Unused Tags

Just noting some tags that I've found either aren't being used or have no official description.

  • saurian - Used in SCP-1378 by Aelanna, removing for now. I won't add reptilian, since she most likely would have added that herself if she wanted to.
  • conversation, epistolary, fable, monologue - All in Drewbear's workshop. Contacting him first in case he was experimenting with something.

Will update if anything else comes up.

I believe those tags had to do with additional tale tags that were being considered. -TroyL

They are indeed for that purpose, those tags in particular were lifted from the Wanderers Library tag system. - Roget

Yeah, they were put in there when I was kinda-sorta exploring new tags for Tales to try to make them easier to search for. I put 'em on my sandbox so the search function on the page would register something. I can take 'em out if need be. — Drewbear

If you're done with them, feel free to remove them. :) -Accel

Before they're removed… Did we ever decide on using them for anything? -TroyL

The conversation on what new tags, if any, to use for Tales kinda petered out without any resolution. I had originally suggested genre tags until it was rightfully pointed out that that's subjective as shit, which left the stylistic suggestions above. I had also suggested "poem", but that was later independently covered by the new "poetry" tag. As far as I know, there's been no final decision on new tags for Tales. — Drewbear

I believe this is Crayne's bailiwick. Thoughts on more specific tags for tales, Crayne? -TroyL

Since no one's answered the comment on the discussion page, why not Zoidberg?

On the subject of tale-specific tags: there's a couple of approaches if you want tales to be tagged in more detail. One would be genres, but as Drewbear pointed out, that's going to be subjective chaos. I could also see a series of tags for common themes like 'romance', 'betrayal', 'character-death', 'violence', 'paranormal' etc. (not saying all these are very good example - this would take a lot of hashing out), so people could find tales that have themes in common.

In addition, series could get their own tags providing they adhere to a few rules (x number of installments, coherent storyline etc.?)

Thoughts? - Crayne

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