This is a sandbox page.

It is not approved or active policy. It is a draft, and as such, may be incomplete.


  • Assorted 001 page changes

We chose a random order because most readers tend to read in order and we prefer if they don't just read the old stuff. We do have an option to sort by date posted and we are making that more prominent. (are making — if this is a small change can we do it now?)
-arcs are only on the site for preservation reasons, we are not interested in making them easy to find.
INT 001 proposals can go onto the 001 hub at the discretion of the translator. (Is this official policy? Did we formally decide this? Should we announce this/ask the ambassadors to clarify within -INT as part of a method to build bridges?)

  • Tales hub organization

We don't see any reason to sort tales alphabetically when it comes to discovery. Furthermore, the previous alphabet sort was technically burdensome, and left out all tales after 2019. Genre hubs will be implemented when collections finishes tagging. (possible to give timeline, % of progress for collections, how a site member could get involved if they wanted to?)

  • Tales by series on the sidebar

Changes to aid tale discovery have been made. We have added the Series Hub link to the sidebar and have streamlined the Tales By Series Pages. However, the exact forms of this response have not for the following reasons:
1) "Serious damage to cohesion" is hyperbole.
2) If there is such a thing as site cohesion, it has not meaningfully existed since series 2/3
3) Most of the active links will concentrate around the most famous scps, or dedicated tale series, so the tales by series disproportionately favor earlier series navigationally

  • Assorted

There isn't really anything actionable here and the clutter functionality tradeoff is something we are always looking into.


  • Better usage of tags


It can be difficult to identify tales with missed tags, because they often only get the "tale" tag. We'll make additional effort to be sure that we're checking whether or not recent tales were tagged by a member of the tagging team. We think that the additions of genre tags should reduce improper self tagging of tales by making it more noticeable to tagging when someone has done this.


  • Create genre tags, MTF tags and other tags

MTF tags are allowed and can be applied for under the groups criteria under standard protocol
Genre tags is an ongoing process by collections

Guide Updating

  • Update the writing guide


We recently rewrote the "how to write an SCP" guide, go check it out.

  • Update guides in general


Unfortunately, yes, we do have a shortage of people who wish to rewrite guides. It's an ongoing problem. Assembling a team to start tackling them is difficult, because there simply isn't sustained interest in doing it.
It is important to note though that anyone can rewrite a guide - assuming it's a high-quality rewrite. If you or someone else sees a guide that is in need of updating definitely tell us, but don't hesitate to take a crack at it yourself. (framing: should we put this as "if you come to us with something better, we will implement it", or do we want to leave it as is?)

  • Request on a how to finish writing an SCP guide


We don't know that this is the kind of guide that staff can create and have it be helpful. Struggling to finish a work can come from a myriad of different places. WHile there are no strong intentions by staff to make such an article we would endorse an essay by any of our users on this. (as a personal note, I dislike this sort of vague promises because it's pushing the issue down the line. I think it would be kinder and clearer to say that this would be more the realm of an essay and that staff likely cannot formally make a guide on this.)


  • Wikidot bugs

When a Wikidot page is open for a while, it will eventually be unable to perform some actions that require talking to Wikidot's servers (editing, viewing page history, etc.). The only remedy is to reload the page. This is a Wikidot restriction we cannot work around. (Should we put a formal explanation of how to get around the infinite saving glitch anywhere? At this point we might need to lmao.)

> None of these problems cannot be solved on staffs end and require intervention on behalf of wikidot. When Wikijump happens bugfixes will be under staff control.
  • Add novotes

The voting system on Wikidot is very simplistic, and the lack of neutral votes is one way in which they do not properly meet our needs. The addition of neutral votes is one change we would like to make when on an independent platform, and software support for it already exists within Wikijump. (A personal note: a piece that I find would deserve a novote is often one I feel inclined to comment on for similar reasons. Should we encourage such commentary as part of our official response, with the obvious caveat that such comments must follow site rules?)

  • Unified Theme hub

The hub pages sigma-9-themes and black-highlighter-themes already exist, however they are not unified or officially staff-run. this is a change that would only take labor as opposed to intense ideation. does anyone have interest in doing so

  • End-user customizable CSS

This is not a feature we can given Wikidot restrictions. When on a new platform, there are several quality-of-life improvements and user customization changes that we would like to make regarding CSS. In the mean time, this can be controlled per-user to a degree by use of the S-CSS-P browser extension.

  • Easier way to find unused SCP numbers

The best way to do this currently is to open a Series Page and use your browser search function to look for [ACCESS DENIED].

  • We really need wikijump

We are working on it! Software development is complicated, though due to some staff changes we are making much better progress. Follow the blog for updates: https://wikijump.org/ ##red|the blog hasn't been updated in 3 months. In contrast, the github and JIRA are active hotbeds of development. Can we direct users to this instead?

  • Series navigation module

This is user purview.

  • CSS issues

This issue has been resolved thanks to the new CDN.

