A Tales Page for the Future


So, let's consolidate all those loose ends here. LurkD and djkaktus are working on a revamp of the Tales page, trying to automate its composition and provide multiple ways of accessing the little bastards.

Up till now, as far as I understand it, the biggest problem has been sorting alphabetically by author. This is problematic because it's impossible to pull a ListPages by the first letter of the author's username. The solution would then lie in (preferably hidden) tags. This presents a few problems of its own:

  1. Hidden tags aren't actually hidden, they still show up underneath the page, only not in the tag cloud. Thanks Wikidot. I solved this by introducing a CSS selector to the site theme that detects whether the link for that tag underneath a page starts with "/system:page-tags/tag/_" and then setting "display: none;". This works, the hidden tags are now actually hidden.
  2. The initial work involved. All tales would have to be tagged for the initial run. This is easily automated though.
  3. The on-going work involved. All tales should henceforth be tagged with _[LETTER], where [LETTER] is the first letter of the author's username.

A drawback of automation in general is that we have no way of making sure tales that were either rewritten, or posted by someone for another member, is attributed to the right author. Well, you can always change the tag, but that doesn't really produce what you want it to. For example, I posted 'Freaky Commodities' for Reject, and changing the hidden tag on there from '_c' to '_r' would only move the page to the 'R' page, not suddenly list Reject as the author. This is something we need to accept if we want this to remain an actual Wikidot page.

The other option we have is to generate all 26 pages periodically. The pros of that would be that the script can use the API and also use Alexandra's Rewrite page to make sure tales get listed under the right author. However, that would be a radical departure from what LurkD has been doing.



  1. Has wikidot gotten around to introducing a way to override the page's metadata for its own modules, or is that still a pipedream? -TroyL

*TroyL, my guess is this a ways off. I'll look into this further and hopefully get back to you. -LurkD
* Elaborate? What's the problem exactly? - Crayne

  1. The "Excerpt" part seems like it just takes the first X characters from the tale, which isn't really indicative of anything that the tale is about, and leads to gems like "Project Crossover Dial S For SCP This is an…" being the description. Is there any way to allow the author to modify the excerpt? If not, I think that scrapping that part of this might be in order. - Gaffs
    • As far as I know, this is under construction and would indeed allow authors to write their own blurb. If they don't the first X characters would be shown. Feel free to correct me, Lurk or Troy. -Crayne
    • Gaffs, you can use 0 size font (which is essentially invisible text) to customize a tale blurb. Just put it after the rating module and the system will pick it up. Note, it is still limited by a set number of characters. -LurkD
    • Fair enough. Maybe mention that somewhere in hub page. - Gaffs


Tales Hub

djkaktusdjkaktus Has put together a master hub for the future tales page. Look through it when you have a chance: LINK


djkaktus edit: Ok so I had anqxyr tag everything automatically. Worked like a dream, which is great. LurkD, feel free to finish putting together those modules, in the style of this (http://scpsandbox2.wikidot.com/djkaktusiv) page.

As an aside, I think we should make these component pages instead of full pages, so they won't show up on the recently created list. Maybe have the set be "Foundation-tales-author" and then, for example, have the "A" page be "Foundation-tales-author:A" or something whatever idk you guys are the tech nerds.

Anyway, once we get all 26 pages together, it's go time. I'll roll out the hub, we can get the 7 "foundation-tales-year" pages out, and create a few more for the other stuff and WHAMY. We're done.

Thoughts on this?

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