Locked Pages
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The Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation I don't want people adding to them. - Never
Duke 'till Dawn Yeah, this is at least the second time we've had to revert for that intentional SCiPs bit. - Zyn - -
Containment Breach The Musical - - -
SCP-2357: The Perfect SCP to prevent people from trying to fix 'typos' 2014-02-13 Never
SCP-1967: Shortcuts to prevent people from trying to fix a 'typo' 2013-03-15 Never
SCP-1715: Online Friend """"typo fixes"""" as above 2017-01-26 Never
SCP-940: Araneae Marionettes Repeated vandalism and threats of more 2017-02-21 I dunno, couple months?
Usertools page Links to downloads for browser add-ons. Also, recently someone made an unauthorized edit. 2017-03-04 Never
SCP-245 Core Functionality of skip requires a download. Vandalism there could be serious. - Never
SCP-166 Repeated vandalism 2017-07-08 Couple months?
SCP-005 Vandalism, unauthorized edits 2017-07-30 Couple months?
SCP-140 Unauthorized edits "fixing" old stylistic choice details 2017-08-13 Couple months?
SCP-012 At least four counts of vandalism 2017-10-12 Couple months
SCP-1004 Common target of vandalism/trolling 2017-11-12 Never
SCP-3099 Vandalized three times, including addition of explicit pornographic content 2017-11-12 Never
SCP-3000 Frequent vandalism target. 2017-11-12 Never
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