to be policing people that aren't following the CC licensing for us. This image was available on the internet for years before that. Hell, the picture itself was being spread as a "creepy picture" before 173's inception.

Is it our job to go after people using the image?

I, personally, tend to think that that level of duty isn't out job, guys. We have permission to use the image, and others are flaunting that use. Adaptations of the image aren't CC, either, since the picture hasn't been released as CC. We're getting in a very murky place here, guys, and this is a ridiculous amount of work you're wanting to undertake.

I don't think that the number of commercially-available SCP-173-related things is really that high, and I'd just as soon try to cover our asses. I mean, the most likely option is that the people selling 173-related stuff were unaware of the whole situation; it wasn't until this summer that we even bothered to mention "oh yeah, this isn't CC." So yeah, I think that we're within our bounds to ask people to take down 173 stuff that they're selling, or at least updating them on the situation.

On an unrelated note, I got into contact with Americium241.


RESOLVED SCP-173 Licensing Hoedown Part II (Etsy) (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 10 Sep 2014)

Someone made a SCP-173 plush. It wasn't attributed. It seems cool, and normally I'd just tell them to attribute the dang thing. However, it's of 173, so… yeah…

I'll let people know when I get a response.

It was taken down.

RESOLVED - SCP T-shirt (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 21 Sep 2014)

A guy made a thing. I posted in the thread telling him to read the licensing guide and to properly license it. Will update when things happen.

This either no longer exists or never happened in the first place. Either way, pursuing a reddit thread where nothing actually happened is not worth the time or effort involved. Marking as resolved. -Procyon

More Redbubble Stuff (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 4 Oct 2014)

There's some stuff on redbubble that a) uses 173 b) doesn't correctly attribute us. here and here. I sent the following:

Hello stroblmark/sugoitee,

I'm a moderator at the SCP Foundation website. One of your pieces "here": uses SCP-173. This piece of merchandise is problematic in two ways. First, it is not properly licensed. The SCP Foundation operates under the "Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license": What this means is that all work deriving from SCP Foundation content must a) properly attribute the author b) be released under the same license. Your work does neither. Please fix this. A longer guide can be found "here":

Second, and more importantly, the artist who made SCP-173, Izumi Kato, "has made it very explicit that he does not not wish for any derivatives of his work to be used for commercial purposes": This means SCP-173 merchandise. While I do not represent Mr. Kato, I strongly suggest that you take his wishes into consideration. However, if you choose to continue selling SCP-173, you are required to correctly license it.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


For the time being, that looks to be the end of 173-related stuff on RedBubble.

Sugiotees removed their product. Stroblmark has not. I'll contact them again in the near future. If they don't respond again, I'll do a takedown request, as it's not CC-compliant.

RESOLVED: Wattpad stuff (RogetRoget, 30 Oct 2014)

Bennigs gave this to me, Gaffs said I could put it up here since everyone seemed busy.

Page is now deleted.

Indiegogo Project (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 14 Nov 2014)

This person has started what I can only assume is meant to be a startup sort of thing. Or, y'know, it's the world's sloppiest scam. They stole from multiple pages, including About the SCP Foundation, Object Classes, Secure Facility Locations, and Task Forces. There was no attempt at subtlety.

I sent the Indiegogo people a message:

To whom it may concern,

My name is [Gaffs], and I am a moderator at the SCP Foundation website. Recently, someone brought this campaign: to my attention. This page is problematic for several reasons. First, it does not conform to the Creative Commons Share Alike Attributive License. It contains content from multiple pages directly copypasted from the SCP Foundation website.

Second, and more importantly, the campaign itself is fake. The campaign appears to be premised upon the idea that the SCP Foundation is real, with the one (and only) perk being "take a tour of the main facility." The SCP Foundation is a collaborative fictional setting, and the staff of the website take pains to make it clear that the SCP Foundation is not real. This campaign appears to be trying to act as a "startup" for the Foundation. At best, it is an overzealous fan, while at worst, it is someone trying to scam credulous readers. In either case, it is prohibited content.

Moderator, SCP Foundation

I might have been a bit more polite, but I think I got the point across. So yeah, rather than bothering with the legalese stuff, I just pointed out that it is, in all likelihood, a scam. I'll keep everyone posted.

I actually sent them a similar message yesterday, sorry about that but nobody was on and it was rather slow at work.

Prohibited Content:

Hi there, I'm a staff member of the SCP Wiki ( which is a collaborative fiction-writing site licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. While we have some successfully license-compliant projects out there such as the video game SCP: Containment Breach, the listing here is in no way compliant with our license or policies. While our authorization or blessing isn't required to make SCP-themed content, it is necessary to carry the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and attribute

Since we have never worked with this person and they're offering tours of a facility that does not exist, AND the project is flexibly funded, the chances of this person simply trying to steal money using our content is very high. Please delist this campaign as soon as possible.



EDIT: Got a response from IndieGoGo:

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing your concern with us. At this time, the campaign is under review to ensure that it adheres to our Terms of Use (

So what happens now? We will include the information you have provided along with all other information at our disposal in our review of the campaign. In some cases, we will contact the campaign owner to have them edit their campaign and it will remain on our platform. If the project doesn't follow our rules, we may remove the campaign. We may also restrict the campaign owner's future activities on Indiegogo.

To protect our users' privacy, we're unable to share the action we take. At Indiegogo, we take the trust and safety of our community very seriously, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this review process. To learn more about Indiegogo’s Trust & Safety effort, please visit:

Please note that you do not need to contact us again. Doing so would create a new ticket and prolong the process. Thank you again for taking the time to get in touch with us and for helping to keep Indiegogo a safe and secure platform.



Trust and Safety

Question about attributing multiple works (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 23 Nov 2014)

Last week, a user came into #site17 asking about a licensing issue. I was busy at the time and so told them to PM me on the wiki. The following is the body of their PM:

Hi there Gaffney!

Like we were talking about in the chat, I'm writing a book about the SCP's, a novel, and I'm translating a PDF document for those in my country that wants to know more about this. So, the think is that I'm going to mention a lot of SCP's (about 80) and according to CCA-S3 I need to give credit to the creators of the SCP's (obviously) so my question is: Can I just paste the link to the original content in my documents and books? Because I was looking for some authors and some of them are just really… gone (in a manner of speak). So I was wondering if I can take this original link in my work like credit for those that wrote it.

By other hand, every single SCP that I will translate for my book will be upload to the -ES, 'cos for what I've seen, there's not much translated. Well that will be it, and thanks a lot for all the support and the work you guys are doing.

See ya!

I responded:

Hey, thanks for your patience.

So, if I'm reading you correctly, you want to provide a link to the works you're using, rather than making a full attribution (with name of the work, name of the author, etc.). If that is the case, that's fine. However, there is one caveat: all authors must be attributed in the same way. Therefore, you can't have a bunch of SCPs that are only linked to and then provide a full attribution to some random SCP articles.

I hope that that answers your question. If it doesn't, or if you have any further questions, feel free to let me know.


My response was based on my reading of Section 4(c) of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 code, which reads in part:

If You Distribute, or Publicly Perform the Work or any Adaptations or Collections, You must … keep intact all copyright notices for the Work and provide, reasonable to the medium or means You are utilizing: (i) the name of the Original Author (or pseudonym, if applicable) if supplied … ; (ii) the title of the Work if supplied; … (iv) , consistent with Ssection [sic] 3(b), in the case of an Adaptation, a credit identifying the use of the Work in the Adaptation (e.g., "French translation of the Work by Original Author," or "Screenplay based on original Work by Original Author"). The credit required by this Section 4(c) may be implemented in any reasonable manner; provided, however, that in the case of a Adaptation or Collection, at a minimum such credit will appear, if a credit for all contributing authors of the Adaptation or Collection appears, then as part of these credits and in a manner at least as prominent as the credits for the other contributing authors.

If anyone feels that I'm in error, feel free to correct me.

Redbubble stuff (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 20 Dec 2014)

Among other things, Aporia Lovell helpfully pointed out that Redbubble user LawlessSquirrel has non-attributed SCP-173 stuff here and here.
Sent the following


I’m a moderator at the SCP Foundation website. A couple of your pieces here use SCP-173. This piece of merchandise is problematic in two ways. First, it is not properly licensed. The SCP Foundation operates under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license . What this means is that all work deriving from SCP Foundation content must a) properly attribute the author b) be released under the same license. Your work does neither. Please fix this. A longer guide can be found here

Second, and more importantly, the artist who made SCP-173, Izumi Kato, has made it very explicit that he does not not wish for any derivatives of his work to be used for commercial purposes This means SCP-173 merchandise. While I do not represent Mr. Kato, I strongly suggest that you take his wishes into consideration. However, if you choose to continue selling SCP-173, you are required to correctly license it.


RESOLVED - SCP-173 Mini (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 22 Dec 2014)

This guy has a tabletop mini of SCP-173. I sent the following.

Dear Mr. Shackelford,

I am a moderator for the SCP Foundation. One of your pieces (found here: use the likeness of SCP-173. This piece of merchandise is problematic in two ways. First, it is not properly licensed. The SCP Foundation operates under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (found here: What this means is that all work deriving from SCP Foundation content must a) properly attribute the author b) be released under the same license. Your work does neither. Please fix this. A longer guide can be found here:

Second, and more importantly, the artist who made SCP-173, Izumi Kato, has made it very explicit that he does not not wish for any derivatives of his work to be used for commercial purposes This means SCP-173 merchandise. While I do not represent Mr. Kato, I strongly suggest that you take his wishes into consideration. However, if you choose to continue selling SCP-173, you are required to correctly license it. The text of his agreement can be found here:

Moderator, SCP Foundation

Dear Mr. Gaffney,

I have thought about this issue a number of times before and I shall acquiesce your and Izumi Kato's request.

The whole SCP Foundation is one of the coolest things I've encountered online and has inspired me greatly. There are so many monsters and artifacts, each one better than the next, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make miniatures based on them. I was in the process of sculpting a whole series. I had 3 figures completed, SCP-173 being the first as it is arguably the most iconic. I even thought about creating a full blown game based on the SCP universe.

However, given the nature of SCP's copyright license, respect of the original creators' ownerships and especially with the addition of this letter, I have decided to cancel the whole project.
I have taken down my Etsy listing as per Izumi Kato's request and will be adding the Creative Commons license to any other posted images of my SCP-173 mini and any other SCP themed works. The other SCP minis that were created will not be brought into commercial production. Barring the unlikely chance that the SCP Wiki community would sign off on it, the SCP tabletop game will not be brought into production either. Also, it just wouldn't be worth it without SCP-173.

As an apology for the aggravation, would you please contact Izumi Kato and tell them it would be my pleasure to send them a castings of this mini, along with the other SCP themed minis, before I 'retire' the molds? Also, if you could please contact the creators of SCP-131 and SCP-096 and tell them the same thing, that would be great.
It would be completely free of charge, no cost for shipping either. All I would need is their mailing addresses. I just that would hate to see these minis have to be retired before their original creators had a chance to own a copy. If you would like one too, just say so.
(Of course, I retain credit for the being the sculptor of said minis.)

I apologize for the inconvenience and please send my regards to Izumi and the SCP community in general.

