New timers

Replaced Aelanna's timer tool with the new page that's been in test for a while. It can generate three types of timers:

  1. Deletion timers: pages in deletion range are automatically taken from a list on my workbench (but that list can be put on any page). Each page eligible for deletion either shows a link to get the appropriate post content (including a timer if it's an early deletion) or the message that deletion's been started (if the page's been properly tagged with the 'in-deletion' tag)
  2. Ban timers: you have the choice of whether to start from the moment you hit the button at the bottom of the form, or to set a specified start date/time. You can also select a few predefined lengths for the timer, or supply your own. Hitting the button will generate the timer code to include in your page or post, and a preview of said timer.
  3. Generic timers: same as ban, but timer shows a different message.
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