Anti-Harassment Team Hub

This is not the place for reporting harassment. Please follow the instructions in the Anti-Harassment Policy.

The Anti-Harassment Team is the staff team of the SCP Wiki concerned with handling and counteracting harassment cases between users. In contrast to the Disciplinary Team, the Anti-Harassment Team's cases are not reported in an 05 thread and are strictly confidential. More specifically, the Anti-Harassment Team's responsibilities are:

  • Investigating and dealing with harassment issues on the main site or IRC.
  • Working with administrators, moderators, and chat operators to deal with issues, receiving complaints, and recommending courses of action when necessary.
  • Acting as primary contacts for harassment complaints on both the main site and IRC.
  • Maintaining the Anti-Harassment Policy.

Most members of the team are also chat operators, so that they can also deal with chat-based harassment.

If you would like to speak with the Anti-Harassment Team regarding miscellaneous issues, please inquire in #site17 or message a member of the team. If you wish to report harassment, please follow the instructions in the Anti-Harassment Policy.

If there are issues with this page, please contact a member of the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team.

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