Harrison Shackelford

Thanks for your prompt response! I'll try to get into touch with Lt Masipag and DrDan, the authors of SCP-131 and -096, respectively.
However, you are more than welcome to continue producing miniatures of their work, even without their permission, provided that you properly attribute it and license it. The issues with SCP-173 are exclusive to that article and its particular circumstances. Similarly, if you wish to create a tabletop RPG based on the SCP Foundation, that would be great! All we ask is that you observe proper licensing procedure.

Thank you for your time and cooperation; if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!

It looks like the mini has been taken down.

SCP-173 miniature (EskobarEskobar, 24 Dec 2014)

Someone selling an SCP-173 miniature. Because of the obvious SCP-173/Izumi Kato connection, sent a special message with the regular CC junk and an Izumi Kato warning.

Hi there. I'm Eskobar, a moderator with the SCP Foundation wiki. We saw that you had adapted our article, SCP-173, into a statuette made out of sandstone and were advertising it for sale here. There are some legal issues that we need to bring to your attention.

First of all, the article SCP-173 is licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license, the text of which is contained here. Under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, you are legally allowed to adapt and derive the content of the text of the article SCP-173 into alternative media. However, to do this, you need to include along with your derivative (presumably in the description of the item for sale) a link to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, along with a link to the SCP Foundation wiki. This is required for distribution of the derivative, and if that were the only issue, it would be easily enough resolved.

Second of all, however, your sculpture is directly a derivative of the photograph Untitled 2004 by Keisuke Yamamoto, which itself is a photographic replica of the sculpture Untitled 2004 by Izumi Kato. The artist, Izumi Kato, has spoken with us at length about his wishes regarding the article SCP-173, and he is adamantly opposed to any commercial use or profit resulting from his sculpture or depictions thereof. We are not in any legal position to order you to cease or desist production or distribution of the statuette, but we would, in an interpersonal sense, strongly advise you not to continue to produce or advertise this particular item for sale.

Any other SCP-related media or depiction you want to work with is fine, as long as it meets the first requirement. Depictions or derivations of SCP-173 specifically, however, are not legally approved by the copyright owner of the image and depiction, Izumi Kato. The bottom of the page for SCP-173 now includes detailed author and licensing information, which may not have been there the last time you saw the page.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Moderator, SCP Foundation Wiki

SCP-173 poster on Redbubble (EskobarEskobar, 9 Jan 2015)

User LawlessSquirrel on Redbubble added a poster of chibi!173 up for sale. I sent this message:

It's been four days and no reply or takedown. I sent the following follow-up message:

I intend to follow up on this in three days; if I haven't gotten a reply from him and gotten some confirmation that he's hearing me, I'm going to have to get Redbubble to take the logos down. They're pretty clear violations of Izumi Kato's wishes. I don't want to screw a content creator over if I can help it, but this is a bigger issue than that.

As I said in chat, Redbubble has been pretty good w/r/t takedowns, so that shouldn't be a problem if it comes to it. Thanks for keeping on top of this. —Drewbear

Received a reply:

Short version: Seems like a nice dude, but the 173 thing is pretty inviolable. I wish I could tell him something different, but he can't sell what he's selling at present. I think he'll take down the thing without any real hassle, but I'll keep an eye out.

I responded with "I figured as much" and that was it. I'd ideally like them to take it down, y'know, now, but no reason to be antagonistic when they get the message already. That should probably do it.

D-Class T-shirt on Redbubble (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 19 Jan 2015)

Light brought the (thankfully 173-free) works of Volsungenlied to my attention. They didn't have any attribution/licensing info so I sent them the following.

Will post more when I get a response.

RESOLVED - Creepypasta + SCP app (EskobarEskobar, 22 Jan 2015)

On Amazon. No attribution. They have a company-wide Facebook page; I posted the following onto their Wall:

Hi there. I'm Eskobar, a moderator with the SCP Foundation wiki. We saw that you had adapted our SCP database into an app and were advertising it for free here: There are some legal issues that we need to bring to your attention.

The articles included in the SCP Foundation wiki are licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license, the text of which is contained here: Under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, you are legally allowed to adapt and derive the content of the text of any SCP article into any alternative media form that you wish. However, to do this, you need to include along with your derivative (presumably in the description of the item for sale) a link to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, along with a link to the SCP Foundation wiki. This is required by the CC license for anyone distributing works derived from CC-based material. Any SCP-related media or depiction you want to work with is fine, as long as it meets the first requirement.

The app looks great; we just need you to include those things in the product description to bring it up to CC compliance. Thanks for the great work! We love to see new derivatives and SCP-based work, especially from people doing it for free.

Moderator, SCP Foundation wiki

Waiting on a reply. Got a reply back fairly quickly.

Hi Eskobar!
there is a section about the credits under the scp list!
have I to add something else?
I love your work and i hope in a collaboration with the SCP Foundation smile emoticon
If you want, contact me by email: moc.liamg|orannegoraicca#moc.liamg|orannegoraicca

This was accompanied by a screenshot of the credits in question, which read:

All SCP contents are derived from site, press OK to enter. This app is released under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

I replied back with:

So there absolutely is. It would be lovely if you included it directly on the Amazon purchase page in the Description, but other than that, you seem to have hit all the bases. Thanks for your cooperation!

RESOLVED (PARTIALLY) - Redbubble/Youtube- FSP Productions/Warbird (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 24 Jan 2015)

User FSP-Merchandise (Redbubble), Forgotten Species Productions (Youtube), and War-Bird on our site (safe to assume they're all related/the same guy) has been messaged through their redbubble account about content here and here that were improperly attributed. Message text is below-

Update: They got back to me last night, and after a couple more messages clarifying what they needed to do, said they would get to it ASAP. I'll check back in a couple days just to be sure.

e: They put acceptable, if not perfect, licensing up. It's probably the most we can ask- the video's gone down and they seem to have generally abandoned this.

"Scp-173 pillow" on Redbubble (EskobarEskobar, 26 Jan 2015)

Another 173 design on Redbubble. I'm glad I have a boilerplate letter for this now.

For the record, I already sent a letter a while back, to which they still have yet to respond. We can issue a takedown request, as they haven't properly licensed the pillow vis-a-vis CC. I've been dragging my feet about issuing a takedown request, mostly because I hate doing it. However, if they don't respond within a week, I'll do it then unless anyone has any objections to it.

With agreement from Drew, I issued a takedown notice. Not for the 173 stuff, but because they're selling stuff derived from the SCP Foundation without licensing it and have failed to respond

Licensing for Translation Sites (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 20 Mar 2015)

For the most part, the licensing for the non-English sites is Creative Commons Attributive Share-Alike 3.0, or CC-BY-SA (which is what we use). However, the Russian and Chinese wikis both use a similar but separate license (CC-BY-NC-SA, which just adds the condition that none of the work can be reused for commercial projects). Unfortunately, this isn't compatible with our license, as the Share-Alike part means that they have to use the exact same license6, not a different license.

I sent GeneR and SunnyParallax the following message:


I want to talk with you about the licensing for your site. I notice that you have your stuff licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC-BY-NC-SA) agreement. Unfortunately, this agreement is not compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) agreement that the SCP Foundation uses. Because most of your content is derived from us7, you need to change your licensing to be compatible with ours by changing it to CC-BY-SA.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Talked with Sunny, who talked with one of the other Chinese admins. They changed the licensing so now it's compatible with ours. Everything is hunky-dory there. No word back from the Russians yet. I'll give a few more days, but on Saturday I'll try to contact Gene again.

Heard back from Gene (actually, last week. I didn't post it and haven't responded yet. mea culpa)

And I have to disagree with you on some parts, although I have yet to consult a lawyer on both of these.

According to the CC legal code, a translation is an Adaptation.
According to part 4.b, derived works can be published via

> (iii) a Creative Commons jurisdiction license (either this or a later license version) that contains the same License Elements as this License

BY-NC-SA does contain the same elements (sharing and adapting) as BY-SA.

The "Stuff that doesn't reference SCP Foundation lore" part is trickier. No one holds the copyright to the Foundation lore, and, according to Foundation history, a lot of articles were copied to the scp-wiki from EditThis not by their authors and licensed by BY-SA. If we're to dig deeper, SCP-173 was initially published on an imageboard, probably without any licensing at all. The only reasonable way out of this situation would be declaring both of our sites Collections (as per CC license terminology). In that case,
> This Section 4(b) applies to the Adaptation as incorporated in a Collection, but this does not require the Collection apart from the Adaptation itself to be made subject to the terms of the Applicable License

which means that original works may be published under a different license.

Ugh. We need a lawyer. CC license is all well, but local and international laws should override it whenever there is a conflict between the license and the law. And I do not fully understand how it all comes together.

Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm pretty sure that "the same License Elements" means "a compatible license" which CC-BY-SA-NC is not. But I need to re-read to be sure.

SlendayShop on Spreadshirt (EskobarEskobar, 24 Mar 2015)

Currently selling an SCP sweatshirt design without attribution. Sent this bitch the bedbug letter:

[RESOLVED] Question about SCP-173 Stuff (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 28 Mar 2015)

Received this message from a user today:

Hello Gaffney,
I would like to ask you a question related to SCP-173's copyright issue. If I'm bothering the wrong guy and you'd like to redirect me to someone else, please do.

Here's the issue: I'm running a Facebook SCP fan page. We translate stuff into my native language (which by the way is Italian) and generally get the SCP hype going. For the 1000 like goal, we are about to set up a contest in which the winner gets a SCP plushie. In particular, a SCP-173 plushie. The item is being built by some friends who own a page as well (they usually make community-requested plushies and sell them, but they are providing us with SCP-173 for free).

Would there be any copyright related issue if we gave away the plushie for free? Would you suggest to change the subject SCP?

Thanks for your time. Appreciate your work.

I said that since the work isn't being sold, it's in the clear.

Issue with Chinese Plagiarism (Gaffsey does not match any existing user name, 13 Apr 2015)

Got a message:

Dear Gaffney,

I hope this message doesn't disturb you.

Yesterday, I happened to read a Chinese on-web profiting novel. Its name was 无限曙光("wu xian shu guang", meaning "The Infinite Dawn"). It uses materials from the Foundation. For instance, it describe a organization which collects the anomalous items then adapting "Safe""Euclid""Keter"to classify them. Moreover, it also arranges 13 O5 in the group ( and by the love of the God, there are even three O6 in this novel).

However, the author of this book doesn't indicate any attribution. In the other word, he doesn't even MENTION the SCP. The author gave this SCP-alike group a new name:叛逆者组织 ("pan ni zhe zu zhi", means"the Rebels Organization"). Afterward, he doesn't show any license of remixing, nor declaration of changing the materials. I am shocked and dispirited. How can I imagine my favorite stories are stolen in this way! So were the other SCP fans in China.

Although I consider this book as a blatant plagiarization, I still wonder: is it against the Creative Commons license? If so, how will the site response? I hope the site attach importance to this issue.

Awaiting for your reply.

Your Sincerely

external links:
It is from this chapter the author started plagiarizing. Maybe you can ask someone who knows Chinese to verify.

