New tags.

So, while people were on the subject of unused tags, I felt that we should also have a space to discuss new tags. One in particular that Crayne and I have discussed before was a tag for butterfly SCPs (i.e "lepidopteran") given that we have quite a few of those. Feel free to post more tag suggestions here. -weizhong

We already have lepidopteran. On a side note, I was thinking of making a tag for Internet SCPs, to go along with Computer, or maybe supersede it. - Accel

We have a lot of limb SCP's, like the buried giant, your leg, friendly graveyard and Hoboken bunion emergency. Suggesting an 'extremity' tag.

I'd like to propose the rewrite tag again. Roget brought it up once or twice in the past, and I think it makes sense to have it now as a method of finding, cataloging, and keeping track of articles that have been rewritten extensively. -TroyL

I'm not so sure about the extremity tag, because it feels weird to have one tag for limbs only and not other body parts. It feels a bit too specific. If Crayne approves, though, I won't argue.

I really like the idea of a rewrite tag. There isn't any reason keeping it from already being a tag, I would gladly start working on finding the articles for this one. -Accel

A. Extremity might be too specific, yes. Broadening the definition to bodypart or something similar would include more articles. We'll need to think about that (and about a better word than bodypart).

B. The rewrite tag. First off, apologies to Roget for not getting back to him sooner. I meant to and then completely forgot. My thoughts:

1. At its core, the tagging system should serve readers, letting them find similarly themed articles. That means tags should describe what an article is about, or in the case of meta tags, what it is. They're permanent unless rewritten, in which case the tags might change. The proposed rewrite tag is, by definition, a temporary status. Someone would need to remove it after enough time has passed, and that creates a manual workload. Roget's rewrite team is willing to do that, but that's not the point. It's making something harder for no really good reason. Which brings me to the next point.

2a. Ostensibly, the new tag would be to increase visibility of rewrites. I personally don't see the point of labeling something as a rewrite so it can gather more attention. A far more efficient way to do this is to ensure it has the same exposure as any other newly posted article: by doing a delete and post, and not just overwrite the existing article. If one simply edits the old page, there's going to be an certain amount of downvotes relating to the older version that will never be revisited; when a new version is posted in its place, it'll get the same deal as new articles. Well, it will be a new article.

2b. If the history of the page needs to be maintained (which I personally question, a rewrite means the old version wasn't up to snuff, why keep it around?), we have multiple options: we could post it on SCP Classic, we could keep screenshots on the page, we could collapse the old version in the comments etc.

3. Even if the Rewrite team maintains the tag conscientiously, at what point does a rewrite stop being a rewrite? It really seems like an arbitrary time period.

Of course, I can see how the rewrite team might benefit from a tag like that, but since it's fundamentally different from how the tagging system works (and IMHO should work), I'm not positive we should do this.

I see what you're getting at, Crayne. I think.

I guess I didn't get all the information on how this tag would work, because I assumed it would remain on an article indefinitely (like featured). A featured article never becomes not featured, so how does an article that's been rewritten become not rewritten? I could see how it would be seen as the normal article and not a rewrite over time, but rewrites happen only every so often; there would likely be periods where we would end up with no articles with the rewrite tag if we removed it from articles after a certain amount of time.

I'm not sure if I would agree with the tag being used as a sort of announcement page for new rewrites, since we already have stuff to do that. I was thinking that this would simply let people know what articles have been changed and have original versions out there. This sort of tag would make the !tags command for the chat bot a bit more helpful for people trying to find things (and should definitely be put on the site itself). -Accel

Could/should we have a tag for something like this page? Something like "system"? My concern is that it is effectively invisible right now, and I don't like invisible pages that no one knows about or can reach. -anqxyr

The use of categories makes tags kind of superfluous there. A warning like Aelanna put on components might be a good idea though. - Crayne

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