Staff Purview

This is a short guide designed to lay out what articles are under "staff purview," defined here as "the scope of control that staff exerts on the articles on the site." This is a fairly narrow list with very specific circumstances.

1.) Staff always have the ability to edit articles to correct formatting, add voting modules, or fix minor errors. Staff may also edit to articles to standardize them. For example, capitalizing SCP or moving measurements over to metric. Other site culture shifts (such as the change from amnesiac to amnestic) also fall under this category, though authors may revert these changes—and face the consequences for doing so with the voting public.

2.) All system pages, official guides, major site hub pages, and similar, integral site documents are under Staff Purview at all times. Major edits to such pages should be proposed and discussed publicly on 05 prior to enacting them.

3.) At any time, an author can willingly give control of their articles to staff by making a statement saying such.

4.) Staff currently consider "older articles" to be under the control of staff if they are considered abandoned. To determine if an article is abandoned, simply see if the author has been active on the site within the past five years. If they have, then the article is not considered abandoned. If they have not, then it is abandoned, and falls under staff control. This also includes authors who have "given their articles to someone else for safe keeping." If both users have been inactive for this amount of time, then these articles fall under staff control.

Note that an author can always prevent this from happening with their articles by simply stating their wishing (via PM, post/edit on their author page, etc), and any returning author has full authority to revert any and all changes staff have made to their articles. Furthermore, authors who publicly expressed desire at any point (including more than five years ago) to not have their articles altered will have their wishes respected as well. The Rewrite Team has control over these articles, and the Captain should authorize any and all changes. The Rewrite Team has the ability to empower other groups to perform changes to articles for the purposes of site improvement (such as the Wikiwalk Targeted Team).

If an article under Staff Purview has been found to be plagiarized or contains some similarly rule breaking material, then the offending material (up to and including the entire article) should be deleted. The Disciplinary Team should handle this process, and any issues arising from it, as this is a case of rules violation.

Please remember that we are working in good faith to keep the site up to date, constantly improve ourselves, and keep the site fresh for years to come. Using Staff Purview to cause a negative reaction, punish someone you dislike, or cause damage to the site is grounds for demotion.

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