Resolved - Wattpad Ebook

So, around fifteen minutes ago, user David de Villiers (now Doctor DavidDoctor David) posted this thread (and two identical copies, now locked, in other forums), which linked us to a Wattpad "book" he'd put together… by copying content directly from the wiki and our wikipedia page without an idle thought given to attribution. So after signing up for Wattpad and selecting which three teenage vampire romances appealed to me the most1 in exchange for the privilege of reading it, it turned out that yep, it needed a whole lot of attribution that it was missing.
So I had Licensing-warrior-in-training Greenwolf make a post in the thread and send a PM with the standard stuff.
Will keep updated with response.

Zyn edit: Oh man, wattpad. I have an account on there; fortunately, their response team is fast and polite. Let me know if I need to submit a plagiarism report.

Zyn edit II: Someone on the mainsite jumped onto the forum thread with a "take this down, you didn't write it" post of their own. I staffposted with some context about how staff handles these things, but this is almost two weeks overdue. If you want, I can send the violation report?

Zyn edit III: Reported the work:

The SCP Foundation wiki contains fictional "reports" of various items; the wattpad work being reported uses several of the pages from the site, with no attribution for the word-for-word content copied directly.

The wattpad work contains the following SCP Foundation pages, among others:

Zyn edit IV: Got a response from Wattpad, access to the work has been disabled pending a valid counter-notice from the user. Anyway, marking this as resolved.

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