Deletion Votes

I feel that, in order to ensure that every piece gets enough criticism, we should start exercising our ability to vote against deletion in cases where we judge that a piece hasn't gotten enough critical attention and/or this team hasn't sent someone in to provide staff critique.

Any questions/comments/concerns, edit them in.

(from Eric H.) An idea: Deletion votes should be started by a member of the Site Criticism Team, and not started until the page has gotten enough critique. We should decide on what "enough" means. Or: If other Staff are going to start deletion votes, they need to be aware of that standard, and also make sure the article has been reviewed by someone on this Team.

This way, we don't go back and forth, undoing each others deletion votes.

(from TroyL) Just a quick note: I don't like the idea of only the Site Criticism team starting deletion votes, since voting on deletion (and thereby, starting the votes) is considered a universal staff right. I do believe that Eric has the germ of a good idea here, though, and that simple staff courtesy could be extended to things which haven't gotten critical attention. Otherwise, I like Scantron's initiative here.

(from Eric H.) Here's another possibility: Let the voting take place as it does now, but when an article has its 4 deletion votes, check the amount of criticism it has gotten. If it needs more, put off the deletion (maybe put one of those timers on it to keep track) and encourage more comments for a day or two. Maybe we need an "Articles the Criticism team needs to look at" page going here in O5, so we can quickly see what needs review?

(from Scantron) I'm worried that if we let pages get to four deletion votes, a mod that's not on the site criticism team will carry out the deletion before we can get to it. I feel like voting against deletion would accomplish the same thing and be somewhat "safer". I do like the "Articles the Criticism team needs to look at" page idea, though. If we make it, we should put it in a report, so that we'll automatically get notifications when it's updated.

(from Pig_catapult) Pages Needing More Concrit has been created.

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