  • Theme use requirements

This was previously a requirement for all themes on the site, but resulted in some unusual situations where quality themes were put in a scramble to find some arbitrary article to attach them to to avoid deletion. The current approach recognizes that (given it fulfills the requirements in the CSS Policy) themes can be works of art in their own right, which can even inspire authors who want to write an article which fits a previously-unused theme.

Additionally, Wikidot does not charge per page, only for file usage. Deleting theme pages does not save the site any money, and when on an independent platform, the cost of one page is minuscule and should not be a limiting factor to creativity.

  • Mark user as abusive wikijump request

Wikidot has a feature to "mark a user as abusive", but how it functions is complicated and non-obvious, and the reports it gives are anonymous, which make the feature unhelpful. If you know of a user who is acting abusively, the fastest response you can get is if you message a staff member. (Do we want to explain how this is used on the staff end, because we're able to make some use of it?)

On an independent platform, having a robust user safety system is a priority, and being able to report users is a component of that.

  • Add a way to block users in wikijump

On Wikidot, you can block users from sending you DMs, though it is cumbersome to do: https://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/blocking-on-wikidot. There is no way to block other items (e.g. forum posts) from users. This is a user safety concern which should be addressed with platform independence.

* Wikidot already has a block feature: see here, https://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/blocking-on-wikidot

  • Request for wikidot css primer

The short answer is maybe. We have the Wiki Syntax and SCP Style Log linked on the Guides Hub. The long answer depends on if anyone currently has the intent to do something formal, but if the people who are really good at themes view them as works of art, then a more in depth guide would depend on if those people feel they're up to teaching such things. Leaving this question open.



As a rule, contest-runners tend to be tight-lipped about the exact execution and plans for further contests. I would not be opposed to putting some of these contest-related discussions under a blanket "We will take this under advisement" and providing no concrete promises for follow-up.

  • Contest timing
  • Kcons are too long

This needs a response.

  • More solo contests
  • Ban previous winners from Kcons

No. This is worrying about a scenario that has not happened before, as no singular kcon winner has ever won more than once. This is penalizing people for writing good, which is not something that we wish to promote.
Last year, a similar suggestion was made to ban all previous winners from x000 contests. The reasons for not implementing this suggestion, as provided below, still apply to barring previous winners from actually winning.
As stated last year:
while this suggestion does have some obvious benefits while only affecting a minor part of the userbase, it will likely have a lot more side-effects than anticipated: Penalizing success like this could lead to people trying to write articles that are good but don't win in order to avoid the penalty. Removing some of the site's most prolific authors from what is the most well-known contest might make casual readers start to tune out. In reality this will only affect a small handful of authors, only changing who is taking the spotlight rather than truly killing the issue at the core.
Similar suggestions in future years will not be entertained and will be met with a repeat of this.

  • more art contests pls

Data Analytics

  • Bring back town halls

Agreed, that is why we ran a town hall, we will be more clear about calling it a town hall in the future

  • Request for verbatim posting of complaints
  • Remove anonymous posting for town halls

We are debating this, however we do see the value of anonymous submissions being greater than the likelihood of malicious complaints (see the discord section).
Next year, I (LORD) am thinking of including an optional "how may we follow up with you" field and the disclaimer that "if you do not include contact info, we reserve the right to ignore your anonymous complaint. I would like staff consensus on this plan before committing to it in writing.

Adult Content Curation

  • Remove all erotica from the wiki


MAST's Adult Content Curation team has reviewed this, and we're firmly opposed to this request. This is for a few reasons:

  • NSFW and erotic material are perfectly valid material to post on a site with 18+ membership. The fact that underage users may be accessing this material is unfortunate, but that's not a strong enough reason to police the community's works in such a way.
  • The ACC team will splash any material that rises to the level of being adult.
  • This move would eliminate a vast number of previous works. This isn't a reason that can stand alone, but it should be taken into account with the others.
  • NSFW is an unenforceably broad category.
  • Extend ACCs jurisdiction to requiring usage of the image blur component on images


MAST's Adult Content Curation team has reviewed this, and we do plan to incorporate some policy involving the blurring of images. This is currently being workshopped, and we will open it to discussion when we have a firm plan.


  • Concerns over the quality of IRC crit

We're interested in improving the quality of IRC crit, not shutting it down. We'll be pursuing a two-pronged approach, both technical and interpersonal. From a technical end, we're in the process of soft-launching a new and improved version of The Lounge which aims to dramatically lower the barrier to entry for IRC. On the interpersonal end, our current captain of IRC crit has had limited availability due to other commitments and will be appointing a new interim captain by the end of the month. We can always use more critters in #thecritters, and we'll be actively recruiting for IRC crit in the near future. (This response is out of date. We have a new IRC crit captain with plans to improve IRC crit. IRC crit as a brainstorming channel has also been floated iirc. Waiting on an update.)

Front page features

  • Complaints about front page self promo

Requesting permission to port over all discussions of this from staffchat on how front page promos are chosen. Last year, we (being the CO team at the time) made promises regarding this that we had no power to enforce or promise.


