SCP-179, SCP-360 and SCP-255

Well holy shit, apparently these three articles just silently slid under our radars.

SCP-255, currently at -4, an abandoned article that shouldn't be too hard to find a rewriter/updater for.

EDIT: Put it up for review, we'll see how that goes.

SCP-360, currently at -12, under the jurisdiction of Roget (Roget, when you see this please let us know what your plans are for this article).

EDIT: Welp, that's gone, and Aelanna's new article is there. Guess that's that.

SCP-179, currently at -12, under the jurisdiction of Heiden. I've contacted Heiden so hopefully we'll get this one resolved quickly.

EDIT: Heiden has given the article to the Rewrite team, and Montala wants to do a rewrite. I'm grantin' him the rewrite, sending him the standard spiel.

EDIT: So it's been a bit since Montala agreed to do the rewrite, and I haven't heard from him in awhile. I'm giving him two more days to give us an update, otherwise Reject is going to be given the rewrite.

EDIT: I've given the rewrite to Reject, who said he'll have it done by the 14th (a bit longer than our usual window, but I trust Reject). I want it made clear to everyone (as I told Roget and Reject) that this is the last time we pass off this article for a rewrite. If Reject doesn't get the rewrite done, the article will be deleted.

So yeah, these three need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

EDIT: It's been more than 2 weeks and both 179 & 255 are still unchanged and past the deletion threshold. Something needs to happen this week, either a rewrite posted, or a full-on deletion. -Drewbear

I already started the vote on 179 - Roget

Edit: I've started the vote on 255. —Drewbear, 4/8/14

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