Final Report


The information here is not up-to-date and may be inaccurate.

It is preserved for historical purposes. Please avoid editing this page.

Due to the amount of furor over the author's quitting the site, this page was created to log the incident entirely and make sure that the final records of his banning are preserved.

The following PM was received by site staff:1

Hey, my name is <Name Removed by Staff at Request of User>. I have a deviantart account and I'm a long time fan of the SCP foundation. I wanted to send you all a message to let you know that one of my pages has been copy/pasted to your site in its entirety. I've been making SCPs on deviantart for over a year, but I've never had the guts to post one. Someone copy/pasted one of these to your site. This is the link on your site2. This is my link of DA3.


Following recipt of this message, three administrators (DrMann, Drewbear, and TheDeadlyMoose) all independantly investigated the situation and found that the DA user was correct in their assertion. The user in question was one RonaldStimson4 who has been a user of the site for a few years now.

Original join date was approximately May 2009. Deletion date was approximately Decemeber 13, 2013.

Brief Log from SuperSekritStaffChat:

<&thedeadlymousse> You guys all know about the stimson issue, right?
<@Roget> What is the stimson issue?
<Dmatix> Someone copy/pasted a deviantart scp
<Dmatix> And it actually did good.
<@Roget> Seriously?
<&DrMann> Seriously.
<&thedeadlymousse> Seriously. And now, we're trying to decide how harsh we should be.
<~Bright> I say perma
<&DrMann> I tend to agree.
<&thedeadymousse> I will third that.
<&TroyL> Yeaahhh… this is pretty cut and dry, I think.

The decision was made to ban the user from the site fairly quickly, given the extremely obvious and poorly done plagarism (including using the image the DA user actually designed for the SCP on the site).

Logs from SuperSekritStaffChat and Collected PMs concerning the "RonaldStimson" incident:

Following this incident, user Ronald Stimson deleted his account. No pages of his are currently left on the site after the deletion of his final page. The user's author page was removed and later restored from backup. Currently, none of the author's other works are preserved.

Requiescant in pace.

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