  • Delete the non rewritten Harmony articles

Discord Team

  • Usernames are redacted for privacy

The Discord team is currently investigating reform to help address these sorts of concerns. See http://05command.wikidot.com/forum/t-16224463/discussion-discord-staff-team-needs-restructure

  • Complaints of (non discord) staff line toeing on the discord

We are working on this, though do note that one of the users that was banned here was a former high ranking staff member who was banned for their conduct.

  • Issues with discord moderators

We do need some examples of poor moderator behavior in order to make this actionable
If you see a moderator acting poorly please report this to a server admin

  • 19cord VonC mechanism request

We are looking into a mechanism for this (If we aren't then it's more honest to say that no changes will be made.)

  • Trans topics being disproportionately shut down

We are unaware of trans topics being disproportionately shut down and are kinda confused about this. 19cord does dedicate itself to being a trans friendly space so please speak out about this.


  • Bring back recap


Internet outreach

  • Better outreach to offsite communities

##red|Personally I'm not familiar with external communities enough to know if this is viable or how much appeal there really is. From brief discussions I believe the IO team views its role as to help the external community on their own terms instead of trying to force them into what the onsite community wants from its fanbase — given that, not sure how viable this plan is. Need input.


  • Harassment in -INT spaces

We can't say that much specifically without knowing further details, other than that each branch has its own AHT procedures or local equivalent to report harassment to. Speaking specifically of the SCP-INT discord, any harassment should be repeated to chat admins, because harassment and other hateful behaviour is grounds for a ban from the discord server. (Response should be explicit that evidence of bigotry is required.)

General Wiki Staff

  • Creation of an article review Squad

Staff of the SCP Wiki cannot endorse downvote brigades. If you do not believe that an SCP is deserving of its score the best vector to change that is to downvote and leave a comment explaining why in such a way that observers will agree.

  • Concern over staff overreach WRT Bright/shaw

The Shaw thing was entirely unrelated to staff. DJkaktus (who is not staff) decided on this by himself and several authors followed him. Staff have no plans to conduct a mass edit of Bright.

  • I actually want to take this space to thank all the staff for the amazing work you do with the wiki. It's not easy to maintain such a big website, thank you for giving us a great experience and allowing us to live in the SCP Universe in a great way. Thanks again, you people are great.

Thank you for your kindness!

  • Expropriation of old unused GoI hubs
  • Dealing with underaged users in offsite locations

We do not have any intention to do this. (Need to give a reason why — we aren't babysitters? We cannot take the responsibility of internet safety onto ourselves? 'Onboarding' is a term for corporations, not for hobbyists communities?)

  • Total ban on age lowering discussion

Banning staff from discussing things in totality is non-productive. Especially given that new information can very much change staffs policy here.
In any case there is no appetite for relitigating this given how unproductive this discussion was last time and how it ultimately had little impact on the final vote.

  • Site bans for offsite harassment

Please report any offsite harassment to the anti-harassment team

  • Request for an investigation of ambassador behavior over ES-incident

To avoid a repeat of the 2-year review following the November 2020 incident, I would request that our response includes 1) the scope of the investigation 2) the people who are the primary investigators 3) an idealized timeline for the investigation 4) the point at which the investigation should be finished, and who to complain to if it is not.
As a note, we have little ability to request the 2 retired ambassadors to remain silent, and we have some evidence that they have already shared records of their claimed cited misconduct to interested parties e.g. via Twitter.
Either that, or we state that the behavior was found to be appropriate and/or no further action will be taken and/or no further investigation is needed. I can't comment on which course of action accurately reflects reality.

  • Issues with certain staff members

No intention to act upon this.

  • Issues with staff being to lenient on some users

This is too vague to act upon. (Are we willing to sign off on leaving it at that? Should we specify why the rules appear to be applied unevenly? Should we highlight who people should report to (Disc) and that the rules have to be actual rulebreaks?)

  • No abstentions on promos

This was the prior system, and it was changed after a 21-comment discussion, no dissent on the mainsite mirror, and 20 yes votes and 0 no votes when voted on. If you would like to formally re-open this discussion taking into account this info, please do so in the policy discussion forum.


  • Delete 2212 for being unfinished

"unfinished" is usually given as it not having a conprocs and description. you can vote down 2212. (Maybe it's worth clarifying this rule — "unfinished" is entirely arbitrary. Maybe the spirit of the rule is that "the userbase will not tolerate unfinished work, and if it does, the work by definition is 'finished' enough to stay up"? Clarify that "nobody will be investigated for downvote brigading/malicious downvoting for downvoting work that appears unfinished (account for human disagreement)? There is enough wiggle room in that rule for this complaint to arise year-over-year. I would prefer to shut it down with some level of finality.)

Likely out of our hands

  • Slow down posting

We on staff don't really have any way to change this, though Kcons has fairly consistently been a year and a half apart from each other.

  • More quality control

Nobody is obligated to explain their downvote. Please vote according to your opinions of a piece.

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