Tagging guidelines

1. When to tag articles

  • If a page posted less than 24 hours ago has a majority of downvotes: don't bother to tag it.
  • If a page posted less than 24 hours ago has a majority of upvotes: tag it as soon as possible.
  • If a page posted less than 24 hours ago is hovering between -10 and +10: give it 24 hours to see if it sticks around, then tag it.

This will make sure we don't spend valuable time and energy figuring out tags for pages that are gone a day later.

2. Would this tag apply?

Try to imagine a user looking to find articles with that tag. Are they going to be happy if the article you're looking at comes up in the list of results? In other words: does it make sense for it to be in the search results.


a. We have an article about sentient ape-like beings that are able to travel in time, though that's only demonstrated in the final addendum. You'd tag this with temporal, because it's an ability they have and it's relevant if you're looking for scips connected with the 'temporal' tag.

b. The same article, no temporal fuckery, but in the last addendum the interviewed being presents the doctor with an ornately engraved stone carved by one of its artists. You wouldn't tag this with either 'engraved' or 'stone', because this has no bearing on the core concept of the scip. If you were searching for articles tagged with 'stone', this one would probably piss you off if you found it in the results.


Feel free to add questions, or .tell/Wikidot PM with them and I'll answer them below.

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