Promotions Policy

General Promotions:

Promotions to operational staff and moderator will be conducted according to the following schedule:

Winter Promotions:
January 24-31 nominee submission week
February 1-8 interviews
February 9-16 voting

Spring/Summer Promotions:
May 24-31 nominee submission week
June 1-8 interviews
June 9-16 voting

Fall Promotions:
September 23-30 nominee submission week
October 1-8 interviews
October 9-16 voting

Upon staff consensus, promotions may occur outside of this cycle. Conducting regular promotions is a responsibility of MAST.

That is,

  • Captains will have one week after being notified to nominate Junior Staff and Operational Staff for promotion to Operational Staff and Moderators.
  • Upon closing of nominations, promotion candidates will have one week to be interviewed.
  • Promotions voting will begin 2 weeks from closing of nominations.
  • Promotion voting will last for a period of one week.

Promotion votes for staff candidates will last a period of one week. In order for a candidate to pass and be promoted, 60% of cast votes must be for yes, counting abstentions. For a promotion vote to successfully pass, Quorum of active staff must be met as defined by the site charter, with abstentions counting towards Quorum. Staff may abstain from voting for candidates of any rank. Staff may not cast a vote for themselves.

Operational Staff:

Operational Staff and above may vote for promotion of Junior Staff to Operational Staff.


Operational Staff and above may vote for promotion of Operational Staff to Moderator.


Administrator differs from promotion of Moderator and Operational Staff. Admin votes may occur at any point when suitable candidates are determined - a rolling process which takes place over a number of months. Admins will raise and discuss possible candidates within admin chat and discuss objections in order to come to a consensus about bringing candidates to a vote, before a vote can be held. This candidate can then be voted on. Their promotion will only pass if:

  • A 75% majority of active administrators vote in favor.
  • A 60+% majority of participating OS+ vote in favor.

Quorum is established if a majority of active administrators are present. If Quorum is achieved prior to the end of the one week voting period, the vote will not end early.

Following a failed Admin nomination, a candidate may only be nominated again after one year from the start of the failed promotion vote.

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