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It is preserved for historical purposes. Please avoid editing this page.

These links refer to pages which have been relocated from the primary wiki to here for the sake of site history. Additionally, some of these pages were always native to O5, but pose a significant, worthwhile historical context for one reason or another. These pages are here for no reason beyond this and may be removed after a time if they are judged completely irrelevant.

  • Old Adult Pages - Archived when people quit trying to post smut of Able and call it art.
  • The Site19 Employee Handbook - Archived from the main site as an example of some of the early, more fun work that was produced.
  • TKID - "The King is Dead" is currently posted to the main site, but this page is retained here for the discussion which took place on it.
  • Security Breach - Someone who actually believed the site was real. The first "real believer" we had.
  • Man's Inhumanity To Mann - A few humorous logs of Mann's interactions with people.
  • How to Do it Wrong - Originally "Stuff We Keep to Make Fun Of," this page is a remnant of a less kind time in the site's history. Primarily kept for history's sake and because it's good to have a thing to point to and say "This is something we did wrong, and we know why we did it wrong. Let's not do that again."
  • Original Frontpage - Original front page after site rebuild. "Does the black moon howl?"
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