Project Foundation


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Date Project Proposed: Forever ago (27/12/2017)
Team Member Assigned: MayDMayD (UI Work)
Date of Completion: (TBD)

Project Description

Wikidot, while our benevolent overlords, is not a particularly permanent platform for the wiki. As such, multiple proposals have been made to move us off of wikidot.

Let's figure out if that's possible.

Proposed Solution/Technical Specification

  • Phase 1 - Exploration of Concept
    • What tools do we have now?
    • What features are "must haves"?
  • Phase 2 - Primary Planning
    • Divvy up work to technical members, and create a feature timeline
    • Buy alcohol for the Technical Captain. (Optional)
    • Determine what kind of platform we'd need in order to make this happen
    • Determine what kinds of liability we face, as owners of the platform.
  • Phase 3 - Initial Build
    • Get some kind of prototype functioning as a proof of concept.
  • Further phases reserved.
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