Meet Staff Overhaul


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Date Project Proposed: 5/12/2017
Team Member Assigned: ChaoSeraChaoSera
Date of Completion: TBD

Project Description

Multiple people have complained about the meet the staff page.

ZynZyn posted on the forums regarding this update.

Summarized points:


  • TroyL
  • LurkD
  • Dr_Kens
  • Faminepulse


  • Did I miss any retired staff?
  • Should there be any "retired" section, or should the entries just be removed?
  • Anything else we should do with the page w.r.t. retired staff?

Proposed Solution/Technical Specification

ChaoSeraChaoSera has begun work on his sandbox and any further questions can be added to this page, as well as further concerns.

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