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This area is for the stories that involve sex. Long, slow burning romances, with plenty of wind up, or cheap, trashy one shots, its your call. The same rules for the Tales section apply here, but there's some others as well.

First of all:

  • This area is for good writing only. No crap. We'll be the most critical here of all places, so if your fiction is ripped apart, don't say we didn't warn you.
  • Even here, there's a taboo list. No heavy snuff, necrophilia, or toddlercon. Attempts at this material and your ass will be banned back to the stone age. 'Nuff said.
  • You can't just put stuff up. There's an application page below where you submit your stories. If its good, we'll take it. If its not, we won't. This won't be a biased thing. We'll accept it if it's written well. That's really the main obligation.

Story Applications

NOTE: We are no longer accepting erotic fiction. Please do not submit your adult story.

Accepted Stories

085: A Romance in 2.5 Dimensions] by Clef
What Love Is, pt 1 by Dr. Rights: A discussion about the nature of love with the good surgeon.

These tales are currently folded into the main tales section of the SCP Library. -Troy

TL:DR You can no longer apply to post ero-fics as there aren't enough reviewers still with the site, and it was a dumb idea anyway. So sorry, but no more SCP porn on site.

Clef's Hints

So you've got this great idea for an 231/105 lesbian romance story and you want to make it happen. Great. Welcome to the wide, wonderful, and disgusting world of SCP erotica.

And welcome to one of the toughest, most strenuously moderated sections of the wiki.

The biggest problem with erotic fiction, and one that makes SCP Foundation members cringe, is the fact that it tends to attract the lowest common denominator of any fandom. The general attitude tends to be that character, plot, and canon are secondary to fap/schlick material. If you get turned on by it, does it really matter whether it fits the storyline?

The answer is yes.

One of the appeals of the SCP Foundation wiki is that the entire site has a coherent feel to it. The staff takes great pride in strictly moderating submissions to weed out the Mary Sues, the badly written, and the simply inappropriate. We plan to maintain that same level of quality here.

So let me begin with the deadly sins of SCP erotica.

DEADLY SINS (or: if you do this, you WILL get rejected)

Breaking Canon

"So I've got this great idea for a romantic slash fic between 073 and 076…"


Stop right there! Please turn to SCP 076, and read the entire article CAREFULLY. Read these lines:

Concepts such as sex, love and equality are completely foreign ideas to SCP-076-2, or at least in comparison to its way of viewing them. Subject has shown that it is completely disinterested in sex, barely differentiating between genders except as a form of visual identification. In short: Abel is absolutely uninterested in anything involving sex at all, or love for that matter. He's a psychopathic killer who takes pleasure only in ending life… and not even in inflicting pain, so no s&m master stories either. Keep to canon.

There's a list of problematic SCPs at the end of this article: read it over and make sure that your SCP is not on the list.

Bad Writing

"so Oskar was a sientist and he was a hermafrodyte which ment he had a p0n0s and a vag000 imagen that!"

… oh please. We wouldn't condone that crap on a regular SCP page, we won't condone it here either. Hell, we'll be even MORE strict.

Things that will get your fic rejected: grammar/spelling errors, bad formatting, purple prose, IKEA porn, mary-sues, plagiarism, Draco in Leather Pants, no plot, no characterization, massive plotholes, general suckiness. And if you don't know what one of those is, google it. Please.

Failure to Follow Instructions

This includes:

  • Creating a new page for your fic without first getting it approved.
  • Not signing your fic.
  • Delving into the "forbidden" areas (pedophilia, necrophilia, graphic gore). This can not only get your fic rejected, but it can get you banned. I repeat, DO NOT INCLUDE GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF PEDOPHILIA, NECROPHILIA, OR GORE IN YOUR FICS. If you have any questions about whether a story crosses the line, PM me or Kain in private FIRST.
  • Failing to edit or revise a fic when asked to do so.

DANGER ZONES (might not get you rejected right away, but is likely to cause you to fail review.)

Lack of SCP "feel"

Remember that the SCP Foundation began as a series of creepypastas on 4chan. Any fiction, and that includes erotica, needs to have that same feel. There are few, if any, happy endings in the Foundation: this is a world where the good guys are psychopathic mass murderers, because the bad guys are far far worse. Ask yourself this: does my fic feel like it belongs in the same universe as SCP-173? If the answer is no, then rewrite.

Original Author's Request

The SCP Foundation is a wiki, and to an extent, most of the content here is open for anyone to use. To an extent.

Put it this way: if the original author is around, sees your hot steamy erotica about their beloved creation, and is squicked out enough to ask us to take it down, we will. If you're not sure, ask the author through PM for permission first.

Other Authors' Avatars

If you want to use another Author's original character (like Kain, Dr. Rights, or Dr. Clef), you MUST get their permission first.

Crossovers with other Fiction

I don't care how hot you think it would be to see 105 and Hermione Granger get it on. Keep that stuff away from here.

Self Insert

Problematic because it tends to turn into Mary Sue-ism. The line is hard to draw, but basically, if it turns into, "Dr. Glass makes love to all the female SCPs in order," then you've definitely crossed the line.

Unrealistic Sex

Anal without lube? Gallons of semen? Rejected Fanfic. Do some research… hands on or not. :)

Dr. Kondraki's One Rule

Clef made everything I said redundant, so I'll cut it down to one simple rule.


Adult Section: Problematic SCPs

Here's a list of SCPs that are problematic or inappropriate for erotic fiction, and why.

SCP-076 Killing machine with no interest in sex.
SCP-166 Celibate by oath.
SCP-336 Stifles feelings of love in immediate vicinity.
SCP-228 Incredibly hostile towards organic life.
SCP-082 A problematic definition of "eating out"
SCP-239 Hello, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC…
SCP-112-ARC Really just a bad idea for everyone involved.

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