Tagging Things and The Heritage List

So Crayne has asked us to start tagging official Rewrite Team sponsored rewrites, aka no "I'm letting this guy rewrite this article for me, k thx" with the tag of "in-rewrite" to make it easier for keeping track of what needs to be deleted and what doesn't.

Also, we're getting asked to revamp the heritage list by the admins. Currently speaking, we have no official plan set in place for what we're doing, so we're open to all suggestions of what to do. This isn't limited to staff by the way, all ideas are welcome from anybody.


RE: The first paragraph. Cool. That makes stuff simpler.

I think that the second paragraph deserves a thread on the forum, as it's it's a minor BFD. What do they mean by "revamp," though? That's a word that can mean a lot of different things, particularly in this context.


Re: Heritage List

Yeah, I'd like some more clarification on what exactly you mean here. Also, try to get a hold of Clef. He was point man on it last time, although I don't know if he wants to do so again.


All that I'm aware of is that the Heritage list is currently considered flawed. Now, I haven't received any word about why exactly it is flawed, so that would be some nice info to get.

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