Some Low rateds we could take care of

SCP-1974 (Rating: -6, Comments: 24)
SCP-563 (Rating: -5, Comments: 22)
SCP-664 (Rating: -4, Comments: 33)

Xiao is the author of 1974, he might be persuaded to hop on the saddle and mess with it.

664, we could shop around. I haven't read it in awhile but it shouldn't be too hard.

UPDATE: Anaxagoras has volunteered to rewrite 664. I've sent him the PM, he'll get back to us by Monday hopefully.

UPDATE: Anaxagoras has relinquished rewrite responsibility of 664, and we have reassigned it to Musuko; PM sent.

Drewbear was concerned about 563, which is the article that got him on the wiki.

UPDATE: Drewbear said he would do a rewrite of 563. Hopefully we'll be able to get it patched up by Sunday or Monday.

Update: The 563 rewrite is live. I'm having some issues with the pics, but that may be because I'm on my work computer. I have a temporary workaround in place and will fix it for good once I get home. — Drewbear

Hopefully this trio will be the last we have to do these band-aid negative rating hail-mary rewrites for. With the list being finished, we can finally begin the actual review process. — Roget

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