Checked with SunnyParallax, who confirmed the plagiarism. She also noted that the work contains stuff ripped from a variety of other popular media. Finally, she noted that she found a way to contact him via a possibly-still-in-use social media account and offered to pass along an official statement from us.

I'm going to try to write it up ASAP.

I don't recall offhand which CC license the Chinese site is using and whether THEIR original material allows commercial adaptations. But in either case, all the licenses that the SCP sites use require attribution. Lemme see your draft before you pass it on to Sunny, but also be prepared to draft takedown letters to this person's webhost if necessary. —Drewbear

They formerly used CC-BY-SA-NC (non-commercial), but I talked to them about it, as I am of the opinion that that license is not compatible with the CC-BY-SA license we use. (more on that here). So if they weren't blatantly lifting from SCP stuff and failing to attribute it, they could sell it all the live-long day. But yeah, I'll try to get in a draft soon and I'll send it to you.

Facebook stuffs (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 13 Apr 2015)

Recently a user messaged the FB page about their desire to make SCP Plushies to sell online, with their first proof of concept being one of 173. I gave them the standard spiel about how selling 173 dolls would go against our agreement with IK. I then suggested other skips that would be less problematic for them to design sellable dolls around, so long as they follow the licensing guidelines which I linked to them, and offered our inboxes up if they had any more questions. Feel free to ask me or anyone else on the FB team for more details, and I'm trying to get the user's site username so that we can put a 'face' to the person without violating their privacy.

Yeah, 173 is a no-go for sale. Ask them to check with us about the others, too. The Image Team is doing a great job scrubbing non-CC pics from the site, but they haven't got everything yet, and better to be safe than sorry. —Drewbear

Licensing Team Accounts (RiemannRiemann, 14 Apr 2015)

Upon discussion, we're making some "official" licensing accounts for various sites, for ease of use.

moc.liamg|gnisneciLPCS#moc.liamg|gnisneciLPCS is the email everything is tied to.

redbubble: SCPLicensing

etsy: SCPLicensing

Deviant Art: SCPLicensing

Roblox: SCPLicensing, password is standard + licensing chat number

Wikia: SCPLicensing

Wattpad: SCP_Licensing

More to come if necessary. Let's try to use these more often?

Ask Vince, Gaffsey or Procyonlotor for password if needed.

RESOLVED - NN5N iTunes app (EskobarEskobar, 14 Apr 2015)

Someone pointed out that an app being sold on iTunes was using an image of SCP-173 to promote itself for commercial purposes. I used the handy dandy SCPLicensing email account and hooked Mr. Radzievskyi up with some premium fucking comprehension of licensing issues. For free. The first hit is always free.

Edit (4/15/20150): User responded.

He seems happy to help and is now waiting on Apple to approve the updates.


e: Appears to be all in line. There's an issue with itunes in general, but that's out of the scope of this issue. Marking as resolved.

Wattpad 173 Repost (RejekyllRejekyll, 22 Apr 2015)

This is the text of SCP-173, reposted on Wattpad by someone named SinisterMind. I sent the following PM:

Hi! I'm a staff member on the SCP Wiki by the name of Reject. I saw that you reposted SCP-173 here on Wattpad. That's fine, but because the SCP Wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license, the text of which is contained here (, you need to link the SCP Wiki ( for proper attribution. Once you do that you'll be fine. You don't need to take anything down.

Derivatives of works under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license also inherit the license, so your post of SCP-173 is under it as well. That doesn't mean anything to you except that you need to link the SCP Wiki. And we have a guide ( that you can read at your leisure. Effectively, this doesn't change anything.



Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't realise! I apologise

But nothing appeared to have changed, so I said,

That's fine, you're far from the first person to accidentally forget to link us back. I don't see where you put the attribution; have you done that yet? You need to link SCP-173's wiki page and put a statement about the license.

Here's a model statement: "This work is released under a Creative Commons 3.0 By Attribution, Share-Alike license, and is based on the SCP Foundation Wiki at"

173 Youtbe Reading (RejekyllRejekyll, 26 Apr 2015)

Devereaux pointed out in chat that this video has a link back to the site but nothing about the license. I sent the uploader the following.

Hi, I'm a staff member on the SCP Wiki. My username there is Reject. I'm messaging you to let you know that since the wiki uses a license called Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike, which requires that your video inherit it too. You already have a link back to the site, which is great. Please add a statement about the license and you'll be set!

Here's a model statement: "This work is released under a Creative Commons 3.0 By Attribution, Share-Alike license, and is based on the SCP Foundation Wiki at"


[Resolved] Gamejolt Game (RiemannRiemann, 26 Apr 2015) This was pointed out to me. Fairly popular, no attribution.

Anyone want to volunteer? Or at least teach me how to do?

Sent the game creator an email with our standard C&D message. Got a response pretty quickly. He was a little bit confused about what he needed to do, but seems to be willing to comply with our licensing requirements. Sent him a reply clarifying the parts he was confused about, and am currently waiting for a response from him. Will update further as the situation progresses.

Update: Got a response from him saying that he'll add the proper attribution and licensing "as soon as possible". Will monitor the game page(s) over the next few days to make sure he does so.

Another Update: Proper licensing and attribution have been added to the game's download pages. Marking this one as resolved.

SCP-173 twerking, for those of you who didn't know we needed this in the world (EskobarEskobar, 28 Apr 2015)

Here and, god help us all, here are two products on an art merch production hosting site called "society6". I can't contact either person on this site because you need a "verified" account to post comments, and that's the only way to establish any sort of contact with the content creators about their works, and you can't "verify" your account without a paypal and $1, and I can't even get my paypal to work. So if you happen to be able to make this process any smoother, the message I had all typed out and ready to go for either of those works is:

Hi, I'm Eskobar, a moderator for the SCP Foundation wiki. I can't find any other way to attach this to this product, but there's an issue with the copyright situation here. As we now have clarified on SCP-173's page itself (, the SCP Foundation wiki holds no copyright control whatsoever over the statue depicted in the image on that page, and the creator of the statue, Izumi Kato, has explicitly asked that we not use any depiction of the statue for commercial purposes, nor that we allow others to do so. While other SCP images and depictions are covered under Creative Commons and therefore can be worked around through that licence, we must ask that you not sell any artwork depicting SCP-173 specifically.

Thank you,
Moderator, SCP Foundation wiki

You can just copy-paste that right into a comment box if you can manage to get access to one. You can even put your own name and rank in there if you really wanna hatefuck my heart to death.

Riscvul's Game (DrewbearDrewbear, 1 May 2015)*

I got the following PM from RiscvulRiscvul, who is currently developing a sim/management game based on the Foundation!verse:

Hello Licensing Team,

I have been developing a game based on the writings of the SCP wiki called The Foundation.
I have recently encountered a big problem. I had thought I could properly attribute the articles using the history section on their individual pages. Unfortunately, its turned out due to the dynamic loading of the page that I won't be able to retrieve that information. Its also not feasible to maintain a continuous list of attributions for such a dynamic host of articles. The only piece I cannot retrieve is the author's name.

I thought of a couple possible solutions that I wanted to run past the licensing crew to see if they would give proper credit to the authors.

1) I could list the title and a link back to the individual wiki page. I can even build the link that goes straight to the history section of the page. As I cannot retrieve the author's name unfortunately that's the best I could do in this case.

2) I could open a browser window or display the history information in game.

Unfortunately that's really the best ideas I have remaining. That's not your problem of course. Just let me know if you think either of those would be enough attribution.

First, so super glad that he's trying to keep on top of proper licensing. Second, I think that static links would be just fine, rather than dynamic updating. Thoughts?

Just noting here that I'm talking with Riscvul about technical, rather than licensing, solution to his problem. Not sure yet if it'll work out, so please do continue discussing the licensing questions here. -anq

Given that the standard spiel we give people re: licensing is to include the link to the original article/Tale but does NOT require adding the author as an absolute must (keeping in mind that some of the oldest are unknown authors), I went ahead and PMed him that using static links was fine and to not worry about including the author w/ the link if he can't make the dynamic pull work. —Drew


Haven't checked out all of his output on the progress of the game (there's 39 update videos alone at time of writing, I checked the most recent four or five) but the material I did investigate was up to our licensing standards. He's good for now, but I'm not going to mark this as resolved, yet, as there's still presumably a finished product.

Blackbird (DrClefDrClef, 5 May 2015)

Really cool artist, needs to be educated on the CC license, though.

Crushable Articles (RejekyllRejekyll, 6 May 2015)

There were three unattributed articles on by someone named Lucia Peters. They're all here and four years old. There is no direct messaging system that I could find so I commented the following on the SCP-087 one.

Hi, I'm a staff member on the SCP Wiki. I'm commenting to let you know that since the wiki uses a license called Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike, you are required to inherit it as well. This means that you need to leave attribution back to the site and a statement of the license on each SCP Foundation-related article you've written. You appear to have two more besides this one.

Here's a model statement that you can just stick at the end: "This work is released under a Creative Commons 3.0 By Attribution, Share-Alike license, and is based on the SCP Foundation Wiki at"

We have a guide right here ( that you can feel free to read up on. Thank you. Cheers!

RESOLVED - Steam- "Three Days" (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 13 May 2015)*

Steam user Itexum created this game and shared it with the Facebook page. I directed them to the licensing guide and gave them proper instructions on attribution, and asked them to toss us any questions they may have. Will update when user makes the necessary changes.

Licensing has been added. Marking as resolved. -Procyon


Group here, gaffsey here, letter below.

Attribution all good as of 4 August 15. — Drewbear

Dr X Factor (EskobarEskobar, 17 May 2015)

As brought to our attention by Zyn.

Gamejolt issue (Account Deleted, 3 Jun 2015)*

Someone has been making SCP games without attribution. A user has contacted them with our licensing stuff. We'll keep an eye on them to see if they update the attribution in the next few days.

Update: Game is still unlicensed and unattributed, and is now on Steam Greenlight. Procyon will handle it shortly. - GreenWolf

Fun Best Apps SCP-173 game (SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, 1 Jul 2015)*

There's a non-attributed google play store app here about SCP-173. Reported by a user in site17, but no licensing staff on at the time.

Sent an email.

Game appears to have been deleted as of 4 August 2015 — Drewbear

RESOLVED - Steam game (DrewbearDrewbear, 25 Jul 2015)*

This is… a game, I guess, ostensibly about SCP-599. No licensing whatsoever.

I've sent a Steam friend request to the developers so that I can hopefully get in contact with them and, y'know, have them correct CC. If not, I'll escalate to a DMCA w/ Steam.

Sent them a PM via Steam:

Hello, I'm an admin for the SCP Foundation wiki, and my username there is Drewbear. Your game, The Note, was brought to our attention as being based on SCP-599. The SCP Foundation and everything posted on the wiki are posted under a CC 3.0 BY-SA 3.0 licence, which allows for people to make derivative work, like your game, but require that any derivative work, like your game, also be released under the same license and credits the original work. As such, in order to become in compliance with the license, we recommend adding something like the following to the description of the game:
"Based on SCP-599, ( under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license."
If you have any further questions, feel free to message me or see our licensing page at

Got a reply back:

artemizgame: Thank for you notice
artemizgame: Now you can see this in the legal information

And the game info has, in fact, been updated. (under the system requirements section)

Resolved - Wattpad again (ZynZyn, 2 Aug 2015)

Thanks to a post in the mainsite forums, I happened to find this:

"Scp Foundation Files" - "The Horror that lays in the book are Terrorfying (Note: All These Come From The Scp Foundation Website! I Own Nothing!)"

