Rewrite Process Proposal by Mulciber

Mulciber sent me a PM outlining an idea he had for the rewrite process that both myself and weizhong thought was at least interesting, posting it here for consideration and discussion.

Just had an idea for rewrites I thought I would share. When an article is flagged for attention and a rewrite is proposed, do you often get more than one individual asking to perform said rewrite?

I thought it might be interesting to make rewrites into more of a competition, since those seem to garner a great deal of interest. If two or more folks are interested in rewriting an article, you could have them submit their rewrites anonymously and have the highest voted submission "win" the spot; similar to what was done with the 2000 contest but on a smaller, more regular scale. I think anonymity would be an interesting new twist as well. Voting based on content alone makes revealing the winner a bit more of an entertaining spectacle. It would also allow for wild, amusing speculation as to who wrote which proposed version.

Essentially a rewrite "mini contest" for articles with more than one volunteer. I could get behind that idea, since it could easily increase individual interest in rewrites by framing them as rewards instead of chores. Thoughts?

I think people would get too burned out on heavily promoted contests, which'd be a nightmare to administrate and keep relevant or interesting, but if we did it so whichever draft impressed the review staff the most could go, possibly with others being posted if the first one fails. But whole-blown contests are something I can't really get behind, at least not unless you can powerfully rebut "people getting sick of contests all the time". - Roget

Oh goodness no, a full blown contest for each rewrite would be unmanageable. But framing it in such a way where it's not a "contest" so much as a "write-off". You know, "These two/three/four writers want to rewrite the same article. But only one rewrite will be posted, while the others are put on the chopping block trash bin. It's write or flight here on Rewrite Champions!". A sort of "ongoing challenge" deal, I suppose. I admit this might also be difficult to manage, but I think it'd be fun as well. - CryogenChaos

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