Adjunct Staff Policy

The following document outlines a new rank of staff, alongside the existing ranks of Junior Staff, Operational Staff and Admin. This fifth rank of staff — Adjunct Staff — exists partially outside and below the traditional staff structure, and confers significantly lower powers and expectations than any of the other three ranks. For the purposes of any policies that call for "X level of staff or higher", it is considered below Junior Staff.

Adjunct Staff

At the discretion of any Team's Captain, individuals who are not currently active staff may be designated as Adjunct Staff. These are staffers who manage some critical site externality, which, for whatever reason, is exclusive to them. This might be ownership of an externality, unique access to a specific resource, or some level of expertise on a given subject that the staff body as a whole would benefit from retaining.

It is expected that the Adjunct Staff position only be given to trusted individuals. The reasoning for making a given user Adjunct may be public or private as appropriate, but at minimum reasoning must be provided to admins and captains, so that administration is able to review it.


The Adjunct Staff position is not a promotion track position. Unlike Junior Staff, which is viewed as a temporary position that staffers will eventually graduate from, the Adjunct Staff position is permanent, and can reasonably be expected to last indefinitely. As such, the Adjunct Staff position does not expire. It may be removed following Disciplinary action, a VoNC, voluntary retirement, or at the decision of a Captain.

Should a Adjunct Staffer want to formally join staff, they may do so at any time. In such a case, they are to be given the appropriate staff rank for their previous involvement on staff. (e.g. — If they have never been staff before, or were only ever a Junior Staff member while on staff, they become a Junior Staff. If they once held a higher rank, they become an Operational Staff member.) No additional review is needed at this stage, but the Adjunct Staff position does not obviate any other review required (e.g. a determination of good standing for returning to Operational Staff).

Chat and 05 Access / Voting

Adjunct Staffers are to be treated as non-staff users when it comes to access to the SCP Official Staff Server (SOSS) and 05Command. They are invited to join SOSS, but will be given the "Observer" role, alongside a unique vanity role for Adjunct Staff. This second role will only display a different color and not carry any additional permissions. They will not be granted 05 access on account of being a Adjunct Staffer, but may gain such permissions if otherwise appropriate (i.e. being chat staff.)

At the discretion of a Captain, a Adjunct Staffer may gain access to team resources (chat spaces, tools, etc.) as deemed necessary. Their access to these team resource is at the discretion of the Captain.

Adjunct Staff are not voting staff, and should use 04 Mirrors to contribute to policy discussions. Should a discussion directly pertain with the resource an Adjunct Staffer manages, they may request to speak in the 05 thread and have comments ported there. This is, as before, at the discretion of the Captain, but should only deal with conversations that deal directly with an Adjunct Staffer's resource. For example, an Adjunct who manages a social media platform is invited to speak on 05 for matters regarding that social media platform, but no other issues.

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