No mention of the original authors, no mention of the individual pages the articles came from, and it looks like they ported all articles from 002 through 035.

The opening page states,

Authors Note: These are All From the Scp Foundation website
I Own NONE of these! Also, Do not Read if you are Not Ready for your are not ready for these Terrors that lay beneath these pages!

Given the last activity was 9 months ago… I'm not sure if we should go for takedown or try to contact the author to properly attribute. I'm not entirely convinced that they'd understand attribution, given their writing…

Edit: Talked to Vince in chat, agreed to send a message and wait a week. If no response, then someone (or me) will issue that support ticket for copyright violation.

Message sent is as follows:

Hello! I am a moderator from the SCP Foundation wiki website. It's come to staff attention that your story, Scp Foundation Files, uses material from the site without proper attribution. If you are going to use the works of site authors without their permission, you must link back to the original page the material is from and provide the name of the original author of the piece. Staff can help you with that, but if we do not receive a response from you within a week, we will submit a support ticket because your story will be violating the site's CC licensing. Let me know if you have any questions. —Zyn

Edit: Received no reply from the author, sent in a support ticket, Wattpad staff removed access to all of the entries except -032, which is the old Titania's Prisons SCP.

More iPhone apps (DrewbearDrewbear, 4 Aug 2015)*

OsobistOsobist alerted me that the Russian wiki discovered several iPhone apps w/ missing/incomplete licensing & credit. I can't check these while I'm at work, but will take a look in a couple of hours. - no license mark and no link to original article; - no license mark and no link to original article; - only link to original, no license mark though.

First two are by the same guy/company. Found a feedback link on their homepage and sent the following:

Last one is by a different company, and I sent the following email to their public email:

I'll check again in a week or so.

The people responsible for the 3rd one responded overnight, with the following:

Thank you for the information!
We submitted the text below to Our product’s description, this modification will be available in few hours from now.
Gyorgy Varro

I haven't checked the app again, but damn, it's nice to see such a quick response.

The first two appear to be memory holed, the last one will get handled when we address iTunes in general.

RESOLVED - rebubble - vandalmakesstuf (RiemannRiemann, 15 Aug 2015)*

User on redbubble, named vandalmakesstuf, was, uh, making stuff. Had the right idea about licensing, but didn't provide specific links. I sent them a PM.

e: User has attributed pieces in question, resolved.

RESOLVED - Golly gee whilikers, Roblox again (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 18 Aug 2015)*

First assignment for licensing, and it's Roblox.
Page is here, more or less identical to all the other Roblox SCP groups. Owner's a kid named ConnorCrane.
Sent the following PM:

Thank god for Esko's previous work in providing a template for that. Will keep updated.

e: Guy got back to me, attributed after some minor questions:

Attribution for the main group is now in line with standard, I sent him a PM thanking him and asking him to also bring the sub-groups and a few other pages to the required level as well. Will check in on those in a few days.

ee: Attribution for subgroups is now in line as well. I requested, if possible, that attribution be provided on the store items as well (e: user has said they will do that shortly). I've also been given an ETA of one week for attribution on a level/world/what-have-you owned by a different user. I'll check in on that.
Also, a user, Beryli tried to take matters into his own hands with this group. I sent a PM apologizing for that and disavowing his actions.

e3: Sent a PM to Beryli telling him to stop acting on Licensing's behalf.

e4: In the next installment of this neverending saga, Roblox has apparently removed the attribution for containing an offsite link. We're looking into solutions.

e5: With no real other options, we've given one-time dispensation to the group owner to provide attribution without links, due to Roblox linking policy. Will keep updated on response.

e6: Appears to be attributed to the best of their ability without offsite links. I'll call this one closed.

Villains Wikia (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 20 Aug 2015)

EC found a bunch of copypasted content over on The Villains Wikia, so I sent the following PM to one of their admins.

Will keep you updated.

Fictional Battles Wikia (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 25 Aug 2015)

The Fictional Battles Wikia has pages with unattributed content. Sent the owner the standard PM.

Owner hasn't been around since February '14, and the rest of the wiki seems pretty damn dead, so don't have high hopes for this one, but worth a shot.

SCP/MLP/Wikia (Vincent_RedgraveVincent_Redgrave, 25 Aug 2015)

Was recently alerted to the existence of an SCP/MLP crossover wiki. I sent the site owner our standard spiel, and am awaiting a reply.

Creepypasta wiki tales (ZynZyn, 6 Sep 2015)*

Got a PM from Mr_stickmanMr_stickman about some tales lifted wholesale from the site by the creepypasta wiki:

All of these stories appear to have been ported over by user BenNasty:
According to their profile, they're part of the admin team, plus:

I am kind of the self proclaimed HR Rep for this site so please, if you are being attacked by the Trolls or any wiki drama, write on my Talk Page or email me at moc.liamg|01ytsanneb#moc.liamg|01ytsanneb . That way, our other Admins can worry about site content and keeping the wiki free of duplicates and other infectious crap off of here.

From what I see, all of the tales are directly posted, no attribution. Not sure if we've talked with the creepypasta wiki before? Someone want to get in contact with them?

e: User is no longer part of the admin team, and hasn't even been around since 2012. I'll contact someone else in the morning, although the Creepypasta Wikia administration is fairly famous for being… hard to work with, in my experience. We'll see how it goes. -ProcyonLotor

e2: Provided user is no longer part of the administrative staff (and has not been active since late 2012), so I hit up the first available admin I could find with the usual:

Will keep updated upon response.

e3: All listed pages have been fully attributed. Matter is resolved.

e4: Only the ones you found have been attributed. For example, I have one over there that was originally posted to the Foundation: Can we get an actual search done of the site before we give it the all clear? -TroyL

e5: Here's a mostly-complete list of the remaining items.

e6: Admin has added attribution to everything we could find.

RESOLVED - Adagio Teas- Secure Con-tea-n Protect (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 25 Sep 2015)*

I'm not a tea-drinking man, but this set of teas is pretty neat, but not licensed properly. It's one of several things that I need to handle since Vince stepped away, so I don't have time to send the message at the moment. Will update.

I ordered these a few days back for a friend, actually. :| But in all seriousness, go to the bottom of any page that isn't the front and you'll find a link to get in contact with them. Or just click here:

e: There's some confusion (on my end) about what, exactly, message needs to be sent. I tried to send them a form letter and people started shouting about Fair Use and parody. I'm holding off on sending one until I can get a judgement from one of the (ex-) Team Captains.

ee: I was told by the team captain at the time that this was not worthy of pursuit- consider this resolved.

Spreadshirt- MissShadowLovely (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 25 Sep 2015)*

Standard spreadshirt unlicensed merch garble, this time courtesy of MissShadowLovely. Will send message when I get a moment.

Update 10/27/2015: Message sent. Will post reply. - Crayne

Update 10/28/2015: MissShadowLovely replied, and has attributed all SCP-related products to the wiki, and linked to the license. Awesomely quick and friendly reply. Kudos to Agent Angel. :)


RESOLVED - Keycards on Etsy (CrayneCrayne, 30 Sep 2015)*

As posted to the Facebook page, user IndustrialProducts is selling laminated SCP keycards on Etsy, as far as I can see without attribution.

If someone on the Licensing Team could send a form letter?

e: And sent.

Will keep updated with response.

ee: And reply:

Not a problem, it will get looked into this evening.
Thank you

I'll check later today, then.

eee: Licensing's good. This one's resolved.

RESOLVED-ish Wallpart (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 3 Oct 2015)*

Alright, so I received news that a site called Wallpart (link intentionally omitted for reasons that shall become obvious) has been lifting SCP related images (probably automatically rather than specifically, there's a lot of people this site has peeved off), but it's apparently become big news in the SCP fandom today (I'd heard about it in 19 before the issue was formally brought to my attention).

The thing is, we can't just send a "yo, attribute this shit" email because the site appears to be a licensing honeypot- the Report Violation form on the site, the only real method of contacting them as far as I have heard, is a malware/phishing page. I have not independently visited said page after hearing this, but there is wide and varied confirmation of this fact among other people's complaints.

With computer wizardry/basic knowledge of the internet I've managed to find the domain registrar's email, which appears to be part of a legitimate company. All other identifying Whois on Wallpart has been concealed, so that's a non-starter.

I need to talk to some folks before I send an email, however. I'll update this when I do.

[Added by Quik:]

Voct pointed out that Wallpart is entirely a honeypot and you can't buy anything there. And if they're not selling anything, then is there really a licensing issue? (This is separate from the fact that the site is a scam anyway with the Report Violations page being a phishing expedition.)

This got buried under other stuff, but upon examination, along with Quik's post which I more or less agree with, there's next to nothing we can do here. Resolved-ish, because that's a nicer way to say "nothing doing". -Procyon

Guy making SCP card game (ZynZyn, 21 Oct 2015)

So I got a PM from spokwalkerspokwalker (whose account was an hour old at time of PM) today:

Hello, My name is Luke Anderson, I'm a game developer. I have been developing a tabletop SCP themed card game. I just want to get permission to do this. Also I was hoping it would be okay to sell this game when it is finished, giving the scp foundation full credit of course.
Cheers, Luke Anderson

I sent back a reply telling them they could make the game if they attribute correctly, that they can't use images of 173 for commercial purposes, that they should read the licensing guide, and that they can contact me if they have any further questions.

Edit: a quick Google search seems to indicate that the guy has a deviantArt and a reddit account… and nothing else as visibile. Very likely not professional. We'll see where this goes.

Will update as necessary.

Agent Vader's SCP Pong game on Scratch (CrayneCrayne, 2 Nov 2015)

In this thread on the forum, user agent-vader links to his game on Scratch, which has not been attributed correctly, does not link to the license, and uses images of SCP-173. Even if it's a free game, it'd best to avoid that alltogether.

First posted in the thread to reply to the following post:

Its Scratch.
There is no copyright issues.

My reply:

I have no idea how you're arriving at that conclusion, but I can assure you that there are licensing issues. Please read through the licensing guide.

No reply was forthcoming, so I PMed them:

Hi there,
Recently you started a thread for a game you created on Scratch. I staffposted to let you lnow that contrary to what you apparently believed, there were definitely licensing issues. I checked again today, but you don't seem to have taken steps to comply with our licensing requirements. Am I wrong in believing you haven't taken action yet? And if not, please take steps to comply as soon as possible.

This was the reply:

Sorry for the late reply.
I've been having a break from both Scratch & the SCP Foundation following a break-down caused by the death of my dog.
I will replace the image of 173 with In-Game screenshots of 173 from SCP: Containment Breach.

