Site Criticism Team Hub

The Site Criticism Team is the staff team of the SCP Wiki concerned with providing critique to published articles on the site. Additionally, it is their responsibility to ensure critique on published articles are kept up to standard. More specifically, the Site Criticism Team's responsibilities are:

  • Responding to posted articles, and attempting to ensure no posted article (SCP/Tale/GoI Format) goes without critique.
  • Keeping criticism at an acceptable level of quality by preventing dogpiling and countering bad advice with stronger ideas.
  • Reporting continued criticism policy violations to the Disciplinary Team.
  • Assisting the Rewrite Team by giving suggestions for improvement on articles.
  • Maintaining How To Write An SCP in conjunction with the Forum Criticism Team.
  • Proposing changes to other existing guides or documentation as necessary, particularly the Criticism Policy.

This team is only responsible for published articles. The team responsible for forum critique is the Forum Criticism Team, mentioned prior.

If you have any questions or concerns, please inquire in #thecritters or message a member of the team.

If there are issues with this page, please contact a member of the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team.

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