Greasemonkey userscripts

As requested by TroyL, two Greasemonkey scripts. Both are up for scrutiny and testing.

1. Jumpbox - adds a small textbox and a button next to your account information in the top right of the screen. It allows you to instantly jump to any article you want. Typing in only numbers will shoot you off to the relevant scip. Typing in a mix of letters and numbers, or only letters, will get you that page. So 'chat guide' will get the chat guide. Note that Wikidot takes care of the spaces in there, converting them to dashes.

Preface a title with [modifier]| to get a specific type of article. It makes sure that when you type 827 and want the tale by A Fat Ghost, you don't get SCP-827. Alternatively, typing out the entire pagename will do the trick too. I.e. both j|2006 and SCP-2006-J should get you SCP-2006-J.

  • j: for Joke articles (included a special fix for SCP-J)
  • x: for -EX articles
  • a: for -ARC articles
  • d: for -D articles
  • h: for hub pages (i.e. typing in h|unfounded should get you the Unfounded Canon hub page.
  • t: for tales

If you use any other modifier, it ignores it and acts like you only requested the page you specified after the pipe. I.e. typing o|chat guide will get you the chat guide, ignoring the unknown modifier.

Both an ENTER keypress and a click on the button work to submit.

Note: it doesn't check whether or not the page exists and it doesn't provide anything in the way of spelling correction. I didn't think that would add much when contrasted with the extra work/page load. Also, appearance can of course be pimped/tweaked/tuned and such.

2. Previous and Next buttons - Provides "« Previous" and "Next »" links at the top of any mainlist SCP article. Uses the already existing (and currently unused) action-area-top div, adding a bit of margin at the bottom to make sure it doesn't interfere with the page title. Works fairly fast, but does get slower when there's a lot of [ACCESS DENIED]s between the current page and the next eligible article. This is really only a factor in Series 3 at this moment. I tried to minimize the ajax calls to lighten the load on poor old Wikidot.

3. PM Shortcuts - Adds a small envelope image to the right of usernames produced with the Wikidot [[user XXXX]] and [[*user XXXX]] syntax. Click on the envelope to go directly to a new Wikidot PM addressed to that user. Image is contained within the script in base64 to avoid having to upload it somewhere.

4. Author karma - Replaces the karma bar with one that tells you how many pages the user has written for the site. This pulls info from Nala's Authors by Page Count page. Images are in the script in base64 to avoid having to upload them. Also adds the number and the date Nala's page was updated after the username.

Caveat: Nala's Authors by Page Count page doesn't seem to be updated at a regular interval, so figures may be off. Won't be off by enough to really affect the karma, I suppose. Secondly, Nala doesn't seem to count authors who've only created 1 page.

Karma classification:

# pages #bars
0 0
1-2 1
3-7 2
8-15 3
16-50 4
50+ 5

Nothing's set in stone, so if you have an idea for a better division, let me know.

5. Staff Identification - Adds a line below the username on forum posts to signify if a user is staff. Takes its cue from the Senior Staff list, but leaves out inactive members and chat operators/mods.


  1. Fixed your link, will use it today and let you know what I think. -bluesoul
  2. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next because it derped on -Js etc. - Crayne
  3. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next because I forget to exempt the hub tag - Crayne
  4. Will test it this weekend on Chrome, will let you know if it works. Using Tampermonkey. -Accel
  5. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next. Moved lastSeries variable out of the loop, kept getting overridden and cause problems on the first SCP in a series. - Crayne
  6. Uploaded new version of Jumpbox, malfunctioned when supplying it with input that contained uppercase 'SCP' - Crayne
  7. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next to account for untagged pages (didn't show up there) - Crayne
  8. Adding two more: PM-shortcut and Author-Karma - Crayne
  9. Fixed L4 and L5 karma bars not being rendered for Author-Karma - Crayne
  10. Uploaded new version of Previous/Next to account for pages that haven't been created yet (previous fix for untagged pages meant that while it now did run on created pages without tags, it also ran on non-existent pages) - Crayne
  11. Uploaded new versions of PM Shortcut and Author Karma scripts to make them run after switching to the second page of results on pages like Recent Posts etc. - Crayne
  12. Uploaded new versions of most scripts to comment out console.log calls, added new script Staff Identification - Crayne
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