I'm going to have to help them along a bit, methinks. :|

RESOLVED - Google Play- Offline Database (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 21 Nov 2015)*

Got a reverse version of the usual thing last night:

If I'm reading this right, Google (who in my experience are far from the most… proactive, we'll say, in regards to Licensing issues) took down an SCP app that (according to the creator, I have not seen it yet) was properly licensed, and refuses to reinstate it without the content owners' (which yes, I know technically we do not own it, but we're… vaguely sort of responsible) go ahead.
I'm going to email the guy, ask for a copy of the app in question (to ensure that it is in proper order), and, assuming that goes well, I'll draft something up for Google. Will keep updated.

After a long delay due to my laptop getting fried, material was investigated and found to be all above board, and as such, the requested document has been written, and with Mann's approval, sent to the developer to submit. - ProcyonLotor

I told the guy to get back to me if he had any further problems a month ago, it's been radio silence, so I'm marking as resolved. -Procyon

Resolved - Wattpad Ebook (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 26 Nov 2015)*

So, around fifteen minutes ago, user David de Villiers (now Doctor DavidDoctor David) posted this thread (and two identical copies, now locked, in other forums), which linked us to a Wattpad "book" he'd put together… by copying content directly from the wiki and our wikipedia page without an idle thought given to attribution. So after signing up for Wattpad and selecting which three teenage vampire romances appealed to me the most8 in exchange for the privilege of reading it, it turned out that yep, it needed a whole lot of attribution that it was missing.
So I had Licensing-warrior-in-training Greenwolf make a post in the thread and send a PM with the standard stuff.
Will keep updated with response.

Zyn edit: Oh man, wattpad. I have an account on there; fortunately, their response team is fast and polite. Let me know if I need to submit a plagiarism report.

Zyn edit II: Someone on the mainsite jumped onto the forum thread with a "take this down, you didn't write it" post of their own. I staffposted with some context about how staff handles these things, but this is almost two weeks overdue. If you want, I can send the violation report?

Zyn edit III: Reported the work:

The SCP Foundation wiki contains fictional "reports" of various items; the wattpad work being reported uses several of the pages from the site, with no attribution for the word-for-word content copied directly.
The wattpad work contains the following SCP Foundation pages, among others:

Zyn edit IV: Got a response from Wattpad, access to the work has been disabled pending a valid counter-notice from the user. Anyway, marking this as resolved.

SCP Calendar (CrayneCrayne, 7 Dec 2015)*

A while back we got word that an artbook was being produced, and images surfaced of the contents (I've seen the 093 before for example). Seems it's done and for sale now. It's absolutely gorgeous.

It's also, unfortunately, unlicensed right now.

Sent a PM to user TechnoMage does not match any existing user name, who appears to be behind the site. Will update when I receive a response.

Update 2015-12-21:

Received a PM back to say they'll correct what needs to be corrected. Cool. :D

Shapeways SCP-173 (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 8 Jan 2016)

User in 17 alerted us to a 3d-printed SCP-173 figurine for sale here. Sent the standard "yo you can't do that" PM, but user hasn't been around for over three years, so this'll probably require a takedown. Will keep updated. -Procyon

Standardizing Resolved Markings (GreenWolfGreenWolf, 10 Jan 2016)

With permission from ProcyonLotor, I've gone through our resolved reports and edited the titles so that all of them start with RESOLVED, (RESOLVED), Resolved, etc… This is so that it's easier to keep track of resolved and unresolved reports in the page list for licensing stuff. All the resolved issues should now all be clustered together in the same area of the page. Let's try and stick to this schema going forwards.

Wix Mirror Site (GreenWolfGreenWolf, 18 Jan 2016)

This site is apparently mirroring the wiki. It was brought up in this forum thread, as well as in #site17 and, surprisingly, in an email to the licensing email. Apparently it's linked to Roblox9. In order to actually view the content of the site however, you need to make an account with their web host/wiki farm, Wix, and then wait for the site administrator to approve your membership.

I've made an account under the licensing email (password is standard pass), and am currently waiting for a response on that membership application. Stay tuned as we'll have more as this story develops. — GreenWolf

ZHNGMAO SCP Containment Breach Logo T-shirts on Amazon (AthenodoraAthenodora, 9 Feb 2016)*

(Many thanks to Voct for the heads-up :)

So, there's this brand on Amazon selling, among their many, many other products, T-shirts with the logo from the Containment Breach game. Available in Kid's, Men's, Men's Long Sleeve, and Women's. As far as I can tell, there's no mention of CC BY-SA, the game or the wiki on any of those pages. - Athena

"Daughter of Shadows: An SCP Breach Event" game on Steam (AthenodoraAthenodora, 15 Mar 2016)*

Got a message from Petrograd from Licensing chat about this:

They do include a CC-declaration, which is pretty neat, although strictly speaking I guess they'd still need to add in attributions to Bright (as 029's author) and Regalis (since this is explicitly stated to take place 'in the same facility as "SCP: Containment Breach"').

Will draft up an email later - Athena

I took a look and saw that it includes a depiction of 173 in-game. They also need to be made aware that that is a HUGE no-no per our agreement with Kato, unless the game is going to be free like CB is. — Drewbear

This has gotten a bit more urgent, as they have started selling the game now. Have they been contacted yet and are just ignoring us, or has no one told them they can't do this? – GreenWolf

I sent an email and they got back to me within 30 minutes. They've sent a mail to steam to convert the game to free, and they've included a PDF both with the game and on the store page with proper attribution for each of the authors whose work is used in the game. Link to that announcement is here and the store page has a link to the PDF. This isn't closed until steam changes the game over to free, but it's heading that way, I'll keep an eye on the page.

Japanese SCP RPG (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 22 Mar 2016)*


SCP-JP's licensing people have confirmed that this is licensed correctly and have provided evidence to such effect. Big thanks to them for being both on the ball and responding promptly, because this could have been "lose sleep" level bad.
Pretty cool product, probably one of our largest exposures, and certainly the most legitimate project based on our material I've experienced. Worth checking out, if you know Japanese.
We're checking the status of individual articles with exceptional conditions (those being 173, Mewts, Dragon Snails) at the moment.

SCP: Project Outbreak (GreenWolfGreenWolf, 30 Mar 2016)*

An indie studio made an announcement on the subreddit earlier today announcing that they were working on an SCP game. Spikebrennan commented asking how they were dealing with the CC license, which sparked this comment chain where it becomes rapidly apparent that they have no idea how CC works. While people on the subreddit have tried to "explain" CC to them, they haven't been doing so very well.

Should probably keep an eye on this thing and send them an official response from licensing to clear stuff up.

Exodusshirts (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 4 Apr 2016)

Standard fanmade clothing/product thing, you all know the drill.
Here and here are the pages, products in collapsible below:

Roth graciously sent a cockroach letter via tumblr- that isn't dealt with one way or another in a week, we'll look at other options.

Jarvis Image Tutorial (anqxyranqxyr, 3 Mar 2017)

anqxyr I want to talk jarvis commands for image team at you
anqxyr the full command is .images, but .im is set to resolve to .images too, and that's what I usually use
anqxyr .im --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images {scan,update,list,notes,purge,search,stats,sync,add,remove,attribute,claim}
anqxyr those words jarvis just threw out are all subcommands of the .im command
anqxyr the can be used like that:
anqxyr .im subcommand some argumments --optional-arguments
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images {scan,update,list,notes,purge,search,stats,sync,add,remove,attribute,claim}
anqxyr as you see, if you enter something incorrectly, jarvis will respond with the usage prompt
anqxyr you can lookup usage for the individual subcommands like this:
anqxyr .im scan --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images scan pages
anqxyr .im search --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images search target [index]
anqxyr .im update --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images update target [index] [--url url] [--page page] [--source source] [--status status] [--notes notes]
anqxyr ok, a side word about the target [index] thing
anqxyr a lot of subcommands use it
anqxyr what it means, is that you can either enter the name of the page you want, e.g.
anqxyr .im list scp-002
jarvis anqxyr: - - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
anqxyr or you can enter the url of the image directly if it's handier in your circumstances
anqxyr .im list
jarvis anqxyr: - - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
anqxyr [index] is for pages which have several images on them
anqxyr .im search scp-020
jarvis anqxyr: Specified page includes 2 images. Please specify which image you wish to see.
anqxyr .im search scp-020 1
jarvis anqxyr:
jarvis anqxyr:
anqxyr so, if there's more than one image, jarvis will complain unless you specify which one
anqxyr some subcommands can work on multiple images, so for those omitting the index means "do it for all images on the page"
anqxyr .im list scp-020
jarvis anqxyr: - - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
jarvis anqxyr: - - - UNABLE TO CONTACT
anqxyr list is one, and I think purge is another, through I don't quite recall
anqxyr ok, now to the previously used workflow
anqxyr it'll be up to Vince whether you'll keep using it unchanged or change it somewhat or whatever, but the way it was meant to be used was
anqxyr a team member selects an image block, and claims it for themselves
anqxyr .im claim 2200-2299
jarvis anqxyr: The specified category does not exist or contains no images.
anqxyr (I'll talk about what just happened a bit later)
anqxyr then, they start scanning pages for those with images. Scanning can be done for multiple pages at once
anqxyr .im scan scp-2200 scp-2201 scp-2202 scp-2203 scp-2204 scp-2205
jarvis anqxyr: 8 new images have been added to the index.
anqxyr .im claim 2200-2299
jarvis anqxyr: Category successfully claimed.
anqxyr now, this is actually a bug, he shouldn't have let me do those things he just did, because I don't have op here
anqxyr will fix, but moving on
anqxyr once the pages are scanned, the team member starts searching for sources
anqxyr .im search scp-2200
jarvis anqxyr:
jarvis anqxyr:
anqxyr they click those links, and do the sourcing thing. Then they return to jarvis, and update the image index
anqxyr let's see the syntax for update again
anqxyr .im update --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images update target [index] [--url url] [--page page] [--source source] [--status status] [--notes notes]
anqxyr so, updating will look something like
anqxyr .im update scp-2200 --source --status public domain --notes photo taken in 1907
anqxyr --status can be only one of a predetermined list of statuses, specifically
anqxyr case insensitive, of course
anqxyr here's the flowchart of how to determine the status:
anqxyr it was in the topic of the old image team room, it's up to you where you want to keep it now
anqxyr or if you want to follow it at all
anqxyr ok, next stop
anqxyr once the image index has been update, some further actions may be required
anqxyr in case of CC or Permission Granted statuses, the image needs to be attributed. .im attribute takes care of that
anqxyr .im attribute --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images attribute page
anqxyr in case of Permanently Removed or Awaiting Reply statuses, the image code needs to be removed from the page
anqxyr .im remove --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images remove page images
anqxyr that subcommand removes image code, makes an announcement post in the page's discussion thread, and pms all authors and co-authors of the article
anqxyr also note that the images argument here is a list of full urls of the images that needs to be removed. This commands doesn't use the usual [page-name] [index-of-the-image] notation in order to avoid accidental mis-deletes
anqxyr ok, one thing I forgot to mention about .im update. The --notes argument allows storing a single line, and only in cases where no notes are already present
anqxyr for any other case, you want .im notes, which provides more parameters for note manipulation
anqxyr .im notes --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images notes target [index] [--append append|--purge|--list]
anqxyr .im notes scp-003 --list
jarvis anqxyr: There are no notes about this image.
anqxyr .im notes scp-004 --list
jarvis anqxyr: All found copies of the image refer to the version used by us.
anqxyr you can story multiple notes for the same image by using .im notes --append
anqxyr that covers all the commands an image team member will normally need to use
anqxyr the only ones not covered are .im stats and .im sync
anqxyr .im stats 002-099
jarvis anqxyr: 75 indexed images in this category ( AWAITING REPLY - 1, BY-NC-SA CC - 3, BY-SA CC - 3, PERMANENTLY REMOVED - 1, PERMISSION GRANTED - 5, SOURCE UNKNOWN - 10, UNABLE TO CONTACT - 2). Not reviewed - 50.
anqxyr that's what this one does, it's nifty but not strictly necessary for conducting reviews
anqxyr .im sync is an emergency command, there shouldn't be a reason to use it pretty much ever
anqxyr it overwrites the jarvis' copy of the image index with the one permanently stored at scp-stats. That should only be needed when the permanent copy had to be manually edited for some reason
anqxyr ok, unless I forgot something, that is all. Any questions?
anqxyr also, I'll probably copy-paste this entire rant onto 05 somewhere


Reserve Staff (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for Reserve Staff. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


If You Need Extra Help… (TroyLTroyL, 18 Jan 2014)

….make sure you contact Dexanote or myself, at the very least. We're going to be trying to keep a good gauge on who has time to do things, but we've got no idea what's going on unless you keep us updated on your current projects.



