Staff List: Chat
Name Chat Status Wiki Status
BounclBouncl / Imants Chat Admin Wiki Moderator
DexanoteDexanote Chat Admin Wiki Admin
DrKensDrKens Chat Admin Wiki User
Pig_catapultPig_catapult Chat Admin Wiki Moderator
QuikngruvnQuikngruvn / Teratophobia Chat Admin Wiki Admin
Sophia LightSophia Light / Light Chat Admin (Inactive) Wiki Moderator
SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity / Soulless Chat Admin Wiki Admin
thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose Chat Admin (Owner) Wiki Admin
TroyLTroyL Chat Admin (Inactive) Best Admin
Aiden EldritchAiden Eldritch / Snugglewumps Chat Operator Wiki Staff
AthenodoraAthenodora / Dora / Athena_Grey Chat Operator Wiki User
DrClefDrClef / Clef Chat Operator Wiki Admin
EldritchCadenceEldritchCadence Chat Operator Wiki Staff
LilyFlowerLilyFlower / Lily Chat Operator Wiki Staff
MrAnakinSpecterMrAnakinSpecter Chat Operator Wiki User
minminminmin / shayshay Chat Operator Wiki User
PhotosyntheticPhotosynthetic Chat Operator Wiki Admin
ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor Chat Operator Wiki Moderator
RogetRoget / Bananaman Chat Operator Wiki Admin
salvagebarsalvagebar Chat Operator Wiki User
SilberescherSilberescher Chat Operator Wiki Admin
Serv BotServ Bot / Servbot / Hoofsy Chat Operator Wiki User
TheDuckmanTheDuckman / Bright Chat Operator Wiki Admin
Tuomey TombstoneTuomey Tombstone / Tuomey / Nuke_Fury Chat Operator Wiki Staff
TyGentlyTyGently Chat Operator Wiki User
WogglebugWogglebug Chat Operator Wiki Staff
A Random DayA Random Day / ARD Chat Half-Operator Wiki Staff
AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist / Niles Chat Half-Operator Wiki Staff
anqxyranqxyr Chat Half-Operator Wiki Admin
ChaoSeraChaoSera Chat Half-Operator Wiki Staff
Lex1nat0rLex1nat0r Chat Half-Operator Wiki User
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