Rewrite Team (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Rewrite Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


SCP-475 is at +2 and may need a rewrite. (DrClefDrClef, 10 Jan 2014)*

It's at +2 and may need a rewrite

- Coincidentally, I was planning an Origins run about it, noticed it was low, and PMed the author asking permission to rewrite it.
- Rewrite is complete. Will keep an eye on it and see what the score turns into. Currently stable at +5.

SCP-491 is at -8 and in danger of deletion (DrClefDrClef, 12 Jan 2014)*

The guy who did a rewrite on this one and had it reverted got permission from Sal, so if he hasn't added it back up we could re-revert it to the rewritten version, which iirc was much better, language-wise.

Reimann has permission from Sal and took screenshots of the old article. Deleting it and allowing him to post anew.

SCP-491 has been rewritten, this issue is resolved

SCP-814 is at -4 and in danger of deletion. (DrClefDrClef, 12 Jan 2014)*

I have a rewrite of this one up currently, so I think we can shop it around to others. If Cryogen is on tonight we can do what we did for pope on a rope, just discuss the article as it is and how it could be improved.

Update: An official call for rewrite is up in the thread, complete with suggestions for fixing the description length, awkward wording, and Class of 76 link.

Update: Mr Carbon has agreed to do a rewrite of SCP-814. He is going to get back to us with his first draft on Sunday.

Update: SCP-814 has been successfully rewritten.

Officially Recognizing SCP Classic (RogetRoget, 12 Jan 2014)*

I think it's about time we recognized SCP Classic as an official spinoff site, especially since the guy gave Clef owner and such. It's such a great project for one guy to have done, I think the least we could do is link to it.

Troy: This sounds like a great idea, actually.
Clef: Wait, I'm owner? When did this happen?

awhile ago — Roget

SCP-150 (RogetRoget, 12 Jan 2014)

Is extremely short, and sort of boring. TheRaven has given me permission to expand it and make it more interesting, so I believe that, since it isn't in danger of imminent deletion, we should use our new method of long review posts designed to try and solicit as much feedback as possible, as detailed in one of the tabs on the main page. If anyone on the team wants to do the rewrite, please see me. - Roget


SCP-181 (RogetRoget, 13 Jan 2014)

Guy named SoultearSoultear wishes to rewrite SCP-181. Since he's been on the site for a day, I decided to let him write up a draft so we can see if he's got the chops to do this for reals.

SCP-664 (RogetRoget, 27 Jan 2014)

Please place SCP-664 up for a call to rewrite under the new system, if we have not done so already. Have my instructions to begin doing the announcement/review/what-have-you stuff been carried out yet, or is it being delayed?

e: Also he edited his article as recently as January of last year, so definitely take the effort to reach out and PM the guy.

SCP-1681 (CryogenChaosCryogenChaos, 1 Feb 2014)*

InfernalMaelstromInfernalMaelstrom has requested to rewrite currently failing article SCP-1681 (originally by Dr HamiltonDr Hamilton). I gave him the standard spiel and let him go at it, he's got until Monday to submit his draft.

Link to a screencap of the original article:

EDIT: InfernalMaelstrom informed me he has an exam on Monday and needed this weekend to study. I've extended the deadline to Friday for his draft.

EDIT: I've added a timer to the page for Friday to keep people from freaking out about a -83 and dropping article remaining undeleted and to give us an official deadline.

EDIT: InfernalMaelstrom sent me his rewrite here, under "1681 Rewrite".

SCP-166 (DrClefDrClef, 4 Feb 2014)*

I am putting SCP-166 up for rewrite. It's still positively rated, but I think we can do better than this with the themes we've got.

I'll put a detailed review of this up on the article's discussion page and I've been given permission by Roget begin the rewrite process. Naturally I'm going to seek Clef's input/blessing/collaboration on this~Vivax

Any word on this? ~Clef

Some Low rateds we could take care of (RogetRoget, 6 Feb 2014)*

SCP-1974 (Rating: -6, Comments: 24)
SCP-563 (Rating: -5, Comments: 22)
SCP-664 (Rating: -4, Comments: 33)

Xiao is the author of 1974, he might be persuaded to hop on the saddle and mess with it.

664, we could shop around. I haven't read it in awhile but it shouldn't be too hard.

UPDATE: Anaxagoras has volunteered to rewrite 664. I've sent him the PM, he'll get back to us by Monday hopefully.

UPDATE: Anaxagoras has relinquished rewrite responsibility of 664, and we have reassigned it to Musuko; PM sent.

Drewbear was concerned about 563, which is the article that got him on the wiki.

UPDATE: Drewbear said he would do a rewrite of 563. Hopefully we'll be able to get it patched up by Sunday or Monday.

Update: The 563 rewrite is live. I'm having some issues with the pics, but that may be because I'm on my work computer. I have a temporary workaround in place and will fix it for good once I get home. — Drewbear

Hopefully this trio will be the last we have to do these band-aid negative rating hail-mary rewrites for. With the list being finished, we can finally begin the actual review process. — Roget

SCP-179, SCP-360 and SCP-255 (CryogenChaosCryogenChaos, 12 Mar 2014)*

Well holy shit, apparently these three articles just silently slid under our radars.

SCP-255, currently at -4, an abandoned article that shouldn't be too hard to find a rewriter/updater for.

EDIT: Put it up for review, we'll see how that goes.

SCP-360, currently at -12, under the jurisdiction of Roget (Roget, when you see this please let us know what your plans are for this article).

EDIT: Welp, that's gone, and Aelanna's new article is there. Guess that's that.

SCP-179, currently at -12, under the jurisdiction of Heiden. I've contacted Heiden so hopefully we'll get this one resolved quickly.

EDIT: Heiden has given the article to the Rewrite team, and Montala wants to do a rewrite. I'm grantin' him the rewrite, sending him the standard spiel.

EDIT: So it's been a bit since Montala agreed to do the rewrite, and I haven't heard from him in awhile. I'm giving him two more days to give us an update, otherwise Reject is going to be given the rewrite.

EDIT: I've given the rewrite to Reject, who said he'll have it done by the 14th (a bit longer than our usual window, but I trust Reject). I want it made clear to everyone (as I told Roget and Reject) that this is the last time we pass off this article for a rewrite. If Reject doesn't get the rewrite done, the article will be deleted.

So yeah, these three need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

EDIT: It's been more than 2 weeks and both 179 & 255 are still unchanged and past the deletion threshold. Something needs to happen this week, either a rewrite posted, or a full-on deletion. -Drewbear

I already started the vote on 179 - Roget

Edit: I've started the vote on 255. —Drewbear, 4/8/14

Rewrite Process Proposal by Mulciber (CryogenChaosCryogenChaos, 4 Apr 2014)*

Mulciber sent me a PM outlining an idea he had for the rewrite process that both myself and weizhong thought was at least interesting, posting it here for consideration and discussion.

Just had an idea for rewrites I thought I would share. When an article is flagged for attention and a rewrite is proposed, do you often get more than one individual asking to perform said rewrite?
I thought it might be interesting to make rewrites into more of a competition, since those seem to garner a great deal of interest. If two or more folks are interested in rewriting an article, you could have them submit their rewrites anonymously and have the highest voted submission "win" the spot; similar to what was done with the 2000 contest but on a smaller, more regular scale. I think anonymity would be an interesting new twist as well. Voting based on content alone makes revealing the winner a bit more of an entertaining spectacle. It would also allow for wild, amusing speculation as to who wrote which proposed version.

Essentially a rewrite "mini contest" for articles with more than one volunteer. I could get behind that idea, since it could easily increase individual interest in rewrites by framing them as rewards instead of chores. Thoughts?

I think people would get too burned out on heavily promoted contests, which'd be a nightmare to administrate and keep relevant or interesting, but if we did it so whichever draft impressed the review staff the most could go, possibly with others being posted if the first one fails. But whole-blown contests are something I can't really get behind, at least not unless you can powerfully rebut "people getting sick of contests all the time". - Roget

Oh goodness no, a full blown contest for each rewrite would be unmanageable. But framing it in such a way where it's not a "contest" so much as a "write-off". You know, "These two/three/four writers want to rewrite the same article. But only one rewrite will be posted, while the others are put on the chopping block trash bin. It's write or flight here on Rewrite Champions!". A sort of "ongoing challenge" deal, I suppose. I admit this might also be difficult to manage, but I think it'd be fun as well. - CryogenChaos

Request to edit tale - Another Boring Day (ZynZyn, 15 Apr 2014)*

User Monocular Milkman recently contacted me in regards to get permission to edit a tale that's currently sitting at +10. I told them to contact Roget and have a proposed draft ready.

They've also made a post on the discussion page here:

EDIT: Gave them the edit opportunity. -CC

Request to edit SCP-122 (ZynZyn, 17 May 2014)

User legendaryweredragon recently made a post in the "Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the SCP?" forum thread, after his post in SCP-122's discussion thread went unnoticed (I think it's this one:

The rewrite request forum post can be found here:

To note, SCP-122 is currently at +63 and the user in question does not have any successful work on the wiki up yet. I've told them to contact the members of the Rewrite Team.

Anomalous Object/Extranormal Event Log Pruning (CryogenChaosCryogenChaos, 30 May 2014)*

So ProcyonLotor brought this up on the Site Crit page, and this falls under our jurisdiction, so here's the skinny:

Talking in staff chat, general consensus is the Collab Logs are incredibly bloated with low-quality content.
Of these, I'd say that Anomalous Objects and Extranormal Events are the areas of main concern (Bright's List, the only one of comparable size, is locked, last I checked).
This will have to be organized, obviously, but I felt it was a good idea to make a post, as similar suggestions have been agreed on and then forgotten about in the past.
I've made two separate sandboxes, one for each, where adjustments can be made once we set up a system.
Anomalous Objects
Extranormal Events

Edit- Log Of Anomalous Items is done.
Edit 2 - EE Log also done

1152 (AnboroughAnborough, 29 Jun 2014)

SCP-1152 has been brought up for rewrite; it's currently at -2.

1152 deleted; new article in its place.

Rewrite Guide and Policy Changes (djkaktusdjkaktus, 11 Sep 2014)

The Rewrite Guide has been posted with assistance from pretty much everyone.

A number of policy changes have been enacted, as well. For more information on the changes in policy, refer to the guide. Most of the changes are designed to streamline the process and make it the same between Series 1, 2, and 3 articles, so there's not a different procedure with all of them.

If you've got any questions or need clarification about the new policy, talk to either Troy or Cryo.

Tagging Things and the Heritage List (weizhongweizhong, 24 Nov 2014)

So Crayne has asked us to start tagging official Rewrite Team sponsored rewrites, aka no "I'm letting this guy rewrite this article for me, k thx" with the tag of "in-rewrite" to make it easier for keeping track of what needs to be deleted and what doesn't.

Also, we're getting asked to revamp the heritage list by the admins. Currently speaking, we have no official plan set in place for what we're doing, so we're open to all suggestions of what to do. This isn't limited to staff by the way, all ideas are welcome from anybody.


RE: The first paragraph. Cool. That makes stuff simpler.

I think that the second paragraph deserves a thread on the forum, as it's it's a minor BFD. What do they mean by "revamp," though? That's a word that can mean a lot of different things, particularly in this context.


Re: Heritage List

Yeah, I'd like some more clarification on what exactly you mean here. Also, try to get a hold of Clef. He was point man on it last time, although I don't know if he wants to do so again.


All that I'm aware of is that the Heritage list is currently considered flawed. Now, I haven't received any word about why exactly it is flawed, so that would be some nice info to get.

New Organizational Threads (Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus, 19 Nov 2018)

Ongoing rewrite requests and attempt records will be logged in this thread, as well as the results.

Collaboration log prunings will be run out of this thread, which also contains a record of the logs we curate.

- Erasmus

Site Criticism

Site Criticism (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for the Site Criticism Team. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


Deletion Votes (Communism will winCommunism will win, 11 Jan 2014)*

I feel that, in order to ensure that every piece gets enough criticism, we should start exercising our ability to vote against deletion in cases where we judge that a piece hasn't gotten enough critical attention and/or this team hasn't sent someone in to provide staff critique.

Any questions/comments/concerns, edit them in.

(from Eric H.) An idea: Deletion votes should be started by a member of the Site Criticism Team, and not started until the page has gotten enough critique. We should decide on what "enough" means. Or: If other Staff are going to start deletion votes, they need to be aware of that standard, and also make sure the article has been reviewed by someone on this Team.

This way, we don't go back and forth, undoing each others deletion votes.

(from TroyL) Just a quick note: I don't like the idea of only the Site Criticism team starting deletion votes, since voting on deletion (and thereby, starting the votes) is considered a universal staff right. I do believe that Eric has the germ of a good idea here, though, and that simple staff courtesy could be extended to things which haven't gotten critical attention. Otherwise, I like Scantron's initiative here.

(from Eric H.) Here's another possibility: Let the voting take place as it does now, but when an article has its 4 deletion votes, check the amount of criticism it has gotten. If it needs more, put off the deletion (maybe put one of those timers on it to keep track) and encourage more comments for a day or two. Maybe we need an "Articles the Criticism team needs to look at" page going here in O5, so we can quickly see what needs review?

(from Scantron) I'm worried that if we let pages get to four deletion votes, a mod that's not on the site criticism team will carry out the deletion before we can get to it. I feel like voting against deletion would accomplish the same thing and be somewhat "safer". I do like the "Articles the Criticism team needs to look at" page idea, though. If we make it, we should put it in a report, so that we'll automatically get notifications when it's updated.

(from Pig_catapult) Pages Needing More Concrit has been created.

Pages Needing More Concrit (Pig_catapultPig_catapult, 12 Jan 2014) is currently at -24 as of my writing, but only has 7 comments and very little in the way of criticism. ~Pig_catapult

Collab Log Pruning (ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 30 May 2014)

Talking in staff chat, general consensus is the Collab Logs are incredibly bloated with low-quality content.
Of these, I'd say that Anomalous Objects and Extranormal Events are the areas of main concern (Bright's List, the only one of comparable size, is locked, last I checked).
This will have to be organized, obviously, but I felt it was a good idea to make a post, as similar suggestions have been agreed on and then forgotten about in the past.
I've made two separate sandboxes, one for each, where adjustments can be made once we set up a system.
Anomalous Objects
Extranormal Events

This is Rewrite's Jurisdiction (mea culpa), and has been passed over to Cryo.

Rewrite Requests Thread (DecibellesDecibelles, 25 Nov 2015)

As a reminder, if someone wishes to rewrite an article, post in this thread. Put the SCP in the title, and state who originally wrote it and who wishes to rewrite, and what deadline (if any) is there. If you're handling the rewrite process, please make sure to post it in the thread, and report to me (or even reply to your post in the thread) with any significant updates (such as deadline changes, if the rewrite is being abandoned, if it's ready to go, etc.). The thread has been there for a while, but I'd like to use it to help keep better track of rewrites so they don't linger for ages. Thank you all! <3

~ Decibelle


Technical Staff (TroyLTroyL, 7 Jan 2014)

This is the first written report for Technical Staff. To write a report, simply create a new page using the new page template at the top of this tabbed document. All pages created using that tool will be logged here and kept.


Greasemonkey userscripts (CrayneCrayne, 17 Jan 2014)*

As requested by TroyL, two Greasemonkey scripts. Both are up for scrutiny and testing.

1. Jumpbox - adds a small textbox and a button next to your account information in the top right of the screen. It allows you to instantly jump to any article you want. Typing in only numbers will shoot you off to the relevant scip. Typing in a mix of letters and numbers, or only letters, will get you that page. So 'chat guide' will get the chat guide. Note that Wikidot takes care of the spaces in there, converting them to dashes.

Preface a title with [modifier]| to get a specific type of article. It makes sure that when you type 827 and want the tale by A Fat Ghost, you don't get SCP-827. Alternatively, typing out the entire pagename will do the trick too. I.e. both j|2006 and SCP-2006-J should get you SCP-2006-J.

  • j: for Joke articles (included a special fix for SCP-J)
  • x: for -EX articles
  • a: for -ARC articles
  • d: for -D articles
  • h: for hub pages (i.e. typing in h|unfounded should get you the Unfounded Canon hub page.
  • t: for tales

If you use any other modifier, it ignores it and acts like you only requested the page you specified after the pipe. I.e. typing o|chat guide will get you the chat guide, ignoring the unknown modifier.

Both an ENTER keypress and a click on the button work to submit.

Note: it doesn't check whether or not the page exists and it doesn't provide anything in the way of spelling correction. I didn't think that would add much when contrasted with the extra work/page load. Also, appearance can of course be pimped/tweaked/tuned and such.

2. Previous and Next buttons - Provides "« Previous" and "Next »" links at the top of any mainlist SCP article. Uses the already existing (and currently unused) action-area-top div, adding a bit of margin at the bottom to make sure it doesn't interfere with the page title. Works fairly fast, but does get slower when there's a lot of [ACCESS DENIED]s between the current page and the next eligible article. This is really only a factor in Series 3 at this moment. I tried to minimize the ajax calls to lighten the load on poor old Wikidot.

3. PM Shortcuts - Adds a small envelope image to the right of usernames produced with the Wikidot [[user XXXX]] and [[*user XXXX]] syntax. Click on the envelope to go directly to a new Wikidot PM addressed to that user. Image is contained within the script in base64 to avoid having to upload it somewhere.

4. Author karma - Replaces the karma bar with one that tells you how many pages the user has written for the site. This pulls info from Nala's Authors by Page Count page. Images are in the script in base64 to avoid having to upload them. Also adds the number and the date Nala's page was updated after the username.

Caveat: Nala's Authors by Page Count page doesn't seem to be updated at a regular interval, so figures may be off. Won't be off by enough to really affect the karma, I suppose. Secondly, Nala doesn't seem to count authors who've only created 1 page.

Karma classification:

# pages #bars
0 0
1-2 1
3-7 2
8-15 3
16-50 4
50+ 5

Nothing's set in stone, so if you have an idea for a better division, let me know.

5. Staff Identification - Adds a line below the username on forum posts to signify if a user is staff. Takes its cue from the Senior Staff list, but leaves out inactive members and chat operators/mods.


  1. Fixed your link, will use it today and let you know what I think. -bluesoul
  2. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next because it derped on -Js etc. - Crayne
  3. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next because I forget to exempt the hub tag - Crayne
  4. Will test it this weekend on Chrome, will let you know if it works. Using Tampermonkey. -Accel
  5. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next. Moved lastSeries variable out of the loop, kept getting overridden and cause problems on the first SCP in a series. - Crayne
  6. Uploaded new version of Jumpbox, malfunctioned when supplying it with input that contained uppercase 'SCP' - Crayne
  7. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next to account for untagged pages (didn't show up there) - Crayne
  8. Adding two more: PM-shortcut and Author-Karma - Crayne
  9. Fixed L4 and L5 karma bars not being rendered for Author-Karma - Crayne
  10. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next to account for pages that haven't been created yet (previous fix for untagged pages meant that while it now did run on created pages without tags, it also ran on non-existent pages) - Crayne
  11. Uploaded new versions of PM Shortcut and Author Karma scripts to make them run after switching to the second page of results on pages like Recent Posts etc. - Crayne
  12. Uploaded new versions of most scripts to comment out console.log calls, added new script Staff Identification - Crayne

Tagging guidelines (CrayneCrayne, 10 Jun 2014)

1. When to tag articles

  • If a page posted less than 24 hours ago has a majority of downvotes: don't bother to tag it.
  • If a page posted less than 24 hours ago has a majority of upvotes: tag it as soon as possible.
  • If a page posted less than 24 hours ago is hovering between -10 and +10: give it 24 hours to see if it sticks around, then tag it.

This will make sure we don't spend valuable time and energy figuring out tags for pages that are gone a day later.

2. Would this tag apply?

Try to imagine a user looking to find articles with that tag. Are they going to be happy if the article you're looking at comes up in the list of results? In other words: does it make sense for it to be in the search results.


a. We have an article about sentient ape-like beings that are able to travel in time, though that's only demonstrated in the final addendum. You'd tag this with temporal, because it's an ability they have and it's relevant if you're looking for scips connected with the 'temporal' tag.

b. The same article, no temporal fuckery, but in the last addendum the interviewed being presents the doctor with an ornately engraved stone carved by one of its artists. You wouldn't tag this with either 'engraved' or 'stone', because this has no bearing on the core concept of the scip. If you were searching for articles tagged with 'stone', this one would probably piss you off if you found it in the results.


Feel free to add questions, or .tell/Wikidot PM with them and I'll answer them below.

Unused Tags (AccelerandoAccelerando, 24 Jun 2014)*

Just noting some tags that I've found either aren't being used or have no official description.

  • saurian - Used in SCP-1378 by Aelanna, removing for now. I won't add reptilian, since she most likely would have added that herself if she wanted to.
  • conversation, epistolary, fable, monologue - All in Drewbear's workshop. Contacting him first in case he was experimenting with something.

Will update if anything else comes up.

I believe those tags had to do with additional tale tags that were being considered. -TroyL

They are indeed for that purpose, those tags in particular were lifted from the Wanderers Library tag system. - Roget

Yeah, they were put in there when I was kinda-sorta exploring new tags for Tales to try to make them easier to search for. I put 'em on my sandbox so the search function on the page would register something. I can take 'em out if need be. — Drewbear

If you're done with them, feel free to remove them. :) -Accel

Before they're removed… Did we ever decide on using them for anything? -TroyL

The conversation on what new tags, if any, to use for Tales kinda petered out without any resolution. I had originally suggested genre tags until it was rightfully pointed out that that's subjective as shit, which left the stylistic suggestions above. I had also suggested "poem", but that was later independently covered by the new "poetry" tag. As far as I know, there's been no final decision on new tags for Tales. — Drewbear

I believe this is Crayne's bailiwick. Thoughts on more specific tags for tales, Crayne? -TroyL

Since no one's answered the comment on the discussion page, why not Zoidberg?

On the subject of tale-specific tags: there's a couple of approaches if you want tales to be tagged in more detail. One would be genres, but as Drewbear pointed out, that's going to be subjective chaos. I could also see a series of tags for common themes like 'romance', 'betrayal', 'character-death', 'violence', 'paranormal' etc. (not saying all these are very good example - this would take a lot of hashing out), so people could find tales that have themes in common.

In addition, series could get their own tags providing they adhere to a few rules (x number of installments, coherent storyline etc.?)

Thoughts? - Crayne

New tags. (weizhongweizhong, 26 Jun 2014)*

So, while people were on the subject of unused tags, I felt that we should also have a space to discuss new tags. One in particular that Crayne and I have discussed before was a tag for butterfly SCPs (i.e "lepidopteran") given that we have quite a few of those. Feel free to post more tag suggestions here. -weizhong

We already have lepidopteran. On a side note, I was thinking of making a tag for Internet SCPs, to go along with Computer, or maybe supersede it. - Accel

We have a lot of limb SCP's, like the buried giant, your leg, friendly graveyard and Hoboken bunion emergency. Suggesting an 'extremity' tag.

I'd like to propose the rewrite tag again. Roget brought it up once or twice in the past, and I think it makes sense to have it now as a method of finding, cataloging, and keeping track of articles that have been rewritten extensively. -TroyL

I'm not so sure about the extremity tag, because it feels weird to have one tag for limbs only and not other body parts. It feels a bit too specific. If Crayne approves, though, I won't argue.

I really like the idea of a rewrite tag. There isn't any reason keeping it from already being a tag, I would gladly start working on finding the articles for this one. -Accel

A. Extremity might be too specific, yes. Broadening the definition to bodypart or something similar would include more articles. We'll need to think about that (and about a better word than bodypart).

B. The rewrite tag. First off, apologies to Roget for not getting back to him sooner. I meant to and then completely forgot. My thoughts:

1. At its core, the tagging system should serve readers, letting them find similarly themed articles. That means tags should describe what an article is about, or in the case of meta tags, what it is. They're permanent unless rewritten, in which case the tags might change. The proposed rewrite tag is, by definition, a temporary status. Someone would need to remove it after enough time has passed, and that creates a manual workload. Roget's rewrite team is willing to do that, but that's not the point. It's making something harder for no really good reason. Which brings me to the next point.

2a. Ostensibly, the new tag would be to increase visibility of rewrites. I personally don't see the point of labeling something as a rewrite so it can gather more attention. A far more efficient way to do this is to ensure it has the same exposure as any other newly posted article: by doing a delete and post, and not just overwrite the existing article. If one simply edits the old page, there's going to be an certain amount of downvotes relating to the older version that will never be revisited; when a new version is posted in its place, it'll get the same deal as new articles. Well, it will be a new article.

2b. If the history of the page needs to be maintained (which I personally question, a rewrite means the old version wasn't up to snuff, why keep it around?), we have multiple options: we could post it on SCP Classic, we could keep screenshots on the page, we could collapse the old version in the comments etc.

3. Even if the Rewrite team maintains the tag conscientiously, at what point does a rewrite stop being a rewrite? It really seems like an arbitrary time period.

Of course, I can see how the rewrite team might benefit from a tag like that, but since it's fundamentally different from how the tagging system works (and IMHO should work), I'm not positive we should do this.

I see what you're getting at, Crayne. I think.

I guess I didn't get all the information on how this tag would work, because I assumed it would remain on an article indefinitely (like featured). A featured article never becomes not featured, so how does an article that's been rewritten become not rewritten? I could see how it would be seen as the normal article and not a rewrite over time, but rewrites happen only every so often; there would likely be periods where we would end up with no articles with the rewrite tag if we removed it from articles after a certain amount of time.

I'm not sure if I would agree with the tag being used as a sort of announcement page for new rewrites, since we already have stuff to do that. I was thinking that this would simply let people know what articles have been changed and have original versions out there. This sort of tag would make the !tags command for the chat bot a bit more helpful for people trying to find things (and should definitely be put on the site itself). -Accel

Could/should we have a tag for something like this page? Something like "system"? My concern is that it is effectively invisible right now, and I don't like invisible pages that no one knows about or can reach. -anqxyr

The use of categories makes tags kind of superfluous there. A warning like Aelanna put on components might be a good idea though. - Crayne

Tag guide edited, tags added (CrayneCrayne, 5 Nov 2014)

- Edited the tag guide to include a new tab: "Staff Process Tags". These signify that an article is in a predetermined process like "rewrite" or "deletion". More tags might be applicable.

- Renamed the "rewrite-in-progress" tag to "in-rewrite". Tag was requested by the rewrite team but does not seem to be used at the moment. Please do use it, or I will remove it again.

- Added the "in-deletion" tag. Goal is to keep better track of articles with deletion votes, so the votes don't get missed.

ListPages code for your workbench, modify for "in-rewrite" of course:

[[module ListPages tags="+in-deletion" order="rating desc" perPage="50" separate="no" prependLine="||~ Title||~ Rating||~ Created||"]]
||%%title_linked%%||%%rating%%||%%created_at%% ||

Edit: this also works:

New timers (CrayneCrayne, 10 Dec 2014)

Replaced Aelanna's timer tool with the new page that's been in test for a while. It can generate three types of timers:

  1. Deletion timers: pages in deletion range are automatically taken from a list on my workbench (but that list can be put on any page). Each page eligible for deletion either shows a link to get the appropriate post content (including a timer if it's an early deletion) or the message that deletion's been started (if the page's been properly tagged with the 'in-deletion' tag)
  2. Ban timers: you have the choice of whether to start from the moment you hit the button at the bottom of the form, or to set a specified start date/time. You can also select a few predefined lengths for the timer, or supply your own. Hitting the button will generate the timer code to include in your page or post, and a preview of said timer.
  3. Generic timers: same as ban, but timer shows a different message.

A Tales Page for the Future (CrayneCrayne, 10 Dec 2014)


So, let's consolidate all those loose ends here. LurkD and djkaktus are working on a revamp of the Tales page, trying to automate its composition and provide multiple ways of accessing the little bastards.

Up till now, as far as I understand it, the biggest problem has been sorting alphabetically by author. This is problematic because it's impossible to pull a ListPages by the first letter of the author's username. The solution would then lie in (preferably hidden) tags. This presents a few problems of its own:

  1. Hidden tags aren't actually hidden, they still show up underneath the page, only not in the tag cloud. Thanks Wikidot. I solved this by introducing a CSS selector to the site theme that detects whether the link for that tag underneath a page starts with "/system:page-tags/tag/_" and then setting "display: none;". This works, the hidden tags are now actually hidden.
  2. The initial work involved. All tales would have to be tagged for the initial run. This is easily automated though.
  3. The on-going work involved. All tales should henceforth be tagged with _[LETTER], where [LETTER] is the first letter of the author's username.

A drawback of automation in general is that we have no way of making sure tales that were either rewritten, or posted by someone for another member, is attributed to the right author. Well, you can always change the tag, but that doesn't really produce what you want it to. For example, I posted 'Freaky Commodities' for Reject, and changing the hidden tag on there from '_c' to '_r' would only move the page to the 'R' page, not suddenly list Reject as the author. This is something we need to accept if we want this to remain an actual Wikidot page.

The other option we have is to generate all 26 pages periodically. The pros of that would be that the script can use the API and also use Alexandra's Rewrite page to make sure tales get listed under the right author. However, that would be a radical departure from what LurkD has been doing.



  1. Has wikidot gotten around to introducing a way to override the page's metadata for its own modules, or is that still a pipedream? -TroyL

*TroyL, my guess is this a ways off. I'll look into this further and hopefully get back to you. -LurkD
* Elaborate? What's the problem exactly? - Crayne

  1. The "Excerpt" part seems like it just takes the first X characters from the tale, which isn't really indicative of anything that the tale is about, and leads to gems like "Project Crossover Dial S For SCP This is an…" being the description. Is there any way to allow the author to modify the excerpt? If not, I think that scrapping that part of this might be in order. - Gaffs
    • As far as I know, this is under construction and would indeed allow authors to write their own blurb. If they don't the first X characters would be shown. Feel free to correct me, Lurk or Troy. -Crayne
    • Gaffs, you can use 0 size font (which is essentially invisible text) to customize a tale blurb. Just put it after the rating module and the system will pick it up. Note, it is still limited by a set number of characters. -LurkD
    • Fair enough. Maybe mention that somewhere in hub page. - Gaffs


Tales Hub

djkaktusdjkaktus Has put together a master hub for the future tales page. Look through it when you have a chance: LINK


djkaktus edit: Ok so I had anqxyr tag everything automatically. Worked like a dream, which is great. LurkD, feel free to finish putting together those modules, in the style of this ( page.

As an aside, I think we should make these component pages instead of full pages, so they won't show up on the recently created list. Maybe have the set be "Foundation-tales-author" and then, for example, have the "A" page be "Foundation-tales-author:A" or something whatever idk you guys are the tech nerds.

Anyway, once we get all 26 pages together, it's go time. I'll roll out the hub, we can get the 7 "foundation-tales-year" pages out, and create a few more for the other stuff and WHAMY. We're done.

Thoughts on this?

Tagging deputies (CrayneCrayne, 11 Feb 2015)

I've been doing this unofficially for a while now, but I want to give members who have demonstrated the ability to correctly tag articles the freedom to do so.

Right now, what I do is I give people who want to tag the opportunity to suggest tags for untagged articles. I run over those tags with them, discussing why a tag is or is not applicable, and if they demonstrate the capability to do so without making mistakes, I don't revert their tagging.

I'll add more people to this list below once there are more people.

DrShy xPIGx

Now, there's people on staff who tag their own articles. That's fine, I trust you guys to select the right ones, but if you hesitate on tagging, please just ask for advice.

Interim Appointment (RogetRoget, 27 Nov 2017)

In my capacity as interim contact Admin for the technical team, I am appointing DrMagnus as the interim captain to be confirmed or changed when a more permanent contact admin